PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 21

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Recap-Anmol comes to senses Kabir n Sanchi take care of him Abhi infrms them about new line of treatment for Anmol as earlier didn’t cure him
The new line is stronger but Abhi feels if Kanchi r together everything is possible

Anmol is sitting extremely upset
Sanchi n jaya r exhibiting helpless expression
Kabir comes rushing
Kabir-what happened champ y r u not talking with mumma n nani n u didn’t eat breakfast too kya hua aree atleast talk to me Anmy say something bachaa if u dnt tell how can I know wat u want

Anmol (teareyed)-Am bored of this hospital these medicines mujhe ghar jana hain n tdy mumma said my new treatment will start am badiwali katti with u all u all r bad very bad

Kabir gets upset

Abhi comes
Abhi-Betu u r katti with me also see am not like them, I will let u go home

Kabir Sanch n Jaya r shocked
Anmol (glitter in eyes)-sachii sachii

Abhi-Hmmm but u know what bhagwanji(god) is playing game with u
Anmol (curious) -Game? ?
Abhi-See bhagwanji will give u fever again n again but if u stay here in hospital be a good boy, take medicines on time, dnt get bored so he will never give u fever n if u win this game u get a very big surprise
but u dnt want to play na?
No prob I will infrm bhagwanji he will select some other boy u go home

Anmol-no no no I want gift I will play I will stay here only with u, Kabir uncle n nurse didi

Abhi-sure na
Anmol-yes pakka

Kanchi n jaya smile

Abhi(looks in phone)-Anmy bhagwanji has send a gift for u
Anmol (curious)-what??
Abhi-He asked me to leave u from hospital for sometime ur nani wanted to take u to temple will u go? ?

Anmol nods happily

Kabir-Abhi he is too weak how can we leave him wat if

Abhi-Actually Jaya aunty wanted to take him to temple before treatment starts n Anmol also needs change he would feel good

Sanchi-Abhi bhai am scared to take him

Abhi-kabir I have urgent video call to attend otherwise I would have accompanied Sanchi Kabir y dnt u accompany n keep istope 25mg ready for emergency

Kabir gets thinking
Sanchi-if possible please come along

Kabir nods

Anmol is happy sitting in car he looks outside window n takes feel of breeze on face
Sanchi is admiring him

Kabir while driving looks through rear view
Kabir’s pov-smile suits both so much

”Tera mujhse hain pyaara sa rishta kohi” plays in bg

All get down car
Kabir lifts Anmol in arms
Kabir-Bachaa u r weak u dnt climb stairs

Jaya-Sanchi kabir u both go up I will get pooja ki thali

Kanchi enter temple together with Anmol in Kabir’s arms

kanchi r shown praying

Kabir-pl pl cure Anmy soon n keep him away from any pain also please keep Sanchi blessed
Sanchi-pl give Anmol lots of strength pl bless my child
N also pl grant whatever Kabir has asked
Anmol-bhagwanji please let mumma n Kabir uncle always be with me oeeeee even nani n abhi uncle

Sanchi bends to seek blessings kumkum gets applied to her forehead

”Ram Ram jai Raja Ram Ram jai sita Ram”plays in bg

Panditjii-Bhagwan tum dono ki jodi banakar rakhe

kanchi look at eachother awkwardly

Jaya overhears
Jaya(smiles)-thanks krishnajii for ur indication

Kabir holds Anmol’s one hand n Sanchi other while he gets down staircase Kabir makes him drink juice

Anmol [email protected] Sanchi-mumma this red mark looks so nice aap roz kyu nai lagate

Sanchi touches her forehead n is shocked to see kumkum she quickly takes it off
Anmol-kyu mumma y did u remove it
Sanchi (teareyed)-because ur papa isn’t with us I cannot put this

Kabir is pained something pinches him Anmol gets upset
Kabir looks at balloon seller
Kabir-champ lets buy balloons

Kabir n Anmy r buying balloons n kabir notices Sanchi is deeply lost in thoughts

Abhi is checking Anmol
Anmol is happy he thanks Abhi, Abhi tactfully makes him eat medicines

Sanchi-Thanks alot Abhi bhai u manage kids so well
Abhi-I have learned all this from my supper talented wife Ishita she uses all these tricks on our five year old daughter Ruhi
Sanchi-u r missing them alot
Abhi-yes its been a week I left London I talk on I video chat n here my chotu veer is there na
Sanchi-I dnt know how shd I thank u for us u left all wrk ur family everything
Abhi-sanchi its my responsibility no thanks n all veer was my jaan
anything for him

Sanchi emotionally smiles

Precap-Kabir to Abhi-Sanchi’s life after veer might be so difficult na she might be missing him so much This husband wife relationship is so connected n deep I wish somehow I could cure her this pain medical science has no solution for this

Ok readers so r u excited for more new characters to ff Ishita n Ruhi from YHM
Do u want to witness Ruhi Anmol friendship

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    Sorry for late cmnt dear but episode was super duper hit……loved it sooooo muchhh ……really this is most beautiful story I have ever read!!

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