PyaaraSa Rishta -Savitri Devi-epi 16

Hii Good Morning Lovely Readers,
Wish u all a Very Happy Dussera
Sorry cdnt upload yesterday as I was occupied with dussera celebration
Thank u everybody for ur kinds wrds n appreciating n liking sanveer scenes
ok so currently since epi 15 epi is in fb n jaya is telling Kabir about sanveer, in last epi we saw jaya gets ill n is admitted in city hospital where veer is intern veer falls in love at first sight with Sanchi they become friends during Jaya’s treatment

Sanchi is studing veer comes
veer-I will help u
Sanchi-veer I told u na I dnt copy so no chits n all please dnt disturb let me study
Veer-Sanchi I didn’t mean help u by making chits I will help u in real way by giving u some tips to remember
Sanchi-veer its management
veer (with lots of attitude)-so what veer Malhotra is an expert

He reads n suggest something Sanchi laughs
Veer-No laughing FOCUS Sanchi
Veer n Sanchi r shown studing
veer is explaining something Sanchi admires him

Sanchi is writing ppr she remembers about veer Sanchi blushes
”hawayeen” plays in bg

Sanchi-Thanks veer because of u my mother got discharged n I cleared my exams also nicely thanks alot
Veer-Anything for u Sanchi

N ek magical eye contact

Veer(jokes)-N more than that for my lovely jaya aunty Sanchi u have to take good care of my darling otherwise I will

Sanchi laughs-dnt wry I will treat ur darling as a princess n not let her wrk
Veer-Aur chaklis banana toh cancel
Sanchi-yes yes sir

Pragya comes
pragya-abhee ooo veer hum aunty ke bachee hain so dnt u dare teach us
Veer-miss mirchi kabhie toh santi se baat kiya karu y do u always need to act like red bull
Pragya (super angry)-u called me bull how dare u ?
Veer -Bull would feel so bad when it makes out I compared it with u

pragya runs behind him Sanchi laughs seeing their running n chasing

Sanchi is making jaya drink [email protected] Door bell rings
Sanchi opens n is pleasantly surprised to see veer
Veer (nervously)-Actually I came to meet my darling
Veer-aunty I mean

Isha to pragya-cuty is such a liar he came to meet our Sanchi he was missing her
pragya-kasamse Sanchi too was missing this idiot but do u think this jerk deserves Sanchi
Isha-pragya he isn’t jerk he loves sanchi alot n actually love can be seen in eyes of both

veer n Sanchi n shown walking on seashore n talking something
suddenly water comes near Sanchi’s feet n she holds veer’s tightly n gets close to him n it leads to romantic deep eyelock

Sanchi-am sry I dnt like getting wet n water suddenly. …
veer(vry romantically looking in Sanchi’s eyes)-Sanchi do u mind holding my hand for ur entire life? Sanchi I love u n I want u to hold me like this till infinity

Sanchi is speechless she blushes
Sanchi is about to leave
Veer holds her hand n she comes in his arms
”Hawayeen”plays in bg
Sanchi (softly)-I love u too veer
Veer gets extremely euphoric n lifts her in arms

Veer is doing some decorations
isha n pragya comes
pragya-kasamse tdy I will have to really praise u decorations n preparations r superb
veer (silly smile)-Thanks miss mirchi afterall its my Sanchi’s bday

Sanchi gets glad seeing surprise bday party she cuts cake n makes jaya, veer, isha, pragya eat
Veer n Sanchi r shown dancing
Jaya likes it

Sanchi-hhmm party is fantastic thanks veer but where is my gift
veer-I dnt have any gift but if u want I can kiss u
Sanchi blushes-shut up veer ma is looking here
Veer-so what darling loves our jodi

Veer has got Sanchi near car
Sanchi-y have we come over here
Veer-because I wanted to give u ur gift
Sanchi-what what give soon cannot wait
veer looks in car n gets upset-offo I left it in room

Veer has got Sanchi to his room
He asks her to close eyes
n makes her wear a beautiful necklace he touches her bare back
shiver runs down Sanchi’s body
Sanchi’s eyes glitter seeing necklace
she goes near veer he holds her by waist n their lips meet its long lip lock

Sanchi n veer r sleeping under same sheet veer kisses her
Sanchi-promise me u will never leave me
They cuddle

Veer is checking some patient
Sanchi comes she seems tensed
Veer-Sanchi u here aunty is fine na

Sanchi n veer r talking in room
Sanchi cries she hugs veer
Sanchi-veer am pregnant veer I cannot abort this baby
Veer (Calmly)-y r u crying this is good news u will become mummy n me papa
Sanchi (irked)-Veer u r joking now also
veer-Sanchi amnot joking we will get married
Sanchi (confused)-ur family?
Veer (holds her hand)-I willnot tell them about u pregnancy I cannot bear if anybody says anything against ur character

He wipes her tears

Veer-lets plan baby’s name

Sanveer share cute hug

Precap-Veer is breathing heavy Sanchi is holding his hand
Sanchi (teareyed)-u promised never to leave me nothing can happen nothing.

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  1. Khamoshi

    Rushi it was amazing emotional episode.. i could imagine the situation very well due to ur gr8 description of the scenes… so that was the reason why veer married sanchi in a hurry.. nice story.. and not waiting for the precap..its so sad to see veer and sanchi struggling with the problem.

  2. Ok now I got veer marries saanchi because she became pregnant cute love story and an amazing epi

  3. Amazing episode ?

  4. Anonymousaa

    Oh so Veer wanted to marry Sanchi as soon as possible at any cost!!!!
    Plz post next epi asap.I suppose we will be coming to present soon n then Kanchi moments.

  5. Abhilasha

    Heart touching episode dear……really amazing… U nailed it!!

  6. Amazing bonding of sanveer

  7. Niyaaa

    Ohhh so this is the reason why veer marry sanchi in hurry .. Loved it sweety per aisa lag raha tha jaise bullet train pe swaar ho…hehehe just kidding actually ek hi epi me love confession everthing but superb u managed everything very well.. beyond my imagination.. Post nxt asap

  8. Niyaaa

    Ohhh so this was the reason why veer marry sanchi in hurry .. Loved it sweety per aisa lag raha tha jaise bullet train pe swaar ho…hehehe just kidding actually ek hi epi me love confession everthing but superb u managed everything very well.. beyond my imagination.. Post nxt asap

  9. Niyaaa

    Sorry for double commnt kan pakad ke

  10. Soo emotional dear but super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode

  11. It was amaaazzzing yr splendid…nd Happy Dussera… post soon..

  12. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear, pehle hasana, phir aise precap dikhaakar rulana……….I just couldn’t stop laughing when veer said”Bull would feel so bad when it makes out I compared it with u”to pragya…….as the episode proceeded, got to see sanveer romantic moments & at the end I got really really sad after reading the precap………..matlab…….ek dum zabardast plot hai tumhari…………..too good dear………..I’m speechless, bas itna keh sakti hoon, I LUV U A LOT sweety…………

  13. Dhruti

    amazing story update next one soon…………

  14. Nice story…..

  15. Dharani


  16. Jessicca

    It was superb Rushi…. Amazing. . keep going… Love you loads❤❤❤

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