PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 23 (second half)

Good Morning Lovely Readers,
Thanks alot my dear friends for commenting on a half epi thank u
I was very disappointed as yest only half epi got posted but dear riya, ruch, divya, anu, niya, khamoshi, sanu, abhilasha, dhruti, Amnaa, kanchi, n all those who commented thanks u made my day thanks for encouraging
N sorry for yesterday half epi

So am re writting second half for my darling readers

Recap-An imp medicine given to Anmol is bitter n Anmol is unable to consume it, Sanchi request Kabir not to give him this medicine

Kabir-Sanchi this is most imp medicine of treatment but u please dnt wry I n abhi will find some solution

Just then Abhi comes
Abhi-I have got solution Kabir see this drug luma is bitter but if mixed with a sweet drug ninu then Anmol will find it sweet so problem nahi hoga plus luma doesn’t react with ninu
Kabir-Abhi but ninu is such a rare drug only available in city hospital Pune n that too they dnt give easily
Abhi-Kabir u know taking luma is so imp for Anmol till tom morning we need ninu we cannot make Anmol skip single dose this is like life saving drug
Sanchi-What if I go n convince them Anmol is small he needs drug
Abhi-yes they shd agree I will come along
Kabir-Abhi I suggest u wait here its Anmol’s first day of treatment he may need u I will go
Abhi smiles
Sanchi-I will ask ma to come here so that Anmol doesn’t trouble u Abhi bhai

Kabir is driving Sanchi is looking outside window she is sitting on front seat
she appears deeply thinking something
Kabir-Sanchi our mind needs break Sanchi by thinking about same thing again n again u r putting lots of pressure Sanchi even am stressed but we need to remain calm shall I put on music pl divert ur mind

Sanchi nods
Kabir puts on tape
”Jo tu mera humdaard hain” plays
kanchi have awkward but deep eyelock

Jaya-Beta they will be able to get that medicine na
Abhi-aunty as they both r together they can do anything nothing is impossible
Jaya-Abhi u too feel so
Abhi-Aunty I feel they both need n complete each other
Jaya (teareyed)-Abhi u know when I came to know about Anmol’s disease I got extremely angry with Krishna jii then Kabir came n I felt this was Krishna jii’s way of sorting Sanchi’s life she too needs somebody
Abhi-I completely agree

Kabir stops car at food court
kabir-Sanchi u have not had anything since morning tell me what u want to have please
Sanchi-please now nothing please Atleast let us get medicine then I will pakka eat
Kabir starts driving
Sanchi-Arree u shd have ate something
Kabir-Sanchi if by keeping fast hospital staff will give us medicines toh even I will fast

Kanchi r shown talking to hospital staff Sanchi is literally pleading kabir is explaining something

A nurse hands over packet to Sanchi they thank n leave

precap-Kabir’s car breaksdown Sanchi is completely wet in rain she is shivering kabir makes her wear his coat he gets lost in her eyes

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  1. Amazing….when i read previous one i also think that is half but i didn’t say…..lots of love to u sweetie.

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  4. Nice episode

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    Wowww amazing……. Kanchi are coming closer……and precap is really exciting!!

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