Pyaarasa Rishta -Savitri Devi-epi 19

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Recap-Kabir has informed His best friend Abhi about Anmol’s condition Dr Abhi comes all the way from London to treat Anmol as for him veer was like his younger bro Dr Abhi suggests complete blood tranfusion for which lots of blood is required of o negative grp at short notice

Panel of Drs along with Abhi r doing something very rapidly as Anmol is lying unconscious
Kabir is shown donating blood n Anmol is shown getting blood

”Tera mujhse hain pyaara sa Rishta koi”plays n Anbir scenes r shown

Abhi comes out of icu
Abhi to Sanchi-Sanchi we have started with transfusion we got a donar

Sanchi is shown smiling teareyed she thanks god

Sanchi-but just a donar we need 10L right

Abhi-he will donate 10L

Sanchi-He might be a real angel to save my child please do make me meet him after procedure

Abhi’s pov-Yes Sanchi he is a real angel n he will not just save Anmol but also make ur life secured am sure

Abhi-yes now u please sign these consent pprs also I need to know entire history about Anmol as in did he have any hospitalization before this His allergies to medicines everything

Sanchi n Abhi r shown talking

Abhi gets back to ICU
Abhi-sister istope 25mg quick
Dr-Dr Abhi resonance
Abhi-Yes Dr kunal

Sanchi is sitting nervously
Jaya comes to her
Jaya-Sanchi beta god has sent an angel n am sure nothing will happen to our Anmol, Sanchi we r not alone god is with us in form of ka…..I mean the person who donated blood

Kabir is still donating
Jaya comes to him
She sits n lovingly touches his hair
Jaya (teareyed)-Kabir beta I have no words to thank u, what u r doing only a person who has dil ka rishta with somebody can do

Kabir (very weak somehow spks)-Aunty I share pyaara sa rishta with u all n this is my res res pon responsibility

Raam Raam jai Raja Ram is playing n Anmol is shown breathing without mask
Abhi smiles,
Kabir’s eyes closes n he gets unconscious

Abhi comes out of ICU
Sanchi n Jaya come rushing
Abhi-Sanchi Anmol is out of danger, we r shifting him to his ward but we will monitor him very carefully till he comes to senses

Sanchi takes big sigh of relief
(Anmol fans u too can breathe now our baby is out of danger now)
Sanchi (eyes flooded with tears)-I dnt know how shd I thank u I mean u Abhi bhai I I
Sanchi folds her hands-I have no wrds
Abhi holds her hands-I did nothing its all due to donar excuse me I need to check him donating 10 L is not at all small thing

Sanchi nods

Abhi comes to Kabir’s ward
He sees him unconscious
Abhi’s pov-What a magical relationship this is Anmol is fine Kabir unconscious
Abhi-sister immediately get texon 30 we need to give him iron supplements urgently

Abhi gives injection to Kabir

Sanchi is looking at Anmol she is holding his hands

In Kabir’s ward
Jaya(tensed)-Abhi beta Kabir is fine na
Abhi-thank god aunty we have given him iron supplements at right time tdy he has taken a very big risk Par kuch rishte bahut strong Kabir saved Anmol, n Anmol’s love didn’t let anything happen to Kabir

Jaya nods

Sanchi is still holding Anmol’s hand
Kabir gently opens his eyes
kabir looks at clock-Anmol’s transfusion might be over by now I need to check him

Kabir slowly slowly with difficulty gets up he is very weak he walks towards Anmol’s ward
Sanchi notices him at door
Sanchi (angry)-what r u doing here Mr Kabir nw that Anmol is recovering little u cannot bear it u want to harm him dnt forget if his father isn’t here am here just get lost

kabir Is pained

Jaya-shut up Sanchi, Anmol is here all thanks to Kabir, Kabir called Abhi here, he donated 10 L blood to Anmol without thinking about himself Sanchi Kabir cannot harm Anmol in dream

Sanchi is shocked n guilty
Kabir is unable to stand
He loses balance Sanchi notices n rushes to support him she holds him n kanchi have deep eye contact
Sanchi makes Kabir sit she makes him have water

”Dil ka rishta bada hi pyaara hain”
plays in bg
Sanchi (extremely guilty tone)-Sorry very sorry Dr Kabir I dnt know wat all I have told u Am really …
Kabir-if I was in ur place I wd do same sorry very sorry because of me Anmol. ….

