Pyaar Zindagi Hai (intro)

Hiii guys!!! I am Shreyaa and its my try for the first time.. If you like it then please comment below… I am inspired by Siddhi…
In this story Tapasya and Yamini are sisters and Rathore and Ankush are brothers..
Let me introduce the characters…
In this story there is only one naagin ie shesha
1. Shivanya: A good and a sweet girl who is ritik’s cousin..she is the no 1 business typhoon and lot and King of medical sciences(doctor). She is the no 1 richest in the world..
2. Shesha: Naagin who has fallen in love with

2. Ritik Raheja : a massive hotel management typhoon .He is the world’s number one
Hotel management typhoon and he is no 1 richest in the world.. He is the only one in the world to match shivanya’s status…
3. Yamini Raheja: Ritik’s mother
4. Ankush Raheja: Ritik’s father
5. Tapasya Raheja: Shivanya’s mother
6. Rathore Raheja: shivanya’s father
7. Arjun Raheja: Shivanya’s older brother
8. Radhika Raheja: Shivanya’s bhabhi
9. Maya Raheja: Ritik’s sister
10. Angad Raheja: Ritik’s brother
11. Viren Raheja: Ritik’s brother
12. Amrita Raheja: Ritik’s sister
13. Divya Raheja: Ritik’s youngest sister
14. Chyya Raheja: viren’s wife
Now let’s go ahead and start!!!!!

Scene 1 in Newyork!!!

Shivanya: good morning maa over phone( Tapasya lives in London)

Tapasya: good morning beta

Shivanya: any good news

Tapasya: yes I have a bad news for you but a good news for me..

Shivanya: what is it???

Tapasya: I have planned to get you married

Shivanya: what to whom??

Tapasya: my sister Yamini’s son Ritik’

Shivanya: I do not want to get married

Tapasya: he is a very very good guy. You must have heard abut him..

Shivanya: yes I have but I have not seen him..

Tapasya: for that you must come to mumbai

Shivanya: noooo

Tapasya:: yes.. I have faxed you the ticket.. Bring maya also along with you..( maya lives with Shivanya in Newyork)

Shivanya: okkk

Scene 2 In Mumbai

Yamini: Ritik

Ritik: he maa

Yamini : cancel all the meeting that you have scheduled for tomorrow

Ritik: why

Yamini: have you heard of shivanya

Ritik: yes lord and King of medical sciences and the biggest business typhoon.. She is Tapasya maa’s daughter. And she is the only one who can match my status..

Yamini: exactly. I have decided to get her married to you

Ritik: but I haven’t seen her

Yamini: she is coming tomorrow

Ritik : but I do not want to get married

Yamini: have a lot at her tomorrow and let me know

Ritik: ok. I shall cance all the meetings..

Yamini calls Tapasya: I have made Ritik tell yes to see Shivanya

Tapasya: I have done the same thing…

Yamini: see you tomorrow. I am sure Ritik and shivanya will tell yes for the marriage

Tapasya:: I am also sure..

The episode ends here

PRECAP:::: Ritik and Shivanya say yes for the marriage and everyone cherish..

Shesha will be introduce after Ritik and Shivanya’s marriage..

Guys hope you like it. Please do comment below. This is the premier episode and that is why it is long…

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  1. Nice episode and I am happy you are inspired from me.

  2. Nice

  3. Samreen Chougle


  4. Thank you so much

    1. Hii shreya your ff is very nice. New concepts are interesting.☺
      Siddhi I know you have stopped ‘dil ki baatein’ ff. But I like that ff very very very much. So can I continue that ff??? I have to ask you because it was your imagination.
      Siddhi and shreya plz
      tell me how to write any ff??
      Plz plz plz

      1. Alia thanks for your comment..
        Alia I hope you have an idea on how to continue siddhi’s ff dil ki baatein.
        Ff is all about your imagination. You must surely have an idea..
        Just remember one thing what ever you story is make sure that you narrate it clearly so that the people get interesed. Do have a precap in the end so that the viewers will eagerly wait to read the next episode..
        Just start your ff by introducing yourself. And at the end do not forget to request them to comment below and rate you..☺☺☺ I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST for your ff…

  5. very niceeeee… plzzzzz continue

  6. Thank you so much shreya for your encouragement.
    But I don’t know how to write any ff I mean to say on which site or any web page I have to go and start my ff??
    Plz can you tell me????

    1. Just log on to telly updates Naagin. Then near the potion menu on the top you have 3 small lines. I mean the 1st menu option and not the 2nd. Once you press the 3lines near the menu option you will be able to see three things
      1. Home
      2. Contact us
      3. Submit your article( new)

      Select the third that is submit your article new. Once you go into the site you will have a list of intructions. By following it you will be able to write your ff. Once you log on to the site it will ask your name. Email id, Title for your ff and article.
      Below you will have a small security question. Once you are finished you can submit your article

  7. Be it long or short I really loved idea “Pyaar Zindagi Hai” awsum ff

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