Pyaar Zindagi Hai Epi-1


Scene 1 in Mumbai

Shivanya: mom I have reached Mumbai..

Tapasya: beta I have sent a car for you. There will be a man holding a pluck card with your name on it.

Shivanya: OK mom

Shivanya comes out of the airport and sees a man holding a pluck card with her name on it.

Shivanya to the driver

Shivanya: mai shivanya hoon

Drive: please come and get inside the car. I shall take you to the Raheja house.

Shivanya: OK

On the way to the Raheja house

Shivanya: how far is the house and how about Ritik’s character?

Driver: the Mumbai airport is away from the city. They live in the heart of city. Chote malik is a very good man and he also has a very good reputation.

Shivanya: who is chote malik

Driver: Ritik sir

Shivanya: OK

Scene 2 Raheja house

Ritik: When will Shivanya come and Maya come

Angad: bhaiya you look very excited

Amrita: he looks nervous

Divya: bhaiya is blushing

Ritik: just shut up guys

Chhaya: why are you teasing him

Angad, divya and amrita say that we are not teasing

Yamini: what’s happening

Divya: nothing mom

All four go away

Yamini: ritik I want to talk to you

Ritik: yes maa

Yamini: shivanya is a very good girl and she will keep you always happy

Ritik : let me see her once because I have heard people telling that very very rich girls do not look beautiful.

Yamini: I saw her picture and she is amazingly beautiful

Ritik: I will tell my decision after I see her

Tapasya: yamini

Yamini: tapasya

Ritik: maa

Yamini: where is shivanya

Tapasya: on her way she will reach her in 5 minutes

Yamini: OK

Ritik : am I looking good and handsome

Tapasya: yes beta I am sure shivanya will like you very much

Ritij : ok maa

All hear car sound

Tapasya: I think shivanya has arrived

Yamini: let’s go and see

Tapsya: she is my daughter shivanya

Amrita,angad and divya see shivanya and are a very much mesmerised by her beauty. They run and come and tell ritik that bhabhi looks very very beautiful.

Shivanya comes inside the house and tapasya shows a man saying that it is ritik.

Shivanya looks at him and both look into each other’s eyes. They walk towards each other. The song ishq wala love plays on the background.

They both smile at each other

Tapasya: shivanya come along with me

Yamini: ritik come along with me

Tapsaya: do you like ritik

Yamini: do you like shivanya

Ritik: yes very much I just want to get married to her very fast and spend my entire life with her.

Shivanya: pehle nazar mei pyaar hogaya usse maa. My life shall begin with him and end with him. I want to get married to Ritik

Shivanya, ritik, yamini and tapasya come out.

Tapasya: its yes from our side

Yamini: its a triple yes from our side

Everyone are happy. Angad ,amrita and divya tease ritik and shivanya.
Yamini calls and informs ankush and tapasya calls and infprm s Rathore.

All are extremely happy and Ankush, Rathora and Arjun say that they shall come to Mumbai tomorrow..

Shivanya gazes at ritik and ritik looks into her eyes with a lot of love.

Shivanya and ritik blush and shivanya runs inside.

The whole family looks at them and cherish. Angad says bhaiya aur bhabhi ko pehle nazar mein pyaar hogaya hain.

Everyone hug and congratulate each other..

The scene freezes showing all the happy faces

PRECAP: ritik says shivanya shall only wear exclusive bridal for all the marriage functions. Shivany says that ritik must only wear exclusive clothes for the marriage functions. A wedding designer and planner arrive in the Raheja house..

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Credit to: Shreyaa

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  2. Amazing “Pyaar Zindagi Hai” superb epi by Shreyaa aww!!! Can’t wait 4 Rivanya marriage ???

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