PyaaraSa Rishta – Savitri Devi – epi 20

Good Morning Lovely Readers,
First all extremely sorry again yesterday I wasnt able to upload Actually friends I have still not recovered completely Am down with fever so not able to write I hope my dear fans will forgive me Sorry

Thanks alot dear Divya, Ruch, Niyaa, dhruti, sanjukta, amnaa, dharani, ishi, ashnita, moonlight, alia, , kamoshi, niyati, sanu, abhilasha (yes darling ur name has mst imp character to play u ♥ Kanchi, abhi loves them too 😉 )

So friends from ur opinions I felt u all want this ff to have many epis n not end soon so I wd slow down story n put in more beautiful scenes

N one more thing friends amnot from medical background am management student
medicine names put in r totally wrk of fiction there r no such medicines sorry its required as its hospital setup

Recap-Abhi n panel of Drs successfully bring Anmol out of ICU Jaya tells Sanchi how Kabir has saved Anmol’s life Sanchi is very guilty Kanchi r desperately waiting for Anmol to come in senses

Kabir is feeling giddy he is looking at Anmol, Sanchi notices
She goes somewhere
Sanchi returns with glass of juice
She gives to Kabir
Kabir-Am fine
Sanchi-Anmy will not like to see his kabir uncle in this state for him please have it

kabir takes glass n drinks juice
He gestures thanks to Sanchi

Sanchi is sleeping on Jaya’s shoulder
Kabir is resting on sofa

Suddenly Anmol’s hands r moving
His lips move
Anmol- m u m mum mumma

Sanchi wakes up instantly
she rushes from one side n Kabir from other both r teareyed
Sanchi holds Anmol’s hand Kabir keeps hand on Sanchi’s hand it leads to sentiwala eye contact n
”Tera mujhse hain pyaara sa rishta koi”plays
kabir takes his hand away
Anmol(eyes still closed)-Mumma
Sanchi(weeping)-Haan bachaa mumma is here open ur eyes baby

He is gently opening his eyes
He looks on his one side is Sanchi n on other Kabir
Anmol-Kabir uncle
Kabir(emotionally)-Haan bachaaa Anmol-u r not katti with me na? ?
Kabir (guilty)-No no beta very sorry uncle was little busy beta sorry
how r u?

Anmol- am am am

He [email protected] some place from where transfusion was done

Anmol-oooeee paining alot

Kabir looks at it
Sanchi closes her eyes
just then abhi comes
Abhi (lovingly)-Anmol betuuu show me where it is paining

Anmol points
Abhi gently applies some ointment
Anmol(in pain)-oeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sanchi n kabir close eyes
Abhi-Hogaya betu its done brave
Abhi-u know me Anmol?
Anmol looks puzzled
Abhi-Am ur Abhi cha

kabir gestures him not to say anything

Abhi-Am ur Abhi uncle will u be my friend too

Anmol smiles n shakes hand Abhi gives him emotional look
Abhi’s pov-chotu veer

Jaya emotionally hugs Anmy

Some nurses n hospital staff come to meet Anmol

Abhi n Kabir r outside Anmol’s ward
Abhi-y did u stop me from telling Anmol about our relationship
Kabir-Abhi yaar I dnt know if Sanchi would have liked it n I dnt know how Anmol would react I cannot be away from him After so many days I have got my Anmy back

Sanchi overhears them
Sanchi- I will tell him truth in few days he should meet his family he has missed every relationship alot

Kabir smiles

Kanchi r in Kabir’s Cabin
Abhi-Actually earlier treatment was complete fail now we have to try new line of drugs Aimim it is
Kabir-Aimim? ? thats too strong Anmy is just six
Abhi-Kabir I have discussed with almost all Drs this seems last option

Both Kabir n Sanchi r tensed
Abhi-if we r together we can fight it
kabir nods
Sanchi looks at Kabir n Kabir gives her assuring look

Abhi’s pov-Together am sure they can overcome this challenge too

Sanchi is making Anmol drink soup
Anmol-Aur nahi enough
Kabir comes
Kabir-Not fair lil from hand too Anmy

He makes him eat Anmol coughs before sanchi kabir pats Anmol. n wipes his face

Sanchi smiles (After so many days)

Precap-Sanchi n Kabir together step in temple Anmol is in Kabir’s lap Sanchi bends to seek blessing n kumkum gets applied to her forehead

Panditjii-Beta bhagwaan tumhari jodi hamesha banakar rakhe
kanchi r surprised n share eyelock

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