Pyaar Ya Dhokha (Sanveer or Kanchi) Chapter 2

Hi guys. Thank you for ur lovely comments it really made my day in hospital. I was getting bored so writing this slowly slowly. If any mistake pliz forgive me.

Let’s start

Sanchi in children ward when ward boy cums running.

Ward boy – dr sanchi ur husband

Sanchi gets shocked.

Sanchi -wat happened

Ward boy – pliz cum

Both ran to a ward. Sanchi cries seeing a man with oxygen mask and all other equipment. Doctors cums

Sanchi -wat happened doctor

Doctor -Dr sanchi pliz call ur loved ones.

Sanchi -y y

Dr -do as I say

Sanchi -ok

She calls everyone after sometime Prasha ,Jaya savitri, kusum, priya and sanket and all others cums. Sanchi huggs prasha ,priya and took blessing of savitri kusum and jaya.

Sanchi -pragya and isha where is ur husband

Prasha – They have some important work. They will cum later

Sanchi -ok

Pragya -how r u

Sanchi – how can a wife be happy when her husband is like this.

Isha -we understand

Dr -ok I called u guys here because as u know sanchi husband is in coma since 2 yrs. He is not responding so we decided to let him die atleast he can be free from lifeless life.

All gets shattered listening to him specially sanchi.

Sanchi -wat r u saying he is my husband i can’t let him die.

Dr -sanchi we r doing this to save u and him.

Sanchi shouts -no I won’t let anyone touch him. He is my life.

Sanchi faints and they make her lay down in other room and knocked it

Dr – u guys r his relative sanchi is emotional u guys can give permission .Pliz understand we can’t see him like this. Can we

They all nodded except of priya sanket and prasha.

Dr – I’m sorry but we have to do this before sanchi gets conscious. U guys can see him last time.

All gets teary eyed seeing him. Prasha runs to sanchi ward. They tries to wake her up.

Pragya – Isha bring water

Isha brought water and sprinkle on sanchi. Sanchi gets conscious.

Sanchi – woh

Pragya -sanchi cum fast they will kill him

Sanchi and prasha runs to his ward and gets shocked to see Doctors removed oxygen mask from his face and he is detorating. Sanchi shouts and qucikly puts oxygen mask on his face.She gets angry and slapped doctor.

Sanchi – how dare you i didn’t give permission dnt u I’m the owner of this sdch who told u to do this .

Me – jaya

Sanchi -maa u how can u.

Jaya -I can’t see my daughter like this .He betrayed u

Sanchi shouts – no he didn’t betrayed me. The one who betrayed is none other than me. I betrayed him maa.

Jaya and all gets shocked.

Jaya -sanchi u r lying

Sanchi -no maa it’s true I betrayed him.

Sanchi tells everything something that is muted and all gets shocked to hear it.

Sanchi cries – he loves me maa but wat i gave him only betrayal.

Just then Jaya slapped her. Sanchi looks at her

Jaya -I didnt know that u did this. How can u

Sanchi -I’m sorry.

Jaya and all went left sanchi alone. Sanchi cries and looks at her husband. She went near him and holds his hand.

Sanchi – pliz wake up. I knw i did it. Pliz cum back.pliz cum back for ur sanchi. Let me give a chance to love you truly. Pliz cum back i love u. I started to love u when I betrayed u. Pliz cum back.

Just then his fingers moves slowly and stopped as sanchi saw his hands.

Sanchi – it’s my hallucination. Pliz cum back.

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  1. Dhruti

    superb ff but still not reveal who is sanchi’s husband ?now i eagerly wating for revelation of full truth………….update next one soon……………tc…………..get well soon dear………………….i’m missing you dear…………

  2. i think he is kabir
    btw amazing dear
    love u

  3. Please yaar batak na who is Sanchi’s husband………

  4. I think its Kabeer. Old update asap

  5. Dear its just amazing… From where you guys get ideas for writing such fabulous epis. I toh can’t even think of such good ideas.??

  6. Riyarocks

    khoob bhaalo(bohut acha tha)…….& hamari suspense queen…..aise kaise suspense reveal kardegi itne aasaani se;P……..ab chal……achhe se apna khayal rakh & eagerly waiting ki tu kab waapas apne poorane form mein aaye…….luv u sweetieeeee…………

  7. Hey ashi hru now…. Btw epi is super duper kasam se yaar tum hospital me rahkar bhi aise kamaal k ideas kahan se nikaal kar laati ho…. M super curious to know whom is sanchi’s husband… I wish nd guess is kabir… Finger cross… Lovvv u muahhh… Bye nd don’t forget to take care of urself… Good ni8

  8. Awesome…. Update soon

  9. Awesome episode and i think its kabir and update asap

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