Pyaar ya nafrat episode 3


Hey guys madhu is here. I wrote ff’s in swaragini ff but now i have prepared a story for krishnadasi ff please comment whether u like it or not.

Two girls will be seen practising songs in garden of music academy. After their practise they will meet each other.

Aradhya: Hi my name is aradhya. U can call me aru.

Aashi: Hi my name is aashi nice to meet u.

Aru: I am seeing u from couple of days but i did’nt get chance to talk to u. So where r u from?

Aashi: I am from banglore. My family was recently shifted to mumbai. So i joined her. I love music.

Aru: That was nice. U are lucky that u have parents but i am an orphan i don’t know what is parents love.

Aashi: Dnt worry aru. From today we are friends. Then u can treat my parents as yours.

Aru: So sweet of u. Thanku.

Aashi: Then do u have any boyfriend?

Aru: No not yet. What about you?

Aashi: Till now there is no one but my parents selected one person so today i have to meet him.

Aru: Wow that was great u should be excited right.

Aashi: Ofcourse aru i was excited but at the same time i was tensed too.

Aru: Dnt worry yar be like yourself & be confident. Everything will be fine.

Aashi: Thanku aru for ur support. Ok i have to leave now. And i will not able to meet u for next 1 month.

Aru: Y ?

Ashi: Because i am going to delhi & i have to meet him their only just take my num & be in contact ok.

Aru: Ok all the best & come soon.

Aashi: Sure & bye.

They hugs each other & leaves.

Guys this is it for today see u tomorrow please comment.

Aradhya is sana amin sheikh.

Aashi is tejaswi prakash

Credit to: Madhu

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