Pyaar: A unique feeling (SwaSan OS)

Hello everyone!!! I’m back with another OS on our lovely couple SwaSan.. Do tell me your views about this OS 😀

The story starts near a cliff. We can see 3 people standing. Two were bleeding much. The other one was crying. It is revealed that there is 1 girl and 2 boys. They boys were fighting.

“Sanskarrr…. Sahil please leave him….” The girl says cryingly.

The 2 boys are revealed to be Sanskar and Sahil. They both are fighting on a cliff but not at the very end of it. The girl was revealed to be Swara. She was crying and begging Sahil to leave Sanskar. Both Sahil and Sanskar were bleeding heavily.

“Swara. You. Go. From. Here.,” Sanskar says while huffing and breathing heavily.

“Can you expect me to leave you? I’ll never leave you Sanskar,” She said cryingly and trying hard to make Sanskar come out of Sahil’s grip.

“Swara. You. Are. Only. Mine,” Sahil says possessively to which Sanskar beats him very much.

“Dare..yo..u..say…….” Sanskar says.

Then suddenly Sahil pushes Sanskar and takes out a knife from his pocket. Swara gets shocked seeing it.

“Sanskarr!!!” She shouts and was about to run to save him but then Sahil stabs Sanskar!! He falls down on the ground.

“I.Love.You.Swara,” He says and falls on the ground.

Swara gets shocked! She was like her whole world ended.

“Sanskarrrr!!!!!” She says and sits down like a lifeless body.

“I told na baby that I’ll make you mine, and you are mine. Now come with me baby,” He says and was about to go near Swara just then police comes there.

“Call ambulance..” One of the police officer says.

“Yes sir,” Another policeman says and calls the ambulance.

“Mr. Sahil you are under arrest,” Police says and arrests Sahil.

“Inspector this time he shall not at all come out from jail…” Swara says while much anger and

“Don’t worry Mrs. Maheshwari this time he will be behind bars. He has done many crimes before and no one will be able to save him now,” He assures.

Just then ambulance comes there. They make Sanskar lay at the back side.

“Mrs. Maheshwari won’t you go with your husband?” Inspector says to which she comes in her senses and goes with them.

Swara is sitting on a chair like a lifeless body. Sanskar, her life is in the Operation Threater. The doctors were trying their best to save him but the chances for him to be saved were only 25%.


There were two doctors who were examining Sanskar. Now, the operation was over. Both doctor smiles to each other.

“It’s great we saved him. The chances were really very less and it was like we couldn’t save him,” One doctor says to other.

“Yes. I guess we must inform his wife now,” Other doctor says.

“Yes, we should go,” Doctor says.

They go out to inform Swara. As soon as she sees them, she immediately gets up and rushes to them.

“Doctor please tell me how’s he. Is he fine? Is his condition serious? Doctor speak up… Is he okay? Why aren’t you replying me?” Swara asks these questions all at once.

“Relax Mrs. Maheshwari. Your husband is absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about,” One of the doctor says.

Swara sighs in relief.

“When can I take him?” She asks.

“Day after tomorrow,” Doctor says.

“Thank you so much doctor for saving him. Thank you so much,” Swara says.

“My pleasure,” Doctor says while smiling.

“Can I go to meet him?” She asks.

“After an hour when we will shift him to normal ward,” Doctor says.

“Please shift him soon doctor,” Swara says.

Doctors smiles seeing her care for Sanskar.

“Yes Mrs. Maheshwari don’t worry,” Doctor says and goes.

After doctor goes, Swara goes to God’s small idol present in the hospital only. She folds her hands in front of the doctor.

“Thank you so much God. Thank you so much.. When I saw him getting stabbed, I was like my world ended there only. You know he’s my life and I can even die for him. Thank you so much for saving him,” Swara says. She had tears in her eyes but then wipes it thinking Sanskar will get angry seeing her crying. For now, she just waited to meet Sanskar soon.

Finally, her wait was over. She could meet Sanskar now! She took a deep breath and wiped her tears and went in the ward. Again tears starts to come in her eyes seeing Sanskar.

“Swara…” He whispers.

She immediately ran and hugged him tightly and started crying loudly. He got startled seeing her crying. He too hugged her the same way as hers.

“Sshh.. Swara.. Swara.. Stop crying..and listen to me.. Swara stop crying,” He said and tried to console her.

“Yo……know…th…at…I…I…felt……ke….dyi….ng…..wh…en…that….Sa…hil……ed…yo..uu,” She said still crying the same way.

