Pyaar Ya Dhokha (Sanveer or Kanchi) Chapter 5

Hi guys suspense queen is back with a boring episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments .



Sanchi is in temple

Sanchi -pliz god help me. Pliz bring him out of coma. Only he knws where is my life.

Wind blows

Coma pateint opens his eyes. Nurse runs to sanchi and told her coma patient got concious. Sanchi runs to his ward.

He saw sanchi and smiles evily. Sanchi slaps him




Savitri cries and kusum consoles her.

Savitri – he was like my son.

Kusum -yeah mere bhi bete jaisa tha.

Priya cums to them.

Priya – maa y r u guys supporting sanchi.

Savitri -becz sanchi is like my daughter

After sometime sanchi went to children wards. Children gets happy.

Children -sanchi didi came

Sanchi – yes im here

Children -ok dnt start ur bak bak start ur story. We r excited to knw who is new entry

Sanchi – ok let’s start


( After some days kusum aunty got discharged. Kabir took care of her. I wanted to meet her. I called kabir. He didn’t picked my call. I again tried .Kabir got irritated and finally picked my call. )

Kabir -wat u want

Sanchi -how’s aunty

Kabir -better anything else

Sanchi -well I want to meet her. Can I cum to ur place

Kabir -no u r not invited.

( He disconnected the call and I called veer. I told him everything. He asked not to spoil ur mood just give him some time. )

( That day every thing changed .Kabir came to sdch. He was talking to malhotra.I was supposed to assist Kabir but )

Malhotra-Kabir ria will assist u

Kabir -ok

( I thought it was good that Kabir is moving on with ria. He likes ria. So I didn’t feel bad)

(Ria assist him. She was happy but her happiness was for just one second becoz A beautiful girl entered with a baby and she directly went to kabir and slapped him )

Kabir -wat the who r u

Girl -oh so u forgot me

Kabir -excuse me may I knw u

Girl -offcourse I’m ur wife Arti Kabir Kappor and he is ur baby. Take him and free me

Kabir -Oh hello I’m seeing you first time. I didn’t married u. I only love one girl and always will. No one can take her place.

Arti clapps

Arti -wow Kabir wah kya baat hai. How can u tell like this. I’m ur wife. U married me.

Kabir – listen to me

Arti -I dnt want to listen

( She gives baby on Kabir hands and she left. All was shocked to knw Kabir married. Kabir told everyone that she doesn’t knw her no one believed him .Baby was crying.I went to kabir )

Sanchi -sir may I he is crying i think he is hungry.

Kabir -ok

(He gave baby to me and I feed him milk. Kabir was looking at me lovingly. He came to me and )

Kabir -sanchi this baby is not mine. I didn’t married her. I dnt knw her. I never saw her. No one trusting me. I think u r thinking same I’m a that type of person

Sanchi -Dr Kabir i dnt want any explanation. I knw u very well. U r not that type of person.

( Kabir gets relieved and he hugged me when he realized how much closed he was so he move apart. )

Kabir -I’m sorry .

Sanchi -It’s ok

(Kabir calls commissnor and informed about arti. Commissonor told him they will find information and give to him and he should give baby to orphans. Kabir looks at baby emotionally)

Kabir -I dnt know whose baby is this but I will give him papa love. I will take care of him. I knw wat is feels when children dnt get parents love. I was seven yrs old when I lost my dad. I will give him everything.

Sanchi – i knw too wat it feels when papa is not with us. I will help you sir. I will give him mothers love.

(Kabir smiles )

Sanchi – wat name we will call him.

(Kabir took baby to his arms and said )

Kabir – Ivan. His name will be Ivan

( Ivan likes his name and he laughs. We smile at eachother )

End of fb

Children – wat a twist. Is really arti was Kabir wife. Did he married her. Is Ivan is Kabir son.

Sanchi -relax u will get to know when time cums. OK I’m going i have to do lot of work.

