PyaaraSa Rishta – Savitri Devi – epi 26

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Badawala thanks dear Amnaa, Abhilasha(So Abhi liked Abhi’s party 😉 ), Anu, sanu, Riya,(loved ur comment thanks for such a cute party dear) ruch, khamoshi, ishi dhruvi(So good to read ur comment my dear silent reader),dharani, niyaa (Am perfectly fine thanks a lot dear)

Recap-Ishita, n ruhi come to India on Abhi’s bday Anmol, kanchi n savitri plan a surprise party Abhi is extremely happy to meet Ishita, ruhi, Ruhi befriends Anmol

Kabir n Anmol r talking something
Anmol-kabir y r u so worried y u want Anand uncle should not come back
Kabir-Abhi just now things have settled with great difficulty, I mean between Sanchi n me n n … I mean Anmol I mean
Abhi-I cannot get u yaar
Kabir-Abhi if dad returns from Newyork in nxt week I will not be able to hide about Sanchi he will understand plus he has already met jaya aunty I dnt know how he will react I cannot take risk Abhi I cannot give any more pain to Sanchi n Anmy please please do something so that dad gets stuck up in Newyork
Abhi-Kabir that will just be temporary solution n Anmy needs long treatment what next?
Kabir (extremely worried)-I dnt know but atleast temporary let dad not return please please
Abhi-ok ok relax I will do something
Nurse comes
Nurse-Dr Kabir, Dr Abhi Sanchi madam is calling u both

Kabir n Abhi come to Anmol’s ward
Anmol is itching alot
His hand has turned red
Abhi checks it
Abhi-bachaa I know its irritating but please dnt itch please
rub softly

Abhi-Kabir, Sanchi this is medicine side effect
Kabir-u mean limina drug right?
Abhi-yes Kabir n so we cannot give another medicine for relief

Sanchi gets teareyed
Abhi-sister icepack please
Abhi-Sanchi please dnt cry please u keep ice pack Anmol will feel better

sister comes with ice pack
Sanchi starts applying
Anmol is lil relieved but tears r welled up in his eyes he sneezes n again one more sneeze
Kabir-Sanchi stop maybe he is feeling cold due to ice

Sanchi takes off icepack
Anmol again starts itching
Kabir goes to him
He takes his hand he rubs it over his hand
Abhi-Arree Kabir wat r u doing ur skin will get burning sensation
Kabir-I dnt care Anmy is getting relief

Abhi-Actually we need to divert his mind so that he doesn’t feel like itching

Just then Ruhi comes with Ishita
Ruhi-Hiii prince
Anmol smiles seeing her
Ruhi-kya hua u red red? show me ur hand

she is about to take Anmol’s hand from Kabir’s hand (by now Kabir’s hand has also got very red due to constant rubbing)

Anmol-no no princess dnt touch me otherwise u will also get itching
Ruhi(with attitude)-nothing will happen my papa is Dr so I am also Dr shw me show me

Ruhi holds his hand
Ruhi-u watch cartoon I love noddy
Anmy (excited)-me too love noddy

They r talking Ruhi doesn’t let Anmol itch she is holding his hand Abhi notices redness has reduced
Abhi-Sanchi dnt wry slowly it will get fine

Sanchi gets ointment for Kabir
Kabir-Am fine its not required
Sanchi snatches his hand n applies ointment
Sanchi-Biggest problem with Docs is they dnt take care of themselves
Kabir is admiring Sanchi

Abhita look on with smile

Ruhi n Anmol r making drawing together Anmol seems happy

Sanchi-Ishita bhabhi thanks for getting ruhi here to meet Anmol
Ishita-wat thanks in that Anmol is our baby just like Ruhi
Sanchi-Actually after knowing about Anmol’s disease parents dnt let their children meet Anmol
Ishita-Sanchi my husband is Doc n so is my daughter ruhi we dnt get scared

Ishita n Sanchi laugh

Anmol is sitting on bed Sanchi notices too many hair on his pillow

Sanchi makes Anmol eat
Anmol-aur nahi mumma please cannot eat more

Sanchi is combing Anmol’s hair there is lot of hairfall

Anmol n ruhi r playing Anmol gets tired very fast

Sanchi is deeply thinking something
Kabir comes-sanchi kya hua
Sanchi (teareyed)-Kabir my little baby is having so many side effects look at him he gets tired, he is having such alot of hairfall, he cannot eat more

Kabir keeps hand on Sanchi’s shoulder
Sanchi hugs him
she breaks down-I cannot see Anmol this way I cannot see

Abhita look from outside
Abhi-Ishita we need to do something Kabir n Sanchi need eachother I dnt know wat will happen after Anand uncle comes we have to bring them close
Ishita-kids can only do this magic now

Precap-everybody r shocked to see bald Kabir
Ruhi-Anmy Kabir uncle just loves u like a papa see na u were sad because of ur hairfall u felt everybody will tease u so Kabir uncle became taklu to give u company he loves u so much na?

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  1. Anonymousaa

    Oh baldy Kabir!! This was so gooood.
    I salute to his sacrifice.
    It was superb epi. My blessings are with children so that they will learn magic soon and bring Kanchi closer. 🙂
    Post next epi soon.

  2. Amazing episode dear.. Anmy ND ruhi scenes were so sweet
    U know what your ff is my favorite I eagerly wait to read nxt episode you are a great writer I have one request plz put some scenes in which Sanchi is remembering veer plzz if u can… Otherwise ff is going good

  3. RuCh23

    ??? emotional ??? but great!!! And Kabir bald ??? how caring he is?

  4. Khamoshi

    Wwwwwwowwwwwwww Rushi..such a emotional cute story.. bald KBir’s part was so heart touching.. day by day i am felling in love with ur story.. keep it up.. good luck

  5. I am really sorry for not commenting on last part rushing dear…. U again nailed it sweetie…….emotional episode… keep it up dear.. do update soon……lots of love to u dear.

  6. The precap is so amazing…… So sweet and i feel really sad for anmol….. Update soon

  7. Rushi it was amazing…..plz update asap

  8. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear….I literally started crying at the end……..anmy, kabir bonding….its just out of the world……anmy & ruhi frndship…..amazing……….abhita’s convo regarding kanchi…….splendid….. & the precap, kabir getting bald……….amazing……….dear, u r such an amazing writer….my words will really fall short in front of ur osm writing………luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeeeee………

  9. Dhruti

    ff was superb and emotional too….precap is amazing……………no words to praise you dear…….precap is amazing………… soon………

  10. Dharani


  11. Moonlight25

    Wow Rushi dear…..the precap made me cry….such a great bonding between Kabir and Anmol…just in love with this ff….great epi dear…love you loads ❤?❤❤

  12. Mind-blowing u again just ….no words

  13. Nice episode

  14. Abhilasha

    Rushi dear this was sooooo heart touching and beautiful……. Really superbbbbb mind blowing….standing ovation to u!!! Love uh!!

  15. U r amazing. Slowly luv blossom I luv it.

  16. Niyaaa

    Hey rushi amaz mindblowing touchy epi yaar.. Meri to ankhon me anshu aa gaye anbir ki bonding dekhkar nd hats off to kabir for a huge sacrifice nd u too… Akhir is great ff ki great author to tum hi ho…hehehe.. But seriously u just nailed it.. Post nxt one asap.. Really eager for ur ff.. Bye tc.. Gud ni8

  17. Jessicca

    Was soooo heart touching yaar… Outstanding… Fantastic… Loved it

  18. Riru

    It was really an heat touching story.

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