“Shut up! Not a word more..” He said and tried to break the hug but her force made him fail.

“Swara.. Leave me.. Swara…” He said.

“No. I will never leave you,” She said and hugged him tightly.

“…bre..ath,” He said and coughed.

Then she came to her senses and left him. She cups his face and asked cryingly and with concern.

“Sanskar…you are fine na… Tell me… Are you okay? I felt like dy….” Before she could say more, he immediately put his palm on her mouth.

“I said not a word more,” He said and hugged her. She too hugged him back and was crying silently but after all Sanskar was Sanskar, he broke the hug and cupped her face.

“Jaan see me I’m fine. Look at me.. Now stop crying,” He consoles her and peeks on her forehead.

She holds his hands which were cupping her face.

“I was so scared Sanskar,” She says.

“Don’t worry. Nothing can happen to me when you are with me,” He says and peeks her forehead.

“Promise me that you will never leave me,” She says.

“Promise,” He says and she peeks her forehead.

“Now you rest. I’m coming after completing all the formalities and day after tomorrow we will go home,” She said.

“Okay, but come soon,” He said and she went.

“‘Yeah,” She said and giggles and was about to go but again Sanskar stopped her.

“Umm Swara…” He said to which she turned and looked at him.

“Yes Sanskar? What do you want?” She asked.

“I don’t want anything but I wanna ask you something,” He said and took a deep breathe.

“Yeah, go ahead, I’m listening,” She said.

“What about Sahil..I mean he…..” He didn’t completed but she said with a smile.

“He is in the jail now. No one can bail him out,” She said and smiled. He too smiled at her.

“Uh ok,” He said and she went.

It had been 3 days since they arrived to their home. Swara took care of him very well. He slowly started to get well. Now they were in their room, Swara was sitting on Sanskar’s lap and her hands were around his neck and her head was resting on his chest and his hands were around her waist.

“You remember how our love story started and how we fell in love?” He asked her.

“Of course. How can I forget the most important event of my life?” She asked.

They both stated remembering their love story.

We can see its a sunny day, a girl is getting late to go somewhere. She is on her scooty. Suddenly she bumps into a car and falls down. The boy hurriedly gets down from his car.

“Are you fine?” He asked while getting down and looking at her.

“Yes I am,” She says and was about to get up but suddenly slips but the boy holds her in his arms in the correct time. They shared an eye lock but suddenly Swara shouts.

“Ouch my leg….” She shouts.

“Are you okay?” He asks worriedly and makes her sit on he ground.

“No… I guess I broke my leg…” She said.

“Let me take you to the doctor. Sit in my car,” He says.

“But I cant move…Ouch…” She sadly sadly and with pain.

“I’ll pick you in my arms,” He said.

“Huh?” She asked.

“We don’t have any choice Ms.. Do you want to stay here with your broken leg?” He asked irritatingly.

“Huh.. Fine…” She says and he picks her in his arms.

“Mr. Khadus,” She thought.

He makes her sit in the seat beside the driver’s seat and sits in the driver’s seat and starts to drive. But before that he places her scooty on the side.

“I’m sorry,” He said.

“It’s fine and I’m sorry to,” She said to which he smiled.

“I’m Swara and you?” She asked him.

“I’m Sanskar,” He replied concentrating on the road.

“Ouch… Sanskar.. Please… Drive fast… It’s paining a lot,” She hissed in pain.

“I can’t drive more fastly Swara… Or else even my state will be like yours,” He giggles while saying this to which Swara glares at him.

“Sorry sorry..” He said trying to hold his laughter.

Soon they reach to the hospital and the doctor checks her and asks her to take a completed bed rest for 1 month!!

“What!!! Are you serious doctor?” She asked.

“Yes Ms. Swara I’m serious. Please take a completed bed rest for a month then you will be absolutely fine,” Doctor said.

Swara made faces and replied, “Fine thank you doctor,”

Sanskar took her in his arms to the car and made her sit beside him.

“It’s all because of you…” She said irritatingly.

“Why? What’s my fault?” Sanskar said looking innocently at her.

“You have eyes or buttons?? Couldn’t you see the road properly?? Now because of you I’ll have to take complete bed rest for a month.. Huh,” She said looking out of the window.

“Accha I’m sorry Swara… I said sorry na.. What else can I do?” He asked her.

Swara looked at him and replied, “Sorry does not make a dead man alive,” and starts looking outside the window again.

“What a girl she is!!” He wonders.