She went

Children – I’m too confused yaar. I liked new twist but pair is still suspense. I hope it will reveal soon.

To be continued. ……

Sorry for boring episode. I don’t know wat i wrote. Bye take care.


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  1. awesome
    i think u will make kanchi
    itna tho viswas kar sakti hun

    1. Ashnita456

      Thank you swetha

  2. Ashnita456

    Sorry guys this account has some problem

  3. Not done. Note again? U haven’t open suspense. Pls. Have pity upon those kids and also upon us. Any way Osm. As always.

    1. Ashnita456

      Oops I’m sorry. And thank you

  4. Harshu123

    Hey dear sorry to say but dont gaive false hope by giving title kanchi or sanveer ok we know in last it might be kanchi only so

    1. Ashnita456

      Hi harshu dear I’m sorry but I’ve not decided who is the pair and thank you aleast u have said truth. I dnt have a right to play with feelings

      1. Harshu123

        Hey i am just saying ki ur ff is very nice bt dont u think after reading only title people reads this and sanveer fans only reads this in hope of getting sanveer as pair . so i just wanna say truth to u

  5. Hi dear I have a suggestion pliz end ur ff it’s always irritates me .Sdch go to hell and ur articles

    1. Ashnita456

      Hi sonia I respect ur suggestion but if you dnt like it pliz dnt read it. If anyone also think same than I’m surely will end my ffs .Becz I dnt want to irritate people.I thought many of u like it. I think it was all my Hallucinatin. And thank you for showing me my place.

      1. Hey ashu dear…please don’t mind her words…u r the best writer…sometime I gets amazed with ur creative mind….its a sign of great writer…I think she is a frustrated sanveer fan but u don’t bother about it….the likes r more in majority and majority always wins! U r my brave sis naa? We need a writer like u dear…love u lot…take care of itself and don’t ever bring negative thoughts in ur mind OK! Bye…see u…

      2. Niyaaa

        How can u think like this seriously ashi ek k commnt per hum sabko mat khicho … us sonia ki to main khattiyaa kadi kar dungi samajhti kya h khud ko aatihi kyu h sdch k page pe jb itni takleef h.. or rahi teri jagah ki to tu soch nhi skti how u r precious for us… ab ulta sidha sochna bhi mat

    2. Riyarocks

      Sonia ji, if at all u don’t like reading this, then why the hell r u wasting ur “precious” time in reading this……u think writing is that easy? so why not u start writing something?….dear, I’m sorry if I hurt u, but remember one thing, if u can’t encourage someone, then plz don’t try to discourage them………Ashu hum sabki jaan hai, & anything wrong abt her, we can’t tolerate that, & not only Ashu, this goes for every writer on TU…….I hope u never write these kind of demotivating words for any writers…….

    3. Dhruti

      hey sonia please don’t say like this………..why am saying you please……..dear if you don’t like this ff then simple don’t read ok but don’t demotivate others……you think writing is so easy then write something???? i like read if you write something……………..sorry if i hurt you…………….but don’t say like this ok as a writer it hurts a lot when someone say like this……………but don’t discourage someone please i’m requesting you……………
      i can’t tolerate if someone say wrong about our dearies writers…………….ok
      now i hope you never write this kind of comments dear……………
      and once again sorry if i hurt you by my words…………….

    4. Niyaaa

      To yahan kya sabji bechne aati ho or bhi seriel hin unki site pe jao naa

  6. Dhruti

    not done ashu noooooooooooo!!!
    have some pity uopn those kids and also upon us dear!!!!
    back to your ff was superb, mind blowing and with new twist………………
    post next one soon…………… you……………………tc…………………see you…………………………..

