PyaaraSa Rishta -Savitri Devi-epi 17

Hii Good Morning Lovely Readers,
Thanks alot dear khamoshi,dharani,anu,dhruti,riya, sanjukta, divya, niyaa, anonymousaa (yes dear kanchi scenes will start tom epi 18 not tdy) ,amnaa, abhilasha,alia, ishi and sanu for ur encouraging words

Recap-Since 2 epis ff is in fb jaya is telling kabir about sanveer,
Sanveer profess love for eachother
on Sanchi’s bday sanveer get intimate, n Sanchi gets pregnant veer promises to marry [email protected] any cost

Sanchi n veer r shown getting married in temple in presence of isha, pragya n jaya
Sanchi seems nervous
veer pretends to be cheerful
Veer-Sanchi please smile
Sanchi-veer Amnot liking this ur parents n ur Kabir bhai might have seen so many dreams about ur marriage n we r getting married over here like this
Veer(looks in her eyes)-Sanchi trust me their blessings r always with us n just let this lil wonder come in this world then everything will be fine everybody’s anger would melt

Sanchi n Veer r shown getting married pragya isha jaya shower flowers

Sanchi n Veer r in car
Sanchi (getting thoughtful)-veer where r we going
Veer-to our home
Sanchi-our home? ?
veer-yes darling the one I brought with my savings for our cute family

Veer cutely does Sanchi’s grah pravesh n welcomes her home
veer n Sanchi together r shown setting up their home
they put name plate”SANVEER”
”joh tu mera humdaard hain” plays in bg
Veer is deeply thinking something
Sanchi-kya soch rahe ho
Veer-Dad, mom n bhai will come na in our this small house someday
Sanchi hugs him-yes Ofcourse to see our baby

Pragya n isha r shown pampering Sanchi n Sanchi seems nine month pregnant
Sanchi (tensed)-God knows what suddenly happens to veer tdy also he fainted in hospital am worried for him
Pragya-Dnt wry Sanchi that idiot does double shift might be just exertion
she goes to kitchen
Isha to pragya-dnt u feel veer seems weak too n has headache almost everyday
pragya-kasamse yaar yes I too am very worried

Veer makes her eat food
suddenly she develops labor pain
Sanchi is in pain
veer is getting sweaty
pragya-Abhee hoo idiot y getting so scared u seem more nervous than Sanchi
Veer hugs pragya-my Sanchi n my baby will be fine na

Pragya-Ofcourse yaar hum hain na daro mat

Veer is shown holding Sanchi’s hand in labor room Sanchi is in discomfort cries of baby r heard
veer’s eyes glitter
veer kisses Sanchi’s forehead
Dr gives baby to veer-congratulations veer ur son has arrived

Veer carefully holds baby n gets teareyed pragya isha, jaya hug veer

Veer n Sanchi hold baby together
veer-Sanchi he is so small so delicate n look at his hands
Sanchi smiles
Sanchi-Daddy darling what wd u name ur son?
Veer-Anmol, my precious gift

He gently kisses baby baby smiles

Anmol’s naming ceremony is shown .kinnar’s come to bless baby
Veer is shown dancing with them
suddenly he faints

At hospital
Dr to Sanchi-Sanchi veer is suffering from bloodcancer he is hiding this from u since past 6 months

Sanchi breaksdown

Sanchi goes to veer
veer holds her hand
Sanchi breaksdown
Veer (jokingly)-Am still alive y r u crying like this
Sanchi beats him gently
she cries
veer-nothing will happen Sanchi am taking treatment na
Sanchi-y did u hide from me we r soul mates na
veer-Sanchi I cdnt give u stress during critical days

Veer is shown vomiting, blood is shown Veer still smiles
Sanchi-u vomited tdy also how will medicines get absorbed

Dr-Veer u need complete bed rest from tom u dnt come please

veer is upset n thinking something
Sanchi brings baby Anmol
Sanchi-veer play with him na
veer-no no take him away plz he is too small what if something happens to him

Baby cries tears drop from veer’s eyes

Veer is thinking something
Pragya-U r missing ur family na kasamse yaar lets call them u need them
Veer(teareyed)-no Pragya no I have distanced myself from them I have given lots of pain to u all cannot give them pain no

Veer(who is bald now) is seeing baby Anmol from far
Sanchi comes
veer-Sanchi always take care of my prince, never let him feel my absence

Sanchi covers his mouth
Sanchi(teareyed)-nothing will happen to u

veer-sorry I I I I medicines medicines r not working Sanchi I want to live with u with Anmol but

He breaksdown n sanveer have extra emotional hug

ICU is shown
Dr-Sanchi veer’s condition is very critical

Sanchi sees veer through glass

Dr-Sanchi veer is repeatedly taking ur name please come inside

Veer is surrounded by all machines n is having oxygen mask his eyes r closed

Sanchi with moist eyes goes close to him
sanchi holds his hand

Veer opens eyes

Veer (with lots of difficulty)-Sa n n n n c h h h ii I I I l o ve u

His eyes shut
the line on monitor turns straight
N n n n

Sanchiii (yells in pain)-Veer

Fb ends
Kabir is numbed n eyes filled with tears
Kabir(guilty)-I shd have understood my veer I shd have been with him I could have saved him Ii I I all because of me

jaya-Beta dnt blame urself past cannot be altered please save Anmol

kabir-I will let nothing happen to Anmol I promise

Precap-Sanchi is tensed, A handsome Dr-Hi am dr abhishek veer’s abhi bhai from london I assure I would get Anmol out of ICU in 24 hrs

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  1. Awesome epi and sanveeer stoory too emotional but toooo goooood

  2. RuCh23

    Hey Rushi sorry for not commenting on your previous epis dear I was getting ready for an exam ??? today’s epi is so immotional yet wonderful!! Loved sanveers past. Hopefully from next one kanchi story will start ??? and this abhishek guy? Will he become an obstacles in there story? Anyway waiting for the next epi eargerly ???

  3. Dharani


  4. Episode bhut emotional tha yaar…….ae abhi kon hae……. please kanchi ka pair banana

  5. Very emotional episode ND sanveer past story made me cry

  6. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear, tumne toh mujhe rula hi dia with such an emotional episode………….kya yaar, aansu ruk hi nahi rahe……itna koi rulata hai kya????not done……….u know what, tum itna acha likhti ho, I could just feel each moment of it…………too good, too emotional………….luv u a lot dear…………….

  7. So emitional story but sweet one .Keep writing dear . Update soon & lots of love to u sweetie.

  8. Dhruti

    very emotional story but sweet story.keep writing and update soon…a big hug for u……….

  9. Very emotional episode…. Loved it very much

  10. Yaar rushi dear kab tak or kitna rulane ka irada h batao na ye torture ab humse na saha jayega…hehehe.. Plzzz do something atleast save anmol…post nxt asap sorry for late commnt

  11. Rushi kasam se rula dia tumne yaar too emotional yaar ?.Tears were rolling down from my eyes but it is superb fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

  12. Jessicca

    Rushi Rushi… It was so sad… I’m seriously in tears????… It was very emotional ??… The poor child, couldn’t experience fatherly love?… Loved it yaar… Keep going…

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