“Umm Ms.. It would be better if you tell me your address so I can drop you home rather then blabbering,” He said.

She told him her address and after 15 minutes then reached her house. He helped her in coming out and was about to take her in his arms.

“Umm Sanskar… I can walk… Help me…but don’t pick me in your arms…” She said to which he agreed.

When they went inside, SheMish asked them about Swara’s accident so both told them everything that happened. SheMish thanked Sanskar for his help. They asked him to stay but he denied stating that he has some work.

Like this one month starts to pass and Sanskar used to come daily to see her state and helped her. In this process, they starts getting close to each other. They both also starts to have feelings for each other. But Swara was afraid to tell him because of her past. One day, after Swara gets well, Sanskar went to meet her. Now she was totally fit and fine and could walk properly. Sanskar was about to go but suddenly Swara shouts.

“Aahh…..” She winces in pain.

“What happened? Are you okay?” He asks with a concern and sits next to her.

“My hair.. Ouch… It is stuck in your shirt’s button…” She says. Sanskar looks and gets surprised. They both tried to take it off and their hands touch. They immediately took their hands.

“Let me do it,” Swara said to which he agreed.

After she did it, then he went home.

After two weeks, Sanskar called her.

“Swara. I want you to meet me at this coffee shop where we met yesterday.. Today.. Will you come?” He asked her.

“Why are you calling me there Sanskar?” She asked him.

“You’ll get to know it there only so come with me today,” He said to which she agreed.
5 PM

Sanskar took Swara from her house but he didn’t take her to the coffee shop. Instead he took a turn to the right, he had to take it to the left to reach to the coffee shop.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked while getting worried.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.

“Yes.. But…..”

“Then trust me. We’re going to other place rather than coffee shop,” He said.

“But……….” Before she could say more, he said

“Sshhh… How much you say,” He says while driving.

“Huh!” She says irritatingly.

They finally reached the place. She was so shocked seeing it!! It was decorated very wonderfully! She kept on adorning it but came to senses after Sanskar’s voice.

“Can we move ahead?” He asked.

“Yes.. But… But why these preparations?” She asked looking at him.

“Because I wanna reveal something to you,” He said and took a deep sigh.

“And what is it?” She asked him.

“You’ll get to know if you come with me inside,” He said.

“Fine. Come,” She said and got down.

They started walking forward. She was really stunned by it’s beauty! The place was near a lake which was increasing its beauty! It was decorated with balloons and with the balloons it was written on the wall, ‘I Love You’ and below that were 2 3 pics of SwaSan. She gets stunned and turns around to see Sanskar but sees him kneeling down.

“Swara… I really don’t know cheesy lines and hence coming to the point, I love you, I really love you. This 1 month has really made us closer. You are my life. I want you to make you my wife too. Will you..accept me as your husband?” He said.

Swara was shocked and tears starts to come in her eyes. Sanskar sees it and gets shocked. He gets up and cups her cheek.

“What happened Swara?” Before he could say any more, Swara brushes off his hand from her cheek. Sanskar sees it and gets shocked.

“Swara….” He whispers in a shocked tone.

“What is this Sanskar? I thought you as my best friend but you… broke that trust which I had for you. You were my best friend,” She says and starts crying.

Sanskar also gets shocked.

“Were?!” He says being shocked.

“Yes were!! Now you are not even my friend,” She says and was about to go. But he holds her hand and pulls her towards him. She looks at him being angry.

“Leave me or else….” She says while bing angry.

“Or else? What? You will kill me? I’m waiting to be killed.. Kill me.. What’s the use of my being in this world without you?” He says with much pain.

“Shut up and leave me,” She says and he leaves her.

“And don’t dare call me again,” She says and was about to leave.

“But Swara, how will you go home? Let me drop you,” He said.

“Thank you so much Mr. Maheshwari for your help, but I can manage,” She said and gave a sad smile and left.

And after she left, Sanskar sat with a thud on the floor and starts crying loudly. He takes out all the pain which he had till now.

“Why God why?? Can’t I live happily? I know she loves me and I have seen the love for me in her eyes.. And I know she loves me… I know she loves me!!! Then why?? Why she isn’t confessing?? She knows how much I love her and I know how much she loves me.. I have seen the love for me in her eyes.. What is her problem?” He says and cries loudly.

Other side, Swara, who is seen running fastly and she gets out of place. She goes and sits on the floor and cries loudly..

