Pyaar ya nafrat episode 2


Hello everyone. Niveda is here. Thanks a lot for your comments. I know my ff is different but u people will surely like it. Now i will stop talking & i will start story lets go.


Catherine & goutam meet.

Today episode.

After that bitter incident of cathe with goutam, she will come to her new house & gets ready to go office. After her arrival in office she will get a parcel.

Jessy (that married girl): Cathe u got some parcel yar.

Cathe: Jessy i am busy u only see what is it.

She opens it finds some dresses along with a letter.

Jessy: Cathe what is this some one sent u dresses.

Cathe: What? She was surprised. Jessy reads the letter. It contains ” Catherine i am sorry. Yesterday because of me your dress was torn. So i thought of giving u a new dress but i dnt know what u likes so i send these. I hope u like these. Goutham.”

Jessy: Cathe what happened yesterday? Y he is saying that because of him your dress has torn?

Cathe: Shut up jessy. I am leaving.

She goes to her house & throws that parcel. Again she will take that box & checks that dresses. She likes one & she wears it. She looks in mirror & thinks its nice.

From far to cathe’s room some light falls & she goes out & sees & she founds goutam standing on some building sighing her.

She sees him & smiles. He signs her to lift his call. He calls her & she attends the call.

Cathe: How u got my number?

Gou: Your friend jessy. She is giving full support in my love.

Cathe: Hmm. Still u r following me?

Gou: Ofcourse. U r looking beautiful in that dress.

She blushes.

Cathe: Send me your selfie.

Gou: Selfie?? But y u can meet me directly.

Cathe: Ok first send me selfie.

Gou: Ok wait. He will send it to her.

Cathe: U no need to give these foses because i will give these to security of office. Then from next time he will not allow u or your gifts to office.

Gou: Hey wait this is not fair.

Cathe: Bye…

Goutam feels sad.

Next day

Cathe is in her office going to lunch with jessy. When she is going through steps then suddenly through window. Cathe gets shocked.

Cathe: Hey what r u doing here?

Gou: I know that u will give my photos to security. So I thought to come like this.

Jessy: Wow how cute…

Cathe: Shut up jessy. Goutam just leave if my boss saw u then my job will be gone.

Gou: I have brought biryani for u. I know u like it. I also know what are your favourites.

Jessy: See na cathe. His love is true. He knows all about your likes.

Cathe: Jessy u just go.

She takes biryani box & pushes him. But he climbed by rope so it helps him from falling. Cathe first gets shocked that whether he will fall but seeing him she smiles & leaves.

After lunch.

Cathe likes biryani very much. She goes to her place & sees down to on her system. But she gets shocked by seeing goutam under the table.

She shouts & he closes her mouth.

Gou: Y r u shouting yar? Its me only.

Cathe: Goutam what r u doing here? If anyone sees u. Its danger just go.

She sees boss coming & again hides him under the table.

Boss: Catherine have u mailed me the details of that london project?

Cathe: sir. I..i.. had sent u already.

Boss: So when u r going to london?

Cathe: Woh…woh mein…

Boss: What happened catherine y r looking tensed?

Cathe: Mein… tensed. No sir not at all. I am fine.

Here under the table goutam is touching her legs & playing with them.

Boss: Ok then make fast your preparations to go to london.

Goutam is making her irritated.

She suddenly shouts just leave.

Boss: Relax cathe i am leaving u please have some water.

She feels disgusting. Then goutam comes out. Cathe looks at him angrily. He leaves from there by holding his ears & saying sorry.

Catherine holds her head & later smiles remembering goutam.

Thats it guys. Please comment.

Credit to: Niveda

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    2. Dafsi thanks for ur comments yar i dnt know y my ff is not coming in fan fiction in order to avoid this i am changing my ff title into Twist in love. So please follow it from now.

  2. Megha123

    It’s awsm it’s totally out of box

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