Pyaar Zindagi Hai Epi-3

Ritik: maa I am going to the office

Yamini: ok beta

Ritik: bye Shivanya

Shivanya: have a very good day

Ritik goes to the office

Yamini: shivanya come to the kitchen I shall tell you what Ritik likes to eat as you are getting married to him.

Shivanya: yes maa

They both go to the kitchen

Yamini: Ritik likes panner pasanda, dal makhani, mutter panner etc

Shivanya: maa if you don’t mind can I prepare lunch for Ritik and take it to his office.

Yamini: sure I thought of telling you

Shivanya: thanks maa

Shivanya prepares lunch for Ritik and takes it to his office.

Ritik is very busy in an international conference. Shivanya sees that and waits for him in his cabin. She sits on his chair and it towards the other side. Shivanya sees him coming and goes out of his cabin. Ritik goes into the cabin.

Sameera( Ritik PA): sir the file is ready

Ritik: go and bring it

Shivanya is about to enter but Sameera stops her.

Sameera: who the hell are you get away from here

Shivanya: I am..

Sameera: I am not interested in listening to you. Just get away

Shivanya starts to leave. Ritik hears some quarrel and comes out. He is shocked to see Shivanya crying and weeping and going out.

Ritik: Shivanya

Shivanya: no nothing

Ritik: why didn’t you come in. This your office

Shivanya: no please let me go

Ritik: you brought lunch for me and you are leaving without serving me

Shivanya: I want to go

Ritik brings her inside the cabin

Shivanya starts crying very badly

Ritik: what happened??

Shivanya tells all what Sameera spoke.

Ritik: how dare does she ask you to get out of the office. I will fire her now right in front of you.

Shivanya: no just leave it

Ritik: noooo

Shivanya: for me. Do not show your anger to her.

Ritik: as you say your honour

Shivanya laughs

Ritik switches off the camera of his cabin and comes close to Shivanya and kisses her on her lips. Shivanya shyes away.

Ritik: we are going to get married

Shivanya: we shall do this on the marriage night and not now plzz

Ritik: marriage night no one can-save you from me.

Shivanya: I will not stay away from you.

Ritik: well we’ll see

Shivanya: shall I leave

Ritik: yep see you in the evening

Shivanya leaves. After sometime Ritik leaves the office to go home. On his way Ritik sees a man beating a lady and goes to her rescue. He rescues that girl and takes her home to give her a job.

The name of the girl is midhuna. They reach home. Shivanya and Ritik smile at each other.

Viren gets attracted towards midhuna and tries to get intimate with her. She tries to get away. Ritik reaches there and saves her and starts hitting him. Shivanya comes there and stops their fight. In order to take revenge Viren pulls Shivanya takes her into another room and puts her bed. Midhuna and Ritik go behind him asks him to open the door. Viren pulls away Shivanya’s pallu. Shivanya starts crying. Ritik breaks the door and saves Shivanya and starts beating him like hell. Midhuna stops them. Shivanya faints. Ritik calls the doctor. He says that Shivanya is stressed and requires rest.

To be continued

Precap: Ritik takes Shivanya on a romantic date and they get intimate.

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