    1. Ashnita456

      Oops I’m sorry dear and thank you

      1. Dhruti

        ashu don’t dare to stop your writing ok i’m ordering you……and you have to listen us ok………… you dear don’t think so much we are always with you including me also………

  7. So so beautiful episode…….I am also like the twist…….. please yaar make it kanchi ff……..

  8. Shabnam

    yes dear pls don’t give false hope sanveer fans because we all know that all writer love kaan chi so why you all give hope it’s hurt dear I don’t have any problem with kaanchi ff but pls don’t include yarr always sanveer or kaan chi sorry if you mind you are amazing writer ff likhna koi easy nahi he i know that love you dear

  9. Shabnam

    Rinku I agree with you

  10. Ashu please don’t stop dear I love ur ff dear soo please. And Sonia madam if u don’t like then y the hell are u hear . And why are you reading u should do ur work. So never come up with this nonsense things . And we know how our Ashu is . She awesome. ??????

  11. Its so amazing…… Loved it….. Plzz dont stop writing….. We all like it very much

  12. Ashnita456

    Sorry guys but I’m quitting this ff.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Ashuuuuu sochna bhi mat….ye suspense ke revealation ke intezaar mein mein hamesha tumhara ff ki intezaar karti hoon aur tum isse bichmein chhod dogi?Not done yaar.If u have decided this owing to ur health problem or hectic schedule then also we will wait as much as u would want but quitting this is not fair yaar.
      Coming to the epi oh meri suspense mata mein kya kahoon..ab ye kya naya chakkar hai..mere puchne se tum thodi na batadoogi..intezaar toh padega
      I won’t say much just that post next epi asap.

    2. Dhruti

      ashu don’t dare to stop your writing ok i’m ordering you……and you have to listen us ok…………..dear don’t think so much we are always with you including me also………

      just because of someone’s comment you don’t care about us and our comment ………………… we feel if you stop your ff do you think about us at least once?????

      means we all are nothing for you right??? because you quitting your ff and this clearly shows that you don’t care about us(TU and kanchi’s family)

      hey if someone is sanveer’s fans then we are also kanchi’s fan but no one say like this that why you giving hope and all we sincerely read this ff because someone putting efforts to write this ff at least respect her (ashu) efforts because writing is not that much easy what we think…………………..i hope you all understand because every one have their own choice and opinion but don’t hurt someone’s feeling please i’m requesting you all……………………………….
      sorry if i hurt someone by my words but think once what i said is right or not???


      1. Harshu123

        Hey ashu is a great writer we are not saying ki stop ur writing we are just saying dont give title kanchi or sanver bcz we know in last it will be kanchi

  13. Amazingggggggggg episode dear….please disclose the suspence soon….waiting for it…love u…

    1. Not secret its pair!! Sorry!!!!

  14. Jaan wat r u saying .I know u well no one knws better than me that wat kind of person u r. U dnt want to hurt people yaar when u will understand ur importance. Suno itna acha banna tumare liye acha nhi hai. Dnt stop writing for me and ur fans. U r my brave jaan . Sorry exams Is going on I’m not able to talk to u. Take care love u and dnt stop writting for ur kanchians.

  15. Niyaaa

    Ohhhashi ye kya tu soch kaise skti h ff end krne ki main aaj late kya hui itna kaand ho gya … yaar ek ladki hum sabke pyaar per bhaari pad gyi not fair.. kya kami rah gyi hmare pyaar me?????…. post nxt asap wrna thappad pdega??…. ye mera order h…Lovvv u????

  16. RuCh23

    Sorry for the late comment Ashu, just got time to read ☺☺☺ and please yaar don’t get one negetive comment to your heart this much ??? These people are just annoyed with us Kaanchi writers coz they dont see much sanveer ffs. So how is it our problem? So listen to me dear, you are an awsome writer with lots of amazing ideas. If i remember correctly when you started to write, i told you that you have already grabbed everyone’s hearts with your amazing ideas. With time, you improved more. So dont get disheartened easily sweetie!!! And about the epi its fantastic as always. I think sanchi is married to vikrant ???

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