Pyaar Ya Dhokha (Sanveer or Kanchi) Chapter 1

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Note :

* This is on current track of sdch
*Sanchi is the narrator
*Pairs will be suspense


In Sdch

It was a busy day and all children was shoutings same name in children ward girl cums wearing sari with nuptial chain and vermillion.

Children -sanchi didi came

Sanchi – Hi I’m Sanchi. Today I’m going to tell a story. This is story is about pyaar ya dhokha. (Love or betray ).This is my life story. R u excited to knw

Children – yes

Sanchi – n u readers r u excited to knw?
If yes than let’s start. That day veer proposed me. I was in cloud. Veer went back to sdch and he returned with angry mood. I saw him and I run to him and hugged him. He pushed me and

In fb

Veer -sanchi tell me the truth. I want to knw everything dnt hide anything

Sanchi – wat r u talking about

Veer -who r u and pliz dnt lie sanchi agrarwal got concious.

(I was shocked to hear from veer mouth )

Sanchi – wat sanchi agarwal got concious. Veer I wanted to tell u before

Veer -I just wanted to know who r u

Sanchi – veer I dnt know how to explain u. U won’t believe it

Veer -I loved u and I have a right to knw. U tell truth than its up to me. I will believe it or not. I have to give a chance for my love sake.

( I was happy aleast he gave me a chance to explain him but I was scared if he will not believe me or not. I dnt know how I get courage to tell him.First I close my eyes and )

Sanchi – Veer I’m Sanchi Mishra. Daughter of Sunil and Jaya Mishra.

( veer gets a big shocked. He was just glaring at me )

Sanchi – veer

Veer -I’m listening u continue

Sanchi -im the topper. When I came here i get to know that my application was rejected by Dr Malhotra. I was shocked to knw this. I was going when sanchi argrwal didn’t came and prasha told me to change my name. Veer I just wanted to fulfill my papa dreams that it. Dr Malhotra destroyed everything.This sdch belongs to my dad .

Veer -enough I can’t listen

(Veer was going when I pulled him back and shouted )

Sanchi – veer u have to listen to everything.

Veer -wat to listen u were trying to harm my mom .

Sanchi -veer I didn’t Dr Malhotra lied to u. Be calm and listen how can I. If I tried to harm savitri aunty than y will I save her from scorpion bite. Veer it’s all Dr Malhotra deeds. My mom and I’m innocent.

Veer – shut up


Veer – answer my questions first

Sanchi -I’m ready

Veer – if you r innocent than how did you know that maa was there

Sanchi – did you remember that alzimer paitents. He told me

Veer – how’s that possible

Sanchi -pliz believe me I came here for fulfill papa wish. I need u Veer. I love u .Pliz believe me .I love u and my love is true. Mein apne pyar ki kasam kathi hu. I told everything is true but I dnt have proof. Now it’s up to believe me or ur dad

( I was going crying when veer holds my hands. He pulled me closer and wiped my tears. I was shocked to see and hear.

Veer – u know sanchi my mom teached me to know who is right or wrong. And ur eyes told me that u love me truly and this tears told me that u r innocent and u have pure heart. And I will help you to fulfill ur dad dreams and to send Anand Malhotra behind bars. I’m with you. I love u

Sanchi -i love u too but that policy

Veer -dnt worry no one will knw that we r dating.

(We smile at eachother and hugged eachother but I broke that hugg because I saw someone shadow. We went to hostel and slept. )

In the morning

( I woke up recalled everything and I told everything to prasha. Pragya was happy but Isha was not at all happy. I dnt know y i asked her but she went. After that we went to freshen up and went to sdch. )

In Sdch

( I was going when I saw dr Kabir. I was feeling sad to see him. I was going otherside becz i cant face him and ria pushed me and I was about to fall when someone hold me. I thought it was veer but when I looked at him .I saw Dr Kabir holding. We have a deep eye lock. I can see pain in his eyes. Automatically my tears flows from my eyes.

Bg plays

Jo tu mera humdard hai from ek villian.

We were lost in eachother when ria interrupted becz she can’t see our closeness. We parted away. All was shocked to see but one person was happy and smiling and that was none other than Isha. I was about to apologize when )

Kabir -Dr sanchi can’t u see and walk

Sanchi – im sorry sir

Kabir -better be

( He went away and he was behaving like before. I could understand he was ignoring me so that I can’t give him more pain. I couldn’t see him like this. I was guilty. I decided to stay away from him . But my heart was crying i was feeling pain. I went to veer )

Sanchi -veer wat about sanchi argrwal

Veer – r talking about u

Sanchi -wat nonsenses

Veer – this hospital has only one sanchi agarwal and that’s u

Sanchi -i didn’t understand it

Veer -I told sanchi everything and she will not reveal her identity she is ready to help us.

Sanchi – really

(In excitement i hugged him and I saw Dr Kabir standing and tears flows from his eyes and he went. I broke hugg.

Veer -but we have a problem

Sanchi -wat

Veer -Rashi she is very clever she can reveal everything even agrarwal was telling this.

Sanchi -wat to do knw

Present Time

Children -didi wat happened after that

Sanchi – now that’s it u guys sleep and rest story tomorrow. OK bye

Children – so who is main lead Kabir or veer

Sanchi – Did you watched Aadalat. Mr KD Pattak always says Jo Dikta hai woh hota nhi aur joh hota hai woh dikta nhi. So dnt try to guess u guys will be fail. Bye sleep now.

Children – she left us in suspense .Dnt know when suspense will be reaveled. We can’t sleep now.

Sanchi -bye children and bye readers. Dnt guess who guys also can be failed so take a chill pill and stay tune for next part. Bye love you readers and dnt forget to like and drop a comment ok.

So next part will be updated when I will get discharged bye.


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