Pyaara Sa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 47

Goodmorning Lovely Readers,
Extremely extremely sorry for a very late update Amnot keeping good health so sorry I hope u all willnot be angry with me
Thanks dear all for ur encouraging words
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Recap-Kabir helps Sanchi to prepare for exams he is supporting her alot n in all this they r coming close

Sanchi is nervously standing in front of idol of Ganesha
Sanchi-please please help me pass this exam for sake of Kabir atleast he has put in lots of hardwork

Kabir comes-
Sanchi u dnt need to plead god I have full confidence in u, ur knowledge n intelligence
Sanchi hardwork is urs n blessings is what ganpathi bappa will give n he will definitely bless a kind heart like u

Ek mast sentiwala ek lock

Savitri n Anand come- n also our blessings r with our Sanchi all the best beta do ur best

Anmol-my mumma is best n will definitely do best

He hugs Sanchi

Kanchi r in car going for exam
Sanchi is deeply in thoughts
Kabir-kya hua Sanchi y r u so worried, u have prepared so nicely, in childhood also u used to get scared like this for exams hahaha

Sanchi (making puppy face)-Kabir Amnot scared of exams actually actually I I get nervous in interview, I lose all my confidence the person taking interviews r generally so khadoos n their face expressionless

Kabir-hahaha, Sanchi in that case always imagine that a person who is very close to ur heart is taking ur interview!!problem solved!!

He smiles at her She looks in his eyes

At exam center
Kabir-Sanchi good luck Do well Dnt wry am here only waiting for u

Sanchi leaves
she takes out veer’s pic from wallet n looks at it she turns n looks at Kabir who is gesturing her good luck

Sanchi is giving exam n marking answers
Kabir is nervously praying outside

Sanchi enters interview room
she greets panel
Sir-Ok so Mrs Sanchi Malhotra please introduce urself

Sanchi starts getting nervous
she remembers what Kabir told her
she imagines Kabir taking her interview
She answers confidently
she is imagining Kabir n answering

Madam-Sanchi extremely good ur results will be communicated shortly to u through email good luck

Sanchi thanks them n leaves
she is smiling
Kabir sees her
Kabir(worried)-How was it
Sanchi doesn’t respond
Kabir-kya hua

Sanchi hugs him tight
Sanchi-thanks Kabir it was awesome I imagined u were taking my interview n everything went smoothly

Kabir smiles actually blushing

Sanchi realizes she was hugging Kabir she leaves him awkwardly
Kabir is still smiling
Kabir-so I deserve a treat
Sanchi-Ofcourse tell me where
Kabir-There is an restaurant nearby lets go there
Sanchi-hmm how about kulfi here there is a wonderful kulfiwala I just love his kulfi

Kanchi come to
Sanchi (excitedly)-Bhaiyaa doh mast malia wali kulfi dena

Sanchi-Kabir u know I used to come here after every good exam n I can eat 5-6 kulfi’s at a time

Kabir adores Sanchi
seller gives her kulfi
Sanchi makes Kabir eat kulfi n intense romantic eyelock
Sanchi-thanks Kabir u have done alot for me
Kabir too makes her eat kulfi

Pyaarasa rishta plays in bg

Kulfi spreads on Sanchi’s lips Kabir indicates Sanchi doesn’t understand Kabir gently n romantically wipes it with his finger Sanchi closes her eyes

Recap-Kabir massages Jaya’s feet she feels awkward
Kabir-u r my mother n am ur son so please dnt stop me otherwise I will feel u consider me as ur son in law n not son
Sanchi looks respectfully at Kabir with love

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