Pyaar Zindagi Hai Epi-2

Shivanya runs inside looking at Ritik.. Ritik blushes and his siblings tease him.

Shivanya calls Tapasya over phone..

Shivanya: maa I want to talk to you.

Tapasya: wait I shall come in 20 minutes

Shivanya: no maa I want to talk to immediately

Tapasya: ok wait I am coming

Shivanya: ok bye

Ritik calls Yamini aside by actions

Yamini goes and asks
Yamini: what happened

Ritik: maa I want to ask you something but please don’t scold me

Yamini: I will not please go ahead

Ritik: maa I have just fallen in love with Shivanya and want to marry her. Our wedding should be the most lavish one. But before that I want to take shivanya outside as I want to know her likes and dislikes.

Yamini: shivanya is not that kind of a girl

Ritik: maa I did not ask anything wrong

Yamini: I shall talk to Tapasya

Ritik: ok thank you

Ritik hugs Yamini and Yamini goes from there to ask Tapasya about it.

Tapasya goes to shivanya

Tapasya: shivanya where are you

Shivanya: I am just behind you

Tapasya: what is the matter

Shivanya: I just want to get married to Ritik as soon as possible. I have unconditionally fallen in love with him.

Tapasya: ok so what do you want

Shivanya: I just want to spend sometime with him alone so that I shall get to know about his life and likings.

Tapasya: that’s all!!! I shall talk to Ritik

Shivanya: thank you maa.. Now you get ready to go out with him

Shivanya: ok

Yamini searches for Tapasya.

Tapasya: Yamini where is Ritik

Yamini: I want to talk to you

Tapasya: we shall talk later

Ritik: maa I am here

Tapasya: can I ask you something

Ritik: you have all the rights to ask me questions about anything

Tapasya: shivanya has unconditionally fallen in love with you

Ritik: maa me too. If I ever have girl in my life it would be Shivanya’. If I am going to give my name to a girl after marriage then it would be my one and only Shivanya.

Tapasya: shivanya wants to spend sometime alone with you as she’ll get to know about your life and likings

Ritik: Yamini maa also came to ask you this only maa. Of course if you don’t mind can I take Shivanya for dinner outside

Yamini and Tapasya: yes of course

Ritik: thank you oldies and bye. By the way where is Shivanya

Yamini: shivanya is in your room

Ritik: ok maa thank you

Yamini: go and take her

Ritik: ok

Ritik goes to his room and sees Shivanya talking to his photo sitting on the bed. Shivanya sees Ritik and stands up

Ritik: why are you so formal. We are going to get married..

Shivanya: I want to say something to you

Ritik: I shall say what I want to say first

Shivanya: ok

Ritik: I really love you. I just want to say that my life shall begin with you and end with you

Shivanya: I never wanted to be someone else’s but when I saw you o just wanted to become yours.. I love you more than I love myself.

Ritik: can I have you on a date Mrs Ritik Raheja

Shivanya: Mrs Ritik Raheja

Ritik: you have become mine. Can I call you this way

Shivanya: yes of course go ahead

Ritik: shall we leave

Shivanya: yes

Ritik: which car do you want to go out in

Shivanya: anything!!!

Ritik: shall we take the Lamborghini

Shivanya: yes

They both go out and have some romantic talk. They passionately dance on the song Saawan aaya hai

They both come back home. All the people in the house are eagerly waiting and they both say yes for the marriage.

Shivanya: maa I want Ritik to wear all exclusive clothes for all the marriage functions

Tapasya: ok I shall talk to the designer

Ritik: maa I want Shivanya to look the most beautiful bride in the world. And she shall wear only exclusive clothes and jewellery

Yamini: yes Tapasya has spoken to the designer

The designer and wedding planner arrives at the Raheja house.

Planner: can we have the Roja ceremony day after as it is a very auspicious day

All day yes

Designer is a transgender

Yamini: divya go and call Shivanya and Angad go and call Ritik

They both come down

The designers starts Liking Ritik at the first look and he goes to him

Ritik: he finds out that he is a transgender and a gay

The designer puts his hand on Ritik and Shivanya starts laughing. Ritik pushes him away.

Designer: I shall design the best bridal function clothes for both of you as I like Ritik very much.

Ritik: me

Designer: yes

Ritik: is your work over

Designer: yes

Ritik: now leave and get our clothes day after

The designer looks at Ritik, bites his lips and goes.. Ritik and Shivanya look at each other

The screen flashes showing their faces

To be continued………

PRECAP: Ritik is in the office working when Shivanya brings lunch for him. Ritik finds a man beating a girl. Ritik fights with the man and takes the girl home. Ritik keeps the girl for work. Viren gets am tempted towards that girl and tries to get intimate with her. Th girl’s name is Nimisha. Ritik saves Nimisha and beats Viren and at that moment Shivanya arrives. In order to take revenge Viren pulls Shivanya to a room and locks the room and tries to get intimate with her. Ritik and Nimisha are shocked…

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