Pyaar Ya Dhokha (Sanveer or Kanchi) Chapter 4


Hi I’m back .It’s so much suspense wat to do guys adat se majboor hoon. Thanks for commenting. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.

Let’s start

Sanchi sits crying thinking about someone. When prasha cums to her and hugged her.

Sanchi -pragya wat to do he is not getting out of coma.Dnt knw when he will tell where he kept him.

Isha – sanchi if he will not tell u after regain councious than. Wat will u do.

Sanchi -i dnt knw i just want him. By hook or crook.

Priya -sanchi Children r waiting for u. Yaar they r so desperate to knw ahead story.

Sanchi – tell them suspense won’t reveal soon yaar maza nhi aayga.

Pragya – u start it so u should end it. See readers r also excited. To knw who is ur husband.

Sanchi -readers do you want to knw? Oops sorry but not nw it’s just chapter 4 .u will get to knw. OK ok enough of my bak bak let’s go to children ward .

Sanchi went to children wards and saw all already sitting and looking at her.

Sanchi -eat ur medicines guys

Children -no we got goosebumps listening to u. Y kabir slapped u. Pliz start ur story.

Sanchi – no not today

Children -pliz tell na see Today is Srk birthday so pliz tell na

Sanchi-ok baba as today is srk birthday. I will tell story. So let’s start


( I was going when I saw ria talking to madhubala. )

Ria -u knw i hugged Kabir.

Madhu -wat how was that

Bala -did you feel current

Ria -no actually kabir was finding something in store room. I went to help him .he told me to go. I was leaving when I saw cockrach so I hugged him. And that time sanchi came. Now sanchi will never talk to Kabir.

(I didn’t payed attention and went. I saw malhotra going somewhere .He was leaving rushly I called veer. I get to knw veer went out of town with savitri aunty. )

(After sometime kusum aunty came to meet me and )

Kusum – sanchi beta how r u

Sanchi -I’m ok aunty

Kusum -dnt call me aunty. Call me maa. Kabir proposed u right.

( I thought Kabir told her everything about veer and me )

Sanchi – aunty I’m sorry.

Kusum -sorry for wat

Sanchi -aunty I lied to u. I dnt love dr Kabir. He is good person. I respect him but I dnt love him. I love Veer.

(Kusum aunty gets shocked )

Kusum – wat u love veer

Sanchi -yes aunty dr kabir didn’t told u

Kusum -Kabir knew he didn’t told me.

( she cries )

Kusum – y god y everytime kabir loses everything. Y

( I was leaving when kusum aunty calls me and she faint. I called Dr Kabir. He cums and took aunty to icu. Dr Malhotra checked her. He came outside and )

Kabir- sir how is maa

Malhotra -Kabir i told u before. Dnt give her stress. Thank God u bring her qucikly warna. Take care of her and remember dnt give stress.

( He went and Kabir glared at me. He cums near me and dragged me in record room. I was told him. It’s hurting leave me. And he left me. And )

Kabir -sanchi when maa was councious wat did u tell her.

Sanchi – Dr Kabir actually I’ll dismiss didnt knw that she doesn’t knw truth so I told her

Kabir -wat truth

Sanchi -that I love Veer.

( He gets angry and gave a tight slapped to me. )

Kabir – wat the hell u knw she is Heart patient that’s y i didn’t told her. It was my mistake I should have told truth to her.

Sanchi – dr Kabir

Kabir – u knw y i took u here. I wanted to slap u infront of everyone but u r a girl. I respected it and slapped u here so that no one sees.

(Kabir kneels down and cries )

Kabir – pliz Sanchi dnt make it very difficult for me. Pliz I beg of u.

Sanchi -kabir

Kabir -I’m sorry to slap u. I have no right on u. Sorry and pliz go away from my life.

End of flash back

Children -that’s all not it end it soon

Sanchi – yes that’s all other in next part

Children -atleast tell na sanveer or Kanchi

Sanchi – not now it’s not right time .U guys have to wait little further.

Children -ok suspense mata so wats happening in next part

Sanchi -many twist

Children – no not again.

Sanchi -ok new entry

Children -new entry looks like intersting.

Sanchi -hmm ok take a chill pill .bye

She left

Children – take a chill pill. First she makes us curious and chill pill. So give us chill pill na. Now who is new entry.

Sorry for boring episode.
Bye take care


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  1. okk
    but in which epi u r going to reveal
    just curiosity

  2. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi first of alll a biggggggggg wala sorry yaar gusse me commnt nahi kiya kya krun mera dimag bhi kabhi kabhi ghass charne chala jata h… nd m very happy tumhe discharged mil gaya ab to tere ff padne ko milenge…hehe… btw maine abhi sare ff pdhe h or tere last ff per commnt bhi nhi kiya tujhse dherr sari baat krni thi har ff m krti to adhuri rah jati…
    1. MHTH-superb finally sanchi ko aryan k bare mein pta chala gaya.. kanchi united
    2.TPG ff-awsome ab Ayega maza jb mansi ko milegi saza..
    3. Zid- khidkitod but emotional Epi… curious to know why kabir engore sanchi nd all pragisha nd all helped him..
    4.os- kamaal dhamaal bemishaal… maza aa gaya sanchi ne kya thappad mara veer ko … show walon ko tujhse kuch dimag udhar le lena chahiye itne ff os bhi ek sath pure jor zor se wo bhi itne dhamakedar..
    Last-pyaar ya dhokha -yaar kya bolu iske liye mere pass words nahi h… kasam se ina suspense hamari jaan na le le.. u r doing fab job keePit up..
    Per ye kya kisi ka precap nahiπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
    Again sorry..πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Lovvv u so so much😘😘😘😘
    Nd plzzz ab goli se mat udana itne lambe chore boring commnt k liyeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰bye
    Pata nahi ye commnt kab pahuchega tum tak pura f likh daalaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Niyaaa

      Nd prinku agar ye commnt dekhe to main maan gayi hun wo bhi kab ka bas tm nahi laga tha ff padhne ka so abhi padhe h sare or commnt bhi kiya…Lovvv u bye gud ni8 tc… nd last aaj ashi k fav. Srk ka bday h to usse hamari taraf se a very very happy birthday…

    2. NeonNinga

      Thank God u commented. Mujhe laga abhi naraz ho. Itna gusha acha nhi hai sweetie tumne to jaan nikal di ti. Maine socha ki Ab tum kabhi baat nhi karogi. Yaar holding my both ears for sorry Agar abhi bhi gusaa ho to maaf kardo warna mein hamesa ke liye chali jaungi. Itne saraa baat krni hai lekin time hai kam. Bye love you loads

      1. NeonNinga

        Aur about precap actually jab mein koi ff likti hoon toh woh planned nhi hota hai woh mein aisi likti deti hoon jo bhi dimag mein ata hai. Toh mujhe nhi pata hota ki kal mein kya likogi toh blank cod deti hoon. Bye

  3. So so amazing episode yaar…….I am eagerly waiting for next part……… update soon …….. Good night ashu…….take care yourself…..

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much

  4. Its amazing…… Loved it

  5. Dhruti

    superbbbbbbbbbb ff……….i’m enjoyed it……… next one soon…………………..

  6. Rajnandini

    Wow dear amazing mindblowing episode….loved it a lot! Hoping for kanchi….love u loads….please take care of urself sissy….love u loads and loads…bye good night…

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