Pyaar ya intefaq episode 1

Hi guys we are new to this page but not in writing. this ff is actually a merger by three of us (b_isha, chandini and mrunal). So let us straightaway see what is in store….
pyaar ya intefaq{love or coincidence}

Leaf 1
A pleasant morning and everyone in Bose house was busy with their morning chores….it was indeed a small house but was large enough for a happy-go Bose family.
A woman in green Saree was seen walking in high speed as if she is going to catch a train that is taking off by any minute…as she walked past the hall she entered a room with purple painting and white curtains….the room which was looking neither clean nor messy….a small single cot was placed in the middle with yellow cover on it…. the lady went near the bed and patted the roll of bed sheet until a voice raised five minutes ma…plzz(yes that lady in green Saree in none other than Aasha Bose) No one would have known that there is a creature that too an human being is rolled up inside……aasha again called out wake up….but there was no response and now what to expect she exploded like a volcano and the words coming out from her mouth was as hot as magma….”Sona get up….what are you thinking about yourself sitting and chatting with your dada till late night and then not waking up at morning so that you can make me get scoldings from your father…now get off your bed ” . Saying this she walked out of the room and there at this much shout the princess of the house MS. Sonakshi Bose got up and was scratching her head as though she was thinking what’s going on and where she is And suddenly she remembered her night talk with her dada that she has to get ready for a walk in interview that sourabh had suggested…
Sona quickly saw the clock and realised that she is supposed to be present at the company by 10.00 which is only an hour away….
Sona : oh my god!!! Sona you can’t be late…now what should I do….ya first I have to take bath…
she ran inside the washroom like a rabbit…

After few minutes she came out wearing a light blue Salwar with some printed design on it. She stood before the mirror saw herself from top to bottom….
Sona : okay…don’t be nervous you will do good in the interview…why good I will be excellent…
As she walked out of the room having a folder in her hand she saw the entire family her mother, father, dada and ofcourse her cute dadi waiting for her at the breakfast table…
Bejoy : and there is my princess…sona come and sit here…
Sona went and sat in between Bejoy and sourabh…
Bejoy : eat properly sona you will need strength today…I know you will do good in the interview…
Sona : interview? How do you know about that papa…
Bejoy : sourabh just told me….don’t be nervous..
Sona : but…but…are you okay with it…me going to an interview…
Bejoy : sona I know what ever my daughter do will be correct and I know she can never be wrong.
Sona saw her father with tears in her eyes….she left her old job because of Bejoy as she thought that the staffs there didn’t treat him well when he came there to look whether sona was doing good….which eventually earned everyone’s anger in her house thinking that this girl couldn’t even tolerate simple things and argument after argument finally it lead to Bejoy telling her that she shouldn’t work hereafter and he can run the family on his own.
After that incident sona finally gathered some courage to go for the interview….keeping all the things in her mind she started off taking everyone’s blessings….
she rode her scooty through the streets and came to a sudden hault when a white Volvo emerged from no where to the streets….if sona hadn’t applied breaks on time she probably would have crashed into that car.
Silence reckoned for a minute….sona was at height of her anger….the door glass of the super styled Volvo came sliding down…. a man who seems to be in his late twenties was seen starring sona which irritated sona more….
Sona : hey…hello what are you starring at…don’t you know basic rules that you must horn before entering a street….
The man opened the door and put his coolers on and stood before sona…

Sona was thinking whether this man can hear anything….I am barking like anything and all that he is doing is just starring…her thinking was interrupted by a manly voice…yes ofcourse it’s that man’s voice…
The man : it’s your mistake too. You should also have horned blaming me alone seems no where to be good…..
Sona : see Mr no one knows that a Volvo will come inside this much narrow streets…I think you have lost your way…
Man : the way I follow is always right Miss and moreover I don’t have time to argue with you…we can do it some other day when I am free if we by chance meet….
He stepped inside the car and closed the door before passing a cold glance at sona…and drove off…
Sona was standing there still even after the Volvo vanished from her sight….
What a person he was oh gosh…. If I stay here for another second I will drive crazy and I will be the last one to attend that interview Hopefully the post is still vacant as I am in need of it or else I will kill this man .She rides on her scooty and drives off.
Dev in mind while driving : who was she to teach me ? Khud ko toh driving nahi aati and mujhe daant ne chali “dev dixit” ko koi nahi daant sakta….

Sona thought: main kisiko bhi daant sakti hu Joh galati kare….

lagta hai uss admi ko Bachpan me Kisi se daant nahi padi.

Sona was constantly thinking about dev eventhough she resisted herself and on the other side dev’s mind was filled with sona who he referred as helmet ladki as the red helmet sona was wearing caught his attention the most….
Finally after fighting her thoughts sona reached the company as to where she has to attend the interview….
Sona(in mind): okay…this is it I must get the job now forget about that obhodro sona…now focus….
As she entered the company her hands were slightly shivering and she tried to cover it up by holding her folder tight….the office had a pleasant atmosphere to work which she liked the most and all the people there seemed to be really friendly. The receptionist guided sona with directions but she didn’t hear a single word as she was lost in looking at the interior works…..Sona walked through a huge entrance which she thought will lead to the interview area but to her surprise she had reached the waiting lobby before the room of company’s CEO.
“This much big lobby I think this man will always be busy dealing clients….sona you have come to the right place” thought sona… she was about to retreat her steps knowing that she has landed in the wrong place….her eyes got struck in the name board that was fixed on the door….she remembered seeing the same name in the classifieds column when sourabh showed the ad last night….that name somehow attracted her and unknowingly she whispered “MR. DEV DIXIT”.

Will sona come to know that it is Dev dixit who she saw an hour before?
Will she be able to get this job?
What will happen when dev sees her?
To know the answers you have to wait and stay with us.

We hope that you all like this part and we would be grateful if you could take some time to comment which will encourage us to write more.

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  1. It’s just amazing.U have very good writing skills.Plz continue with this.

    1. Chandini

      Thanks palak

  2. Heshine

    Hey guys …..this was juz an fabulous epi….perfect indeed…! Juz loved it…! Hope their meetings would only turn to be love rather they think is to be coincidence…hope so…??❤❤
    And I would intro myself.. .I’m Heshine…
    I don’t know who wrote this epi…! But I should say ….the one who wrote have unique way of expressing the plot…its juz fab…!
    Love to read more of ur works…!
    Juz loved the epi..!
    If time permits…do bread my ff..
    “I want u in my life …..again”
    And post ur next soon…
    Love to read…!

    1. Chandini

      Thank you so much for these lovable words heshine?

  3. Nehal

    Hey guys it was just awsum your writing skills are nice eagerly waiting for the next part just can say pls post soon

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    Ur way of writing …just aww…
    Pls post asap…
    And I can’t be regular in my cmts but I will surely read ur ff …sry 4 it..

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    Amazing ff keep going ?

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    Hey it was amazing dear..
    Well written ..
    Loved it

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