Pyaar Ya Dhokha (Sanveer or Kanchi) Chapter 3

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Let’s start

Sanchi steatly saw jaya leaving who was steatly looking at them. Sanchi jerks the patient hands and looks at him angrily.

Sanchi -mee n u. How can I luv u. I hate u. I’m tired being ur wife for 2 yrs. I lied to eveyone that we r married u r nthing to me. I want to keep u alive because u only knw where u kept my life .I wish I could kill u with my hands but I can’t. Come out of coma damn it.

Patients slowly moves his fingers sanchi was about see when prasha cums and sanchi huggs them.

Pragya – how many days u will wait for him. He will not come out of coma.

Sanchi – he will and he will tell me where is my life. I dnt know he is alive or not . No is alive if I’m breathing it means he is breathing. I can feel his breath.

Isha – didn’t u called Kabir and veer.

Sanchi -i called them and they r busy with their wives.

They saw someone shadow. Sanchi cums out and saw priya.

Sanchi -priya wat r u doing here

Priya – i was cuming to tell u children r waiting for u.

Sanchi -oh I forgot if I have to tell my story to them. I’m cuming guys pliz take care of him.

Sanchi runs to children ward. All r ignoring her. She holds her ears and children makes faces.

Sanchi -ok who wants to knw story

Children -me

Sanchi smiles

Sanchi -did you guys forgive me

Children -yes and start the story fast. We r waiting we couldn’t sleep at night.

Sanchi -ok where did I stopped yesterday.

Children – woh

Sanchi -ok ok I rembered

In fb

(I asked Veer how to stop rashi if .So I contacted rashi and we met in a cafe. Sanchi agarwal was there with me. Veer was not with us he was sitting on other table that rashi won’t recognized him. )

Rashi -y did you called me here

Sanchi – i need to stay here in sdch. Only u know my secret. Wat u need to be quite.

Rashi -wowwww ok I want 3 crore

( I was shocked as well as sanchi agarwal and veer. I looked at him and he nodded. So I said yes and I told her I will transfer on her account and she nodded and went. We also went to sdch.

Back to SDCH

(Veer tooked me to store room. We didn’t know there was someone else. We saw ria hugging kabir. I was furious I wished I will kill ria. How could she hugged him. And Kabir how he allowed to ria touch him. I didn’t understand wat was i feeling. Kabir saw me and he left store room. Because he saw me with veer holding hands. )

(After some i saw a little boy who was exactly looking like Kabir .I mean his hair his dressing and everything looks like Kabir. Miss Fernandez kissed him and he wiped it. He was a carbon copy of Kabir. )

(Kabir cums running and he hugged him. I was looking at them. Kabir kissed him and boy kissed him too. )

Kabir – yuvi

(Yes little boy name was yuvraaj but Kabir calls him yuvi. I was going when I heard )

Yuvi -papa

(I was about to faint I was shocked to hear that but my doubt got cleared when yuvi parents came)

Parents -thanks dr Kabir if you were not here than yuvi wouldnt able to go to school.

Kabir – no dnt thank me. It was my duty to send yuvi to school. So yuvi wat u want to become when u grow up

Yuvi – should I tell

Kabir – yes

Yuvi – i wanted to become like my dad

Kabir -wow that’s gud u have to become like ur father

Yuvi -I’m not talking about my dad but I’m talking about my kabir papa. I want to become like u a sucessfull doctor.

(Kabir gets teary eyed and he hugged him tightly . I was just looking at them. Kabir was such a humble person. yuvi and his parents went )

End of Fb

Sanchi -ok that’s enough for today

Children -oh no

Sanchi -oh yes

Children – ok tell some ahead scene

Sanchi – ok wat will happen next Kabir slapped me

Children gets shocked

Children -wat Kabir slapped u but y

Sanchi -u guys will get to knw in next part so till take a chill pill. Bye

Sanchi went

Children – but she didn’t told us who is her husband. Uff too much suspense. I will wait for the day when she’ll reveal truth sanveer or Kanchi or anyother pair oh god.

So this was all. Bye take care


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  1. Ashu…dear….children ki Mann ki nahi humari mannki baat share kr rahi ho yaaarr…toooo good….lots of suspence really like it….luv uh loads gud nit

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  3. Too much suspence…… Loved it

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  4. Priyanshipp

    Aashu yaar tune to kamal kar diya. Story saanchi bacho ko nhi hume suna rhi h. Waise tu badi chalu h authors note bhi episode ke lines se hi bata deti ho. Jo bhi shona jldi se thik ho ke wapas aa. We r missing u . Luv u shona take care if not for urself then atleast for us.

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  5. Ashu this episode is superb……….with full of mystery………how are you ashu ……..keep it up ashu ………….

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  6. Oh God. What u said kabir and veer is busy with their wife. Then to whom Sanchi is saying her husband. I think he is vikrant. But who is life of sanchi. Too much confusing. Pls. Update soon. Ashu get well soon.

    1. NeonNinga

      Suspense sweetie won’t reveal so soon till then read ever parts. Thank you

  7. nice
    hamari man ki baat padh leti ho

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  8. Amazing dear……..hope u are good now Ashu ……will take care of urself dear…..lots of love.

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