Pyaar ya nafrat episode 1


Hey guys thanks for all your comments. In my ff there will be no laksh or sanskaar as a pair of ragini. Please have patience her pair will be revealed soon. Now lets go.


Our leads aksha & catherine meet in plane.

Today episode

Catherine will start saying her love story.

Story starts.

One boy will be seen coming in car. He is goutam. He is going to his friend’s marriage in church. He is so cool & handsome. While he enters the church it was already full in parking. So guard stops him entering him. While he was fighting with guard then in front him another car will be seen where one girl will be seen wearing silver sandals & blue long gown. She was so pretty & simple.

Goutam was amazed by her beauty & gives his car keys to guard & says him to park his car anywhere & follows her.

She is going by holding red roses bouquet & so he also will take one rose & follows her. Then suddenly when she climbs steps her heal breaks & she was about to fall then goutam holds her waist & stops falling.

They will have an eyelock. Then she shouts to leave her.

Cathe: Leave me yar i am fine.

Gou: Its ok yar u no need to say thanks & all.

Cathe: Who is saying u thanks & all. My heel is broken now how i can go in?

Gou: Its ok i will solve your problem. He will take that half broken heel & will completely break it & also break another heel.
See now both are same. U can wear happily.

Cathe: She was shocked. Idiot u have spoiled by sandals just forget it.

She goes in without sandals.

Gou: What is this yar? I have solved her problem but in reverse she is scolding me. Now a days being good is bad for everyone. Anyways i will keep these thinking as my 1st gift of love.

He hides them goes in. In wedding he will always watching her, turns around her & will be with her in every snap. She also silently smiles for his doings.

Next day

Goutham will be seen practising for his mountaineering campaign. His friend will come to him (that married friend).
He shows his & cathe’s photos & says that her name is catherine & gives her address to him.

Catherine’s house

Catherine will be seen packing all her clothes & things. Her mama (her mom’s brother) is seen. He is david.

David: R u leaving this house by leaving me alone?

Catherine: Ha I got a house & i will live there.

David: Then what about me? When your parents left u & went away I only protected u & i also thought to marry u.

Cathe: That is y I am leaving. I can’t live with u.

David: But i love u cathe I will keep u happy.

Cathe: Just leave me u r not loving u just want me. U r elder than me see your age.

She leaves but david follows her creates scene on road by holding her hand. She screams to leave her. But all in vain. Then goutam enters & fights with him.

He beats him hard. Catherine is in shock & asks him to stop. Then goutam will come to her & asks her who is he?

Cathe: He is my mama.

Gou: What your mama? Then y he is troubling u.

Cathe: Its a long story. He is a criminal leave fast otherwise he will kill u.

Gou: Wait i also will come with u.

She stops him entering into car & he holds car door & hangs to it. He also tries to catch her hand to get in. But on process of holding her hand he will tear her dress that was on her hand sleeve & he will fall on road. She shouts from car idiot go to hell. He gets up & looks confused by holding her dress cloth.


Love blossoms.

Thats it guys. Please comment.

Catherine role by Preetika rao (aaliya in beintehaan)
Aksha role by Tejaswi prakash (ragini in swaragini)
Goutham role by Pearl v puri (abeer in badtameez dil)
David role by manish khanna (ankush in naagin)

Credit to: Niveda

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