Pyaar Ya Dosti- Ek Ajeeb Kashmakash (Prologue)


Ragini (sitting in a flight, she thinks)- Dosti, Pyaar, Ishq, all are just bookish words. These does not exist in this selfish world. I always believed him, i always supported him, i loved him. But what he did… He called me a cheater, character less…. He never believed me, never trusted me. I was always faithful to our relation… But now i dont need anyone, i hate him, i hate u “Mr.Sanskaar Kapoor” and i will never ever forgive u. NEVER EVER!!!

Sanskaar (In his office, thinks)- U always choosed him over me. U always beleived him more then me. For U ur friendship was more important then our relation, our love.U said u love me, u will always stay with me. But u did not stand on your words. U ditched me. I never want to see ur face again “Ragini Malhotra” & ur blo*dy best friend “Aditya Malik”. NEVER AGAIN!!!
Aditya(In his house, thinks)- I wanted to support her, i wanted to say that i am always with her. But i could not do it, i myself was broken. I could not support my best friend “Ragini” when she needed. I lost my bestfriend. All this because of that blo*dy “Sanskaar”. I hate him. HATE!!!!

Aisha (sitting in a park, thinks)- Everything was finished that day. My one misunderstanding destroyed 4 lifes. Friends became enemies, lovers were seperated. I lost my friend “Ragini”…… I lost my love “Aditya”….. Just one misunderstanding and everything was destroyed. I myself destroyed mine & there life…. But no, i will make everything fine, once again as it was. Its my promise to myself. PROMISE!!!!!
What happened that two best friends were seperated? What happened that two friends became enemies? What happened that two lovers were seperated??????

Stay tuned to Pyaar Ya Dosti- Ek Ajeeb Kashamakash……..

Credit to: ck1234

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