PyaaraSa Rishta -Savitri Devi-epi 18

Good morning lovely Readers,
once again BIG WALA SORRY was unable to update epi yesterday actually amnot keeping good health
Sorry 🙁

Dear Amnaa, Dhruti,Niyati, Riya, ishi, anu, dharani, sanu, ruch, Divya thanks alot for ur appreciation
Dear Niyaa thanks but if I cure Anmol so soon then ff will come to end na 😉 So if u want ff to not end u have to bear my emotional torture 😉 😉

Pst three epis were in fb it was jaya telling Kabir about sanveer after marrying Sanchi veer is diagnosed wd blood cancer he hides it from pregnant Sanchi, she gives birth to baby boy Anmol soon veer’s condition deteriorates he refuses to infrm anything to his family as he doesn’t want them to bear this pain, veer passes away n fb ends kabir promises Jaya that he will save Anmol at any cost

Kabir comes near Anmol’s ICU he notices a teareyed Sanchi sitting on a bench

Kabir is pained
Kabir’s pov-Veer u loved Sanchi alot u cdnt see her sad I promise veer ur Sanchi will smile again n all will be fine

Kabir is strolling in cabin suddenly knock is heard
A dapper looking gentleman steps in (He is my fav Tv actor Vivek Dahiya Inspector Abhishek from YHM n real life husband of Tv actress Divyanka Tripathi He has very very espl role in this ff n I hope u will love his character)
Kabir is relived seeing him
Kabir hugs him-Abhishek thanks for coming so soon from London
Abhi-kabir veer is like a younger bro to me u said his family needs me I left everything aside n took first flight to India
kabir am so sorry I cdnt save veer I just cannot believe our naughty boy our veer who used to tear my books break my cds n hide my cell who who who……

Abhi is unable to speak his eyes are welled up with tears
Kabir (moist eyes)-Who loved u more than loving me his real bro who planned crimes with u

They share emotional hug

Kabir (lump in throat)-Abhi u know Anmol is typically chota veer he is carbon copy of veer prankster, naughty yet caring

Fb of Anbir moments r shown

I cannot just afford to lose my veer again

Abhi (keeps hand on his shoulder)-Buddy our chotu veer will be just perfectly fine n u n me together will have to save ourselves from his pranks like we used to save ourselves from veer remember

Both laugh with moist eyes

Abhi-Kabir in my entire journey I have gone through Anmol’s entire case as u have told him I also have passed all this information to our Hospital’ s very senior Haemetologist(Blood dr) in London I just need to check Anmol n then I Skype to Dr n together as team we can cure Anmol

Kabir smiles with hope-Abhi u go n check Anmol I willnot come, Sanchi willnot like it,she is already in lots of pain n I shdnt increase it

Abhi nods

He notices Sanchi sitting tensed
Abhi’s pov-Veer’s choice is just so perfect but tears dnt suit her veer I promise I will not only Anmol but also ensure that Sanchi is not left alone I promise to complete her life

Abhi (softly)-Hii Sanchi Am Dr Abhishek Patel
Sanchi-Hmm yaah
Abhi-wait u didn’t recognize me Am veer’s Abhi Bhai from London

Sanchi n veer r sitting on rocks
Veer (excitedly)-u know Sanchi I did most pranks on Kabir bhai’s best friend Abhishek my Abhi bhai actually I love him more than kabir bhai he is like sweetest cutest person on earth

Sanchi is smiling hearing veer’s talks

Fb ends

Abhishek-yaad ayaa??

Sanchi nods with hopeful eyes

Abhi-I assure u, Anmol will be out of this ICU in next 24hrs n I hope veer might have told u I fulfill all promises I make especially those given to veer so u please forget all tension n smile Abhi is here

Abhi enters ICU
He looks [email protected] Anmol
Abhi(softly)-Toofan express’s son u cannot lie here like this chup chaaapp

He starts checking Anmol
Somebody enters in surgeon’s dress Its Kabir
Kabir-I will help u he is having Mycoplasma ebc-0.5 wbc-1114 platelets-17
Abhi-oooooppps thats too low I need to infrm our Dr

Abhi is shown videochatting with some dr Abhi quickly makes some diagrams

Abhi comes back to ICU
Abhi to sanchi-we need to do complete blood transfusion only solution we need abt 19 Litres o negative blood urgently n in blood bank we have around 5l 14l we need to arrange in hour
Sanchi-am b positive veer was o negative
Jaya-we can contact our known ppl n ask them
Abhi-yes please aunty we r also trying

Abhi to Kabir-R u sure 10 L is not small thing u will get very weak as a frnd n Doc am against this kabir n maybe. …..

