PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 22

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Recap-In temple sindoor gets applied on Sanchi’s forehead Sanchi wipes it with pain Abhi tells Sanchi about his wife Ishita n daughter ruhi n how much he is missing them

Kabir’s cabin
Abhi(going through some file)-Kabir for bed no six Mhatre’s case I think we should try cystole
Medical Science has progressed so much there is solution for every pain

Kabir is deeply thinking something
scene of Sanchi wiping off sindoor teareyed flashes before his eyes
Abhi-Kabir, Kabir where r u lost Kabir? ?
Kabir-Abhi can medical Science cure Sanchi’s pain?

Kabir bites his tongue
Abhi smiles
Abhi (pretends)-which pain what happened to Sanchi?
Kabir-Abhi I meant emotional pain Sanchi might have tolerated so much after veer I mean this husband-wife relationship so connected n deep I wish I could do something to help Sanchi
Abhi’s pov-yes u can by taking veer’s place but now Kabir will not agree all this
Abhi-yes u can Kabir by being her friend by understanding n supporting her
Kabir-Hmm right

Its Night time
Kabir is on rounds
Through door he notices
Anmol sleeping n Sanchi looking outside window Sanchi appears upset
Abhi’s words echo Kabir’s hears
He knocks at door
Sanchi-Please come in
Kabir looks at Anmol n kisses him on forehead
Kabir-R u fine
Sanchi-yes am fine thanks Dr Kabir
Kabir-Sanchi Please call me Kabir Dr Kabir sounds so formal na?
Sanchi-ok Dr Kabir
Both laugh
Sanchi-sorry Kabir
Kabir(smiles)-better actually am bored entire day listening dr Kabir dr Kabir it feels good to be called Kabir by some close ones

Sanchi looks at him
kabir-I mean by close family members n friends btw Sanchi if u dnt mind were u talking to veer looking outside window

Sanchi smiles
Sanchi-I have so many things to share like every wife has [email protected] night I look right up n tell veer everything that happened in entire day I feel light I feel good
Kabir-Sanchi u dnt share ur feelings with anybody else
Sanchi-with ma, Anmol n yes sometimes on phone with isha, pragya my best friends since college days now they have married n settled abroad
Kabir-Sanchi will u mind making me ur friend n sharing with me?
Sanchi is confused
Kabir-Actually I just get to hear medical problems ppl think am big khadoos n nobody ever spks anything beyond professional things with me
Am I so khadoos??

Sanchi laughs

kabir admires her
Kabir’s pov-Atleast I cd make her laugh
Sanchi-no Kabir no u r not khadoos just a little too much involved in work so ppl talk only work related things with u
kabir my talks r too depressing u maynot like it
Kabir-nothing like that I willnot mind
Sanchi-Kabir I feel guilty very guilty from few days am repeatedly saying sorry to veer I cdnt take care of his prince I had double role double responsibility I cdnt save my child from this disease I cdnt keep him healthy

Tears drop from Sanchi’s eyes
kabir keeps his hand on her
Kabir-Sanchi thats no way ur fault God is just testing us n we need to be strong

Sanchi suddenly breaksdown n hugs Kabir
Sanchi (unable to speak)-what if what if am scared very scared what if treatment that starts tom also fails

Kabir (teareyed)-Sanchi Sanchi be strong please journey is difficult

Sanchi realises she is hugging kabir she composes herself n awkwardly goes near window

Kabir gets glass of water for her
Kabir-Sanchi u r not alone remember journey is difficult but together together we can reach destination
kanchi have sentiwala eyelock
Sanchi drinks water
Moon is shown shinning

Abhi is sitting in Kabir’s cabin
Abhi (looking in laptop)-papa’s princess y r u so upset talk to papa tdy mumma also didn’t spk to me papa has done some galtise mistake kya

Ruhi (our cute little ruhanika dhawan on other side of laptop )-papa u left in hurry then u said in 15days u will come back n now u have applied for 1 month extension y y papa mumma n I r missing u so much n ur bday we wanted to celebrate that like we do every year together
Abhi-baby papa also missing u n mumma alot baby u know a very cute boy a prince is in lots of pain papa is doing his treatment u know he is very very sick he needs me please betu just a month
Ruhi (sweetly)-I will pray to bhagwanji to cure prince fast so that my papa comes back soon ruhi misses u

she gives flying kiss
she gives one more flying kiss
Ruhi-from mumma
Abhi smiles n gives two flying kisses-for u n mumma

precap-Sanchi is in savitri’s ward Sanchi(touches her feet)-mummyji please bless me n ur grandson Anmol he needs ur blessings very soon I will tell him truth n he will come to love his dadi n cure u

Savitri smiles kabir looks on emotionally

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