PyaaraSa Rishta – Savitri Devi-epi 29

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Recap-Anmol feels like making Kabir his father He comes to know Kabir is his chachu He avoids Kabir n gets disheartened

Sanchi is making Anmol eat food
Kabir comes
Kabir-Good Morning Anmy How r u bachaa
Kabir hugs Anmol
He doesn’t hug back
kabir keeps talking Anmol doesn’t respond Sanchi n Jaya are shocked
Anmol-is that fair wali aunty my Real Dadi?
Kabir-yes Anmy she is my n veer’s mom
Anmol-I want to meet her
Kabir-ok I will take u chalo
Anmol-u go on rounds I will go with mumma

Kabir gets emotional n is about to say something,
Sanchi gestures him to remain calm

Anmol enters Savitri’s room
Anmol sits besides her bed
Anmol (softly)-Dadi please talk to me Am ur grandson u r my dadi Bhagwanji has given u to me as a gift Dadi my papa was ur veer Am ur chotu veer

Tears fall from Savitri’s eyes
Anmol gently wipes it
He kisses her on cheek
Anmol makes her smile with hands
Anmol-Dadi when u smile u look so khoobsurat please dnt cry Anmy doesn’t like it

Savitri smiles
Anmol again kisses her
Anmol-Dadi please take care am going now will come soon
Anmol is about to get up
Savitri holds his hands
Sanchi smiles
Anmol sits again

In Anmol’s ward
Abhi gives drops to Anmol
Kabir comes with comics
Kabir-Anmy books for u
Anmol (without even looking at books)-I have already read this take it away

Kabir gets teareyed
Sanchi goes to him
Kabir hits his fists to wall
Kabir-Sanchi since yesterday he is not looking at me, not talking to me y y y
Sanchi (calmly)-please relax he is child n needs time to accept things please btw Abhi bhai told me u have nt had anything since morning chalo lets go to canteen
Kabir-no Sanchi I have to go to check bed no 20 patient

Sanchi holds his hand n drags him
Sanchi-no excuse Kabir, staying hungry is not solution I learnt this lesson from an expert Doc Dr Kabir

kabir smiles faintly
Sanchi realizes she is holding his hand she awkwardly releases it

kanchi r shown having coffee
Kabir-Sanchi Anmol will talk to me na
Sanchi-yes yes dnt wry

Abhi n Ishita r talking
Abhi-I just cannot understand y is Anmol behaving like this with Kabir .Kabir didn’t sleep whole night yesterday Tdy he ate after Sanchi insisted Jaan I cannot see him in this condition we should do something

Ishita gets thinking

At night Kabir comes to Anmol’s ward He has play station in hand
Kabir-lets play this new game Anmy its interesting
Anmol-I dnt want to play
Kabir (tears welled up in eyes)-Anmol wat happened y r u so angry with me?
Anmol-I dnt want to talk to u I dnt like u, u please go away

Kabir tries to touch Anmol
he shouts n asks him to leave
Kabir leaves

Kabir is walking on road he is lost in his thoughts his eyes r red with pain

Ruhi n Anmol r playing
Ruhi-prince y r u so sad I cannot see u this way tell me am ur friend na prince

Anmol doesn’t respond

Ruhi-ok fine dnt tell, if u feel like sharing then share with ur dadi she listens everything but doesn’t tell to anybody so ur talk will remain secret

Ruhi leaves Anmol is thinking
Ruhi comes to Ishita-mummy he didn’t tell me anything n like u told me I have asked him to tell his dadi

Ishita hugs her-Good girl

Precap-Anmol-Dadi I wanted Kabir uncle to become my papa but he is my chachu he cannot become my papa so I dnt want to come close to him I know he is hurt sorry dadi

Abhi overhears n smiles
Abhi’s pov-Betu now ur dadi will only make ur chachu ur papa Savitri aunty u have to recover soon.

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