Kabir-I dnt care Abhi u dnt wry about me just save Anmol

Kabir is shown donating blood
Abhi n panel of Drs r shown doing something with Anmol
Sanchi n Jaya r praying

Ram Ram jai Raja Ram plays in bg

Precap-Kabir is about to lose balance Sanchi holds him she makes him sit n makes him drink water
emotional wala eye contact is shown
Abhi-Now this is perfect

So guys how is Abhi n what do u think is his role love triangle or something else? ?

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  1. Khamoshi

    Rushi . Perfect episode. Loved it.
    And i don’t think it’s a love triangle. KaNchi will be paired for sure and Abhi will be a bridge for their love. Btw Abhi’s character is really very good..i too like Vivek so thumbs up for that.

  2. Firstly I’m really really sorry for not commenting on ur previous part. Cuming to this vivek is great choice I lIke him also and pliz dnt make love triangle. Anyways it’s so so amazing outstanding very emotional fantastic superb mindblowing ravishing lovely historic unlimited package khidki tod darvaza tod marvelous and so so heart touching and it’s beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond everything. I have become ur fan. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads. Pliz accept it from yr sisy

  3. Hey rushi first of all how ru?? Plz take care of ur health
    Now coming to episode it was amazing ?
    ND I think abhi will get kanchi together ( he will play the role of cupid…. Just a guess)

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey rushi first of all ur ff is my fav right now actually due to my trip I don’t get to read all the ff and then the current track of the show is really annoying so I sometimes I don’t bother to read the written updates cause I really don’t like the way makers are playing with the feelings of kaanchi and Sanveer fans
    But ur ff is too good I do read other ff whenever I get time but I always keep ur ff in mind the Sanveer flashback part was the best part of ur ff how Saanchi and Veer fall for each other and how veer supported her when he got her pregnant by marrying her and the previous episode was way too emotional when veer died ??? and yeah even I like Vivek dahiya in fact I used to watch yhm before only for abhishek and Mihika when they ruined show (before that I used to watch for ishi Maa and ruhi’s bonding) it has been Long since I didn’t watch that show ???
    But ur ff is too good yaar and kanchi scenes are ? I know kabir and Abhi will save anmol

  5. Dhruti

    hi rushi just perfect story but i don’t want any love triangle please……it my humble request…..ok ok no more request back to your ff it was perfect, mesmerize, mind blowing, osm story……………i really love this ff……………btw how are you? take care your health and get well soon………….come back with your next one update can’t wait for it………….good morning……..

  6. Riyarocks

    Amazing Rushi dear……..& Vivek is the best for this……as far as his character is concerned, I felt it is to some extent clear from the precap that Abhi’s going to act as a cupid as when he saw kanchi together, he said now its perfect…….btw dear, I’m already a jabra fan of ur writings……..too good dear……..luv u loads……….

  7. RuCh23

    Hey Rushi how are you now? Please take care of yourself dear ??? coming to the epi at first I thought it’ll be a love triangle between Abhi Sanchi Kabir. But after reading the precap I think Abhi will be the Cupid for Kanchi ???

  8. Moonlight25

    Hey…dear…a big apology for not commenting on the previous epis…i am so sorry…i read like 30 epis together…so didn’t have the time……you ff is damn interesting…its too good…at first …i thought it will be a love triangle but then after watching the precap….it will end up as kanchi….You are an amazing author dear…and I too like Vivek…he is perfect for the character… I used to watch in kawach serial…anyways update ASAP…love you loads….hope you forgive me for not commenting…??❤❤❤

  9. Niyaaa

    Hi rushi koi nahi m samjhti hu yaar nd 2ndly itna senti mat karo u know m nahu chahti ye ff itni jaldi khtam ho iske liye m roj ro sakti hun….hehehe… Btew epi is mindblowing superv.. Vivek did a great job nd plzzz no more triangle already feed up with seriel boggy track nd so callled lov triangle.. Post nxt asap dear tc stay safe

  10. Dharani


  11. Amazing episode and abhi character is too good do take care of ur self and keep going

  12. Neha7873

    Though I barely comment on your ff , but I must say you write excellent and outstanding . You make me fall in love with your ff . A big apology for not commenting . Coming to the epi ,it was awesome

  13. Amazing…… Update soon

  14. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon and I think abhi will make kaanchi one

  15. Omg sweetie u just nailed it….soo emotonal …kisi din mujhe rulaogi kya…..loved it completely sweetie. Do update soon dearie.

  16. Jessicca

    Outstanding… Amazing… Loved it…

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