Abhi comes-Kabir wat r u doing here u shd rest na I was searching u in entire hospital
Kabir-Am fine when will Anmy get senses

Abhi checks Anmol
Abhi-in hr or so

Kabir is feeling giddy
Sanchi-U pl go n rest pl
Kabir-I I I if u dnt mind I want to be here n if u have really forgiven me u will let me stay here please

Sanchi nods with faint smile-But only if u take ur medicines

Precap-Sanchi kisses Anmol’s one hand n Kabir another Sanchi makes Anmol have soup Kabir wipes his face
Abhi’s pov-Real complete family but now they have to face real challenge of Anmol’s treatment but together am sure they will get through this

Anmol thanks u all for ur love n best wishes

So guys I wanted to ask u how many more epis u would enjoy reading in this ff this opinion of urs would help me shape stry accordingly Readers u matter. most so please tell me thanks

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  1. Riyarocks

    Rushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….dear ye tune kya kiya…………..mann kar raha tha ki ye kabhi khatam hi naa ho………..u r such an incredible writer….I got really lost in it & didn’t realize when this ended……so good to know anmol is fine & kanchi misunderstandings got cleared……..really spell binding update…..luv u loads sweetieeeeeeee…………

  2. Amazing faboulous bond between anmol and kabir is beyond any longer limitations would like to read chpts from u a qts for u are u a science student just wanted to know as u add medicine s name also if u don’t mind keep going with ur wonderful episodes

  3. Hii Rushi sweetie…..omg….amazing dear… rocked ….can’t have words…update soon….aur ha mujhse na puchi ki kab tak continue karun …mera bas chale toh bol dum ki puri century bana du….complete 100 episode …..hehe….as ur wish sweetie, u only going to write this . Lots of love to u sweetie.

  4. Khamoshi

    Rushi dear.. it was amazing episode.. yes mera tukka lag gaya . Abhi is a matchmaker in this ff.. post next soon

  5. RuCh23

    ??? so I guessed it right ??? Abhi’s gonna play Cupid ??? great epi dear happy Anmol’s better ???

  6. Niyaaa

    Awsome sweety nd yippee finally anmol is safe nd dear hamse na pucho to hi achcha h ki ff kitna chchte h we r too greedy hum to chahenge ye kabhi khatm naa atleast 50 epi to ho rest on u lovv u dear nd tc get well soon… post nxt asap

  7. Moonlight25

    Rushi dear….it was a splendid epi…really good to know Anmol’s better…..the bond that Kabir and Anmol share is unbreakable….such a good epi…you are an incredible writer sweetie….love you loads ??❤❤…….

  8. OMG OMG OMG Thank god our little anmol is fine I was in cloud .wat to say sweetie it’s amazing mindblowing outstanding awesome superb fantastic marvelous fabulous outstanding and it’s beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond everything. U r such a amazing writer I have became ur fan. Waiting for next part

  9. Hey rushi another amazing episode…. So happy that anmol is alright now MD anbir bonding loving it
    Ya so abhi will bring kanchi together I guessed right…

  10. Dhruti

    rushi it was so emotional but happy wala ff because anmol is alright yuppie!!! and anbir bonding loving it… guess was wrong but i’m happy with that so now abhi will bring sanchi and kabir together i hope so…………..update next one soon…………………….

  11. Wow…. Emotional episode…. And amazing

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    Amazing dear…..loved it and indirectly my name was there….he he….awesome!!

  15. Jessicca

    This was so amazing .. Our little Anmol is fine… So happy.. Superb one dear… Keep going

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