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PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 27


Good Morning Lovely Readers,

Badawala thanks to dear Niyaa(ty for such a cuty comment), kajal(so glad to knw dear silent reader that u r reading n liking), abhilasha,dhruvi, dharani, ishi, sanu, anu, amnaa, riya, anonymousa, moonlight,niyati,dhruti,khamoshi, ruch

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Recap-Anmol is going through several side effects Sanchi breaksdown in Kabir’s arms. Ishita n Abhi think of using kids to bring kanchi close before Anand returns from Newyork

Ishita is telling something to Ruhi
Ruhi nods cutely.
Ishita-Beta see u like prince na he is so sweet but he is so sick he needs papa na dnt u think his own papa
Ruhi-yes mummy
Ishita-Ruhi u just ask him n see please beta we just want to know his opinion we want to help ur friend u will do na beta as I said
Ruhi (cutely)-mummy anything for prince’s smile
Ishita hugs Ruhi
she smiles at Abhi
Abhi is thinking something
Ishita-Abhi relax from ruhi n Anmol’s talks we will be able to make out what he feels
Abhi-Jaan r we doing correct by using kids in all this
Ishita hugs Abhi-jaanu its for their good dnt wry, n now toh we just want to know what Anmol thinks we r not doing anything more

Ruhi n Anmol r playing some board game
Ruhi-Anmy does aunty play with u sometimes?
Anmol-no actually ru mumma used to go to office na she used to be very busy but nani used to play alot
Ruhi-u know my also mummy doesn’t like to play with me but papa plays alot my papa is best I love him Anmy can I ask u something?
Anmol-haan na ru ask na
Ruhi-dnt u miss ur papa
Anmol-He left me when I was very small so I dnt remember him but wait I will show u his photo he is so hundsum (handsome)

Ruhi looks at photo n smiles-Anmy dnt u feel that u should also have papa
Anmol(teareyed)-yes but bhagwanji loves him alot n he doesn’t send my papa back to me
Ruhi-what about new papa?
Anmol(angry)-Ru dnt say that my papa is with us mumma says Ru nobody can take his place ever n mumma does double role I dnt need any new papa

Ruhi is little scared but she hugs Anmol-Am very sowiee Anmy please dnt be angry with me u r my bestie please

Abhita are overhearing them
Ishita-Anmol loves veer alot if Anmol is against this we cannot go forward
Abhi-jaan but I believe he loves Kabir equally

Ishita is walking on grass barefoot in hospital garden
She smiles while walking
Sanchi n veer r walking barefoot on grass hand in hand
Sanchi is pregnant
veer-baby u shd walk everyday like this, because whenever u r stressed ur brain becomes extra hot, grass is cold cold from feet coldness will enter brain n dimaag thanda ho jayega

Sanchi laughs-veer u ur logic my cutty joker
she pulls his cheeks
(ishi for u this scene )
Fb ends

Sanchi is walking Kabir observes he smiles Sanchi is lost in her thoughts she observes Kabir is walking besides her
Kabir-mujhe bhi dimaag thanda karna tha
Sanchi-u too believe in this??
Kabir-veer taught me he n his silly logics but fact is mind actually feels relaxed
Sanchi-u miss him ?
Kabir-Sanchi 7years ago when he left home I was angry but I used to miss him alot our house became lifeless he was jaan of our house but I was hoped for his return but now……………
Am waiting Sanchi waiting for Anmol to get alright n fill our dull house back to life
Sanchi (moist eyes)-Kabir u think mummyjii papajii will forgive me? will they accept Anmol
Kabir (looks in her eyes)-I cdnt help veer seven years ago I cdnt get u justice but I promise now un Anmy will get a place n respect in Malhotra family atleast I can do this much for veer n Anmol n n n. you

Deep eyelock

Tu mera humdaard hain plays

Sanchi is making Anmol’s hair Anmol looks at hair in comb
Anmol starts weeping
Kabir comes
Kabir-Kya hua bachaa bachaa
Anmol-uncle I will become taklu everybody will tease me, I willnot take medicines no I will not take

Kabir hugs Anmol Kabir gets teareyed

Abhi is asking Anmol to eat medicines he refuses
Ruhi-prince yaar let hair fall na for me to u look cutyy eat medicine na please please
Anmol-no Ruhi I look bad u r lying

Kabir comes-bachaa how do I look

He takes off cap All r shocked to see he has shaved his hair
Kabir is bald (omg)
Sanchi is dumbstruck
Kabir-u taklu me taklu u wear cap I wear same cap lets see who teases us? we r heroes right Ruhi?
Ruhi-Yes yes cutty

Kabir makes Anmol eat medicines
Abhi n Ishita get teareyed

Kabir smiles at Sanchi
Sanchi (emotional)-This was not required we could have convinced him other way
Kabir-Sanchi convincing cannot make his heart happy now he is completely satisfied n anyways I wanted to look different bored of same look so how do I look?

Sanchi (teareyed)-A person with such a beautiful heart always looks the best

Sentimental wala eyelock

mera tujhse hain pyaarasa rishta plays

Precap-Anmol-Kabir uncle is my chachu
Tears drop from Anmol’s eyes Sanchi nods
Anmol’s pov-How can chachu become papa?

  1. So so awesome,amazing episode yaar……… superb yaar…..iss episode par kar mare ankh me ashu agae agar veer jinda hote to ache hote he is a great prankster…….but I want kanchi pair…….iss story me kanchi ko pair bana na nahi to tumara sath barebala katte……..I love you dost

  2. Dhruti

    dear i have no words for your ff…………..if i write something to praise you and your ff it would be insult to your ff and your talent……………this was too emotional……ruhi and anmy’s bonding i love it ………….ishita and abhi are just perfect…….and kabir is bald (OMG) i can’t even imagine this………..please please post next one soon i can’t wait for next one…….tc………….love you……..

  3. Thanks a lot rushi dear for the special scene
    Such a emotional episode anbir bonding kanchi scene nd Abhi ishita scene were so good
    Lots of love

  4. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  5. Firstly sorry dear for not commenting. Actually I was admitted in hospital. Just got discharged for Diwali. Anyways it so amazing outstanding marvelous fabulous again u nailed it killed it. I’m speechless and it’s beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond everything. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads

  6. Niyaaa

    Hey rushi amaz mindblowing epi again by u dear.. Nd dhruti ne sahi kahan ki word bhi kam pad jaye tumhari tarif me…Standing ovation for u bole to mithun da style me… kya baat kya baat kya baat… Tc post nxt asap

  7. RuCh23

    😍😍😍 wow wow wow Rushi 😍😍😍 mind blowing dear 😘😘😘

  8. Dharani


  9. Riyarocks

    Rushi……….teri iss plot pe main vaari jawaan………too good dear……very heart touching, very emotional……..luv u sweetieeeeeeeee………..

  10. Amazing…. Its one if my favourite story….. Update soon

  11. Abhilasha

    Yr merit ankh bhar ayi…..really heart touching…… Aisi story TV pe aye to tellywood k achche din ajaye… it!!

  12. Anonymousaa

    OMG I have no words to say.Just summarizing I know that would not even cover 20% of appreciation for u it was awesome. Supppppppperb.
    I have little confusion regarding precap.But no I will wait for next epi that u will definitely post asap.

  13. Jessicca

    Awww this was such an emotional one ❀… Feel really bad for little Anmy… The best part was that bald one… Can’t imagine our handsome doc bald πŸ˜‚ hehehe… Outstanding yar… Too good… Keep going😘

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