PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 28

Good Morning Lovely Readers
My Lovely Readers extremely Sorry I had updated yesterday but episode didn’t get uploaded sorry
First of all Dear Ashnita
msg for u I tried sending directly but due to network issues was unable to sorry am writing here
”Dear Ashnita my darling sister what happened to u? y were u hospitalized? how r u now? please get well soon lots n lots of love dear take care of urself”

omggg dear dhruti, riya, anu, niyaa ur comments bring tears in my eyes so much appreciation ty ty
thanks dear abhilasha, ishi, khamoshi, dharani, ruch, amnaa, alia thanks alot

Friends ur love n appreciation has been a real blessing thanks so much

n tdy I got biggest compliment that this ff shd have been a real serial on television omggg I was speechless I always wanted to write for tellyworld its my dream but dnt know how to explore it
Anyways thanks a tonne it was huge huge compliment

Recap-Ruhi ask Anmol about his desire to get new papa Anmol gets angry n says nobody can take veer’s place.Anmol is upset due to hairfall he feels everybody will tease him as taklu so he stops taking medicines.Kabir shaves his hair n becomes bald

Ruhi n Anmol r reading comics
Ruhi-Anmy Kabir uncle loves u alot na
Anmol-yuppp I too love him Ru He is the best
Ruhi-I feel I feel he loves u as much as my papa loves me, he loves u like any papa
Anmol-Ru wat r u saying amnot getting u
Ruhi-I was just thinking once Kabir uncle becomes somebody’s papa he willnot love u na? Anmy if he loves u, u love him y cannot he become ur papa

Anmol gets thinking

Ruhi-sorry Anmy dnt be angry with me I just said what I felt sorry

Anmol is deeply thinking
He notices that outside his ward a father is making his daughter eat something
He remembers Kabir feeding him
Anbir scenes r shown
Anbir playing, laughing, talking, Kabir taking Anmol in arms Kabir giving hand for Anmol to vomit Anbir hugs
everything flashes before his eyes

n tera mujhse hain pyaarasa Rishta kohi plays in bg

Anmol [email protected] veer’s photo
Anmol(teareyed)-papa I love u papa I miss u papa I love Kabir uncle can he be my papa please please please tell me please

Sanchi n Ishita r talking something
Sanchi-Bhabhi I want to tell Anmol truth about Kabir n family’s relationship with us but I dnt want Anmol to hate Kabir they share such a beautiful bond I never want it to break
Ishita-Dnt wry Sanchi I have idea Anmol will take everything positively if done this way

she tells something to Sanchi its muted Sanchi nods

Anmol is looking at veer’s photo teareyed He keeps it aside seeing Sanchi

Sanchi goes to him-Any problem? Any pain? kya hua beta?
Anmol’s pov-only one question mumma can Kabir uncle be my papa?

Anmol-Am fine mumma
Sanchi kisses him

Sanchi-u know beta god has send surprise for u,
Sanchi-yes u r such a good boy taking medicines on time u wanted to meet ur chachu, dadi n dada na
Anmol (excited)-They have come?
Sanchi-yes beta ur chachu has come

Kabir enters
Anmol is dumbstruck
Kabir (softly)-Anmy I too didn’t knew that u r my nephew tdy I got msg from bhagwanji he was playing game with us.Beta ur papa veer was my small,cute, naughty bro
Anmol (teareyed)-Kabir uncle is my chachu?
Sanchi nods
Kabir-beta we didn’t know anything R u angry? say something
Anmol-Am very sleepy I want to sleep u please go
Kabir walks out teareyed
Anmol pretends to sleep
Sanchi goes behind Kabir
She sees him sitting on bench
Sanchi sits besides him
Kabir (lump in throat)-I was scared about this only He seems Angry.wat if he never talks to me?I cannot lose him Sanchi
Sanchi keeps her hand on his hand
Sanchi-Kabir he needs time He loves u he cannot remain angry more time with u

sentiwala eyelock

on other side Anmol is weeping
Anmol-Kabir uncle is my chachu how can he be my papa?

Kabir n Anmol both r shedding tears n tera mujhse pyaarasa rishta plays in bg

Precap-Anmol calls Savitri Dadi n kisses her Savitri holds his hands
kabir hugs Anmol He doesn’t hug back
Anmol-please dnt talk to me I dnt like u
Kabir is shocked
Anmol’s pov-I cannot come more close to u because u cannot be my papa

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  1. RuCh23

    Too sweet ??? shocking precap ???

  2. Awesome…so much emotional…hope Anmol wl get his papa soon…Hppy Diwali in advance…

  3. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear……such an emotional update……..& I can’t see anmy avoiding kabir……..not possible on my part to see kabir & anmy like this…….& I really loved the way Ruhi tried to convince anmy…..too good…….luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeee……….

  4. Priyanshipp

    Superb ruhi. …day by day I started loving ur ff. Sorry for not commenting on ur previous episode due to network problem. I loved it dear. Pls update soon.

  5. Such an emotional episode ? good going dear

  6. NeonNinga

    Hi rushi dear I’m Ashnita. I was in hurry so writing this as NeonNinga. Thanks for ur concern dear. I’m fine now and 21 October will be my surgery. Anyways that’s true u can write better than original sdch. I wish u was the writer. This is so heart touching and precap is shocking. Can’t see anmy avoiding kabir. Waiting for next part. Love you loads.

  7. Such an emotional episode ? good going
    Hppy Diwali in advance…

  8. Dharani


  9. Happiness and emotion mixed episode

  10. Dhruti

    no words for today’s ff because i was speechless when read all lines and anmol feeling towards kabir and precap i’m just shock that anmol avoid kabir and i love anmol and ruhi’s bonding…….update next one very soon……………love you ………..and “HAPPY DHANTERAS DEAR”….

  11. Too goooood and emotional and anmol thinks kabir can’t become his father Bec he his chachu chotu anmol ki choti si misunderstanding awesome dear

  12. Shocking promo…….. But amazing…. Update soon

  13. Niyaaa

    Hey rushi.. awsome update as ususal dear… I have no new words for praising u.. u r just an outstanding writter and seriously m jab bhi tumhara ff padhti hun man karta h ye kabhi khatam na ho sach me tumne isse puri realistic way me show kar rahi ho aisa lagta h sach me main live dekh rahi hun… Stupendous… But I feel bad for anbir..precap is shocking..lov anhi bonding.. Post nxt asap..gud ni8 tc

  14. Hey Rushing sorry for late comment as I have fever nowadays…..episode is awesome as always….love it to the coree…

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