“I love you too Sanskar… I love you too… But no… I will not tell you.. You deserve a better girl.. Not a girl like me.. If you want I’ll give you my life even…I love you Sanskar…. I love you…..” She says and cries. But then gets up as if Sanskar will see her then it will be a bug problem. She goes to her home.

But still, she had fallen in love with a person whom she met very unexpectedly! But because of the circumstances, she couldn’t confess. She was crying in her heart too. After she came back, she didn’t even have food and even didn’t talked with SheMish. They both were very worried for her. There, even Sanskar’s condition was same! Both didn’t sleep for the whole night..

Over the next few days, Sanskar tried his best to talk to Swara. But she always kept ignoring him. It was very difficult for her to ignore, but she HAD to do it for his betterment. One day he called her as usual, but as usual she disconnected it. That time he was adamant and kept calling her. Finally she got irritated and picked up the phone.

“What happened? Why are you calling me? What do you want from me? Never call me again or else…….” She was saying while shouting. But the next person’s voice made her shocked.

“Hello… Ms. Swara… Am I right huh? Well… I’m very sad to say this but your boyfriend is with me… He has taken the property papers which I asked him… So as a result I took him.. In simple words, YOUR BOYFRIEND IS KIDNAPPED,” He said in a dangerous voice.

Swara was shocked but sounded calm.

“What the hell is this? And who are you? Why should I believe you? Get lost….” She said and was about to cut the call.

“Yeah, fine, don’t come.. Then never see his face again…” He said. She was shocked and tears starts to come in her eyes.

“Wh… Where.. To” She asks managing herself.

The man on the other side told her where to come. As soon as he told her, she ran from there and cut the call. That side, the man smirks and gives hi-5 to someone sitting near him.

“Thank you so much for helping me…” The other man says.

Soon Swara reaches the place and she was crying a lot. She called out

“Where are you? See I came… Please leave him.. Please..” She was saying while crying.

The man on the phone tells her to a room where she has to come. After she reaches, someone tapes on her shoulder and after seeing that person she immediately hugged him and starts to cry loudly.

“Sanskar… Are you fine?? I was so scared for you.. I felt like dying when I heard that man… I love you Sanskar.. I love you so much,” She said while hugging him. Then she realised and immediately broke the hug and was looking down.

“Vo.. Vo.. Actually I….” She was stammering.. She didn’t knew what to say this time.

“Finally you confessed!! I waited for this day from so long…..” He said happily.

Then she looked at him angrily.

“Were you not kidnapped?” She asked him to which he nodded in a no. Next second, he was getting beatings on his chest.

“Idiot… Duffer… Fool… You are everything… You know how much scared I was when that man called me? How can you do that Sanskar.. How…” She said while crying. He got hold of her hands and pulled her a bit closer.

“Sshh… Swara… I’m fine.. And if something will happen to me so……” He wanted to say something more, but Swara kept her palm on his mouth.

“Sshh….. Nothing will happen to you till I’m here,” She said and hugged him. He too hugged her.

“But Swara, you love me na, then why weren’t you confessing me?” He asked her while breaking the hug. After Swara hears it, A tear escapes her eyes. Sanskar sees it and gets shocked, but wipes it.

“What happened Swara? I’m sorry if I said anything wrong,” He said.

“Sshh.. No. Nothing wrong… Okay I’ll tell you, but before that I want us to sit then I’ll tell you,” She said.

“Fine,come,” He guided her to a room in that house and they sat there.

They sat and Swara began telling him her story.

“Promise me that you’ll not hate me,” She said.

“Of course. I can never get angry on my life,” He said and lightly peeked her forehead and smiled hearing him.

“I’m a divorcee,” She said and Sanskar got shocked.

“You were married?” He asked her unbelievingly.

She gave a said smile and said, “Yes”

He peeked her forehead lovingly and said, “Nothing can stop me from making you my wife,”

She took a deep breathe then started, “It all started when I was in my college. When I was in my third year, a boy named Sahil joined our college and he was in my class. As there wasn’t any place for him to sit, I made him sit with me. Then our professor made our seats permanent to the partner whom we were sitting with. So my partner was Sahil. We started getting closed to each other. But that Sahil, he just wanted my body.. Nothing else.. So then, one day he proposed me and I accepted as I loved him.. But I did not loved him as much as I love you…” She continued while his hands were on her shoulder.

