Pyaara Dushman-FF (Twinj, Rivanya, Kaira) ~ #1

hii guys awatif here. With the first episode of my ff.+ sorry for late post and thank u for the comments so let’s go with the introduction
Let’s begin
Amritsar is shown
Then a huge mansion is shown with the name plate written Taneja’s
A beautiful room is shown ( I am bad at explaining so think it as twinkle’s room from tei) 2 girls r sleeping there one girl gets up and sees the time then to other girl she goes to fresh up then comes back with a bucket full of water and throws it on the girl sleeping, the girl gets up with a jerk and shouts Shivanya di!!!!( yes guys the girl is Shivanya)

Shivanya:twinkle chupp!!, let a chi late hai aur time dekh tumhe college nahi Hana Kya get up fast and get ready (yes she is our twinkle
After sometime they both get ready and twinkle goes down in hurry and sees everyone having there bf she goes near table picks her food and says to a guy twinkle: kartik kitbag khaega motu banjaega fur no one will even see u in college come fast we r late
Kartik: oh hello I am the third hottest guy in college cuz first is kunj and then that ritik ( in angry tone for ritik ) but thank god he finished his college so now I am on second rank so plz and yeah let’s go to college , bye everyone.
Shivanya who was coming down heard everything and got sad and it was noticed by twinla ( twinkle and leela)
And they become sad and left from there for college and work

Next scene
A huge mansion is shown then we see someone praying to God in mandir,It’s a boy, he is prying as if he is going to die, A lady in her mid 50 comes there and says Wah ajj yeh chand kaha se nikal aye(WOW from where this moon came today) she goes near him and twists his ears and says kunj now stop your acting and say me what happened?
Kunj: Bebe plz ouch its paining leave me plz (yes guys they r our sweet kunj and Bebe)then Bebe leaves his ears and asks what happened?

Kunj: nothing Bebe today dad is coming na that’s why I was praying for him
Bebe: ok now go and get ready for college
Next scene
2 girls r shown together in bed and they r busy in phone (let’s zoom) they r stalking varun dhawn ??(i don’t know why every girls r mad for him)
They r shesha and mahi just then a girl enters the room singing song she is gayu she comes near them and tells them to get ready for college they get ready and go college

Next scene
A girl is singing and dancing she goes to other room there a boy is sleeping so the girl plays a loud music with full volume boy wakes up with a jerk and shouts NAIRA!! And started to run behind her.after sometime naira stop
naira:ok stop uv bhai and know go get ready for college ,and goes to other room and shouts rithik bhai where r u,she searches him at last when she is going out a ghost masked man comes and shouts I will kill you,and naira gets scared and is about to run when he takes his mask out he is reveled to be ritik, naira shouts and one more shout is heard its uv’s .

Rithk shouts STOP!!! (In funny way )
Then naira shows him uv’s photo which is covered with pen writing on his face and body and both burst out laughing. Uv from another room comes and says yes yes know laugh that’s exactly what u guys do ( in fake anger) naira & rithik together:AWW bacha naraz hogaya. Then they get ready for college and work and left from there
Finally finished
Hope I guys enjoyed it and I will post each part in a week cuz in my school we always have exams and tests so sorry and plz do comment

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  1. It is a funny . Bindasss ff??

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank you glad u liked it?

  2. Presha

    Hey it seems interesting do post next soon

  3. Vinni05

    Nyc one

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u and happy belated birthday thank u

      1. Vinni05

        Thank u

  4. it was so cool…post nxt soon

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u and inshallah I will update it soon

  5. Awesome
    Loved it to the core
    And sounds interesting
    And obvio sab ladkiyan VD ki fan he tumbhi banjaogi ek din don’t worry???

    Overall it was fantastic waiting for the next one ASAP

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u so much thank god u liked it to the core . I used to like him before but know my fave is sidhant

  6. SidMin

    The plot looks interesting…. Post soon
    Love you ❣

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank you and I will post it soon

  7. Rosa18

    Awsome..Even i think sab larkiyan vd ki fan kyun hn;)
    BTW he looks good

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank you.yeah I agree, like he is good looking

  8. Ramya

    Awesome cute start

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  10. Awww awati my lill sista..☺☺☺
    This is shooooo cute. Love it..????? Thank god u made kunj 1st hot boy in college and he is so cute ???
    And I to think why everyone mad about sidharth and varun ??? but I have only 1 man in my ?? life instead of 1000 whom I love the most ??( I think u guess yes yes? ) SIDHANT my LOVE, my LIFE ?????? now bhttt hogaya sid ke bare maii bolte bolte mai tomatar ki tarah laal ho gayi ab???? or tumbhi mujhse gussa ho jaogi ab?? ?? but kya karu emotions control naii hote sid ka name lene ke baad ??? ok bhttt paka liya tumhe but adapt se mujbur u knw???
    Ok post soon ☺ Love you cuteii ??

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Hi Priya di I was waiting for your comment u make me feel special and yes mene guess kar liya sidhant tu mera bhi favorite hai ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aur mein jab bhi sidhant ke bare main sun ti hun tu accha laagta hai no problem continue with it?And I will try to post soon asap because of your guys lovely comments love u too ??

  11. Aanya_pandey

    Amazimg start dear!!! Amazing

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