“Then, as we were in college and I didn’t wanted to get married to soon,I talked to him and my parents about this. They agreed. They toldus that they will do the Engagment now, and marriage after we completed our college. Then, we got married.. As I told you, he just wanted my body.. So after using me, after an year of our marriage, he gave me divorce papers. I was startled seeing it. When I asked him about this, he revealed that he just used me and nothing more. I tried to make him understand, and I was being adamant. He got irritated and he killed my brother just because I wasn’t giving divorce to him,” By now, she had stated crying. He consoled her by hugging her and keeping her head on his chest.

“Sshh.. Swara..” He tried consoling her.

“Then after I got to know he did this, I just began to hate him and gave divorce to him. He also told me that he will kill me and the one who marries me. I asked him why he wants to do this. He told he cannot see my happy and….. Just because of that I didn’t wanted to marry you. Nothing was more precious to me than your life Sanskar,” She was crying still.

“And now, he has married a girl named Kavita. Every month, or in 6 months, he gives divorce to a girl and then marries someone else.” She said.

“Kavita doesn’t know about his this habit. She loves him truly but she doesn’t know that Sahil loves her body not her soul,” She said.

“You should’ve told me na, we could’ve found a solution,” He said.

“I’m sorry,” She said.

“Okay,so now, I have a plan,” He said.

“And what’s that?” She asked.

“Listen, Sahil is behind you and wants you still, right?” He asked to which she said yes.

“Then see… You call Sahil and say that you wanna marry him, and call him to a place to talk about this thing. Even I’ll come there, but with police. You signal me, then I’ll get him arrested,” He said and she was shocked.

“What?! No way,” She said.

“You trust me na… Do you think I’ll leave you with that Sahil? No na… Then don’t worry Swara,” He said assuring her and she immediately agreed with a happy heart as she knew that Sanskar, her life, will never ever let her go with that stupid Sahil.

So, as planned, Swara called Sahil.

“Hello Sahil.. Actually I wanna marry you…. So……”. She stopped saying after this as she knows Sahil’s reply.

“Oh wow baby…great. So….?” He said.

“So I want to meet you and talk to you. Please come to this place,” She gave him the address. It was an isolated place as they doesn’t wants anyone to see them.

SwaSan and Sahil arrived at the place. Sanskar was hiding and he had called the police. Swa_Hil had finished talking and Sahil was coming closer to her to give her a kiss on her cheek, but Swara went behind.

“Sahil please….” She said to which he agreed. Then Swara signals Sanskar so he comes with the police.

“Game over Sahil,” Sanskar says and claps.

“I must say Sahil… You are really very cheap minded person,” Sanskar said.

“Inspector..” He signalled him and the inspector nodes in a yes.

The inspector puts handcuff on his hand.

“I’ll see you later Swara and Sanskar,” He said looking at him with full hatred eyes.

After she went, Swara put her head on Sanskar’s shoulder and said, “Thank you so much Sanskar.. Thank you so much… I love you Sanskar…..” She said and closed her eyes.

He wrapped his hands around her waist and said, “I love you too Swara.. I love you too,” He closed his eyes and feeling the bliss of the moment.

After some days, they told their parents about their marriage and they were very happy. Specially SheMish as Swara had finally moved on in her life.

So, they finally got married with all the rituals and consummated.

Then after some days, someone knocked on their door and SwaSan opened the door. Both were much shocked seeing the person!!

“Sahil!!!!! You!!!!!! What are you doing?” They asked being shocked.

“Tadaa!!! A surprised!! How are you Swara baby?” He asked smriking. Swara felt disgusted and Sanskar moved in front of her in order to not have his evil eyes on his wife, he life, everything.

“Why are you out?” He asked with a disguised face.

“Because my so called wife who loves me, bailed me out,” Sahil said.

“She doesn’t know anything that why I was in prison. And yeah, I’ve come here to tell you to come to that cliff today.. And you’ll have to come or else, my Swara baby, tomorrow you’ll see the dead face of your husband.. Now I’ve to go.. Bub bye… See you both at the cliff today.” He went and Sanskar closed the door. As soon as he closed the door, Swars hugged him.

“Sanskar… He’s out… Now…..” She asked in tears.

He broke the hug and cupped her face, “Ssh.. Don’t worry Jaan..” He said and peeked her forehead.

Then, they broke the hug and went to the cliff. Sahil started badmouthing about Swara. Sanskar got rage and beat Sahil. His nose started to bleed. They started to fight.

(And now it started from the starting)

Then SwaSan broke their hugged and Swara peeked his cheeks.

“I love you Sanskar,” She confessed.

“I love you too,” He said and they again hugged in the same position and soon sleep took over them.


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