hey guys u r friend riya here i am soooooooooooo sorry 4 my late update actually last week i met with an accident ,i was drving my car speedly then collided with an truck but due to good grace i am fine now so let’s come back to the story –

recap- introduction of a girl ,the girl remembring her childhood ,flashback start- a girl of 10 yrs entered in her new school ,a boy of same age pushed her ,tashan between girl and the boy ,introduction of them,lucky make fun of lado’s name in whole class ,lado start crying and ran from there ,lucky in search of lado-

episode start with lucky finding lado suddenly he saw her with some other children ,his eyes get widen in shock because she was laughing with them

lucky- what a girl ? seriously !!! few min before she was crying like a crocodile and now see !!! anyways i need to say sorry 4 my behaviour ……

with this he ran towards her and pat on her shoulder as a result she turned

lado- u ???? now what r u doing here ?

lucky- wo actually vo………

lado- what is this ? why r u stammering like a goat ?? whatever i am going to class

with this she turn to go but lucky shout from behind

lucky- wait !!

lado(without turning ) – oh god now what this idiot want ??

then she turn towards him

lado- now what ??

lucky- vo lado actually i am ………

lado- hold on !! what u said ?? lado !!

lucky- yah !! i said so ? what’s wrong in this ? this is ur pet name na ??

lado- shut up only my mom used to call me like this don’t u dare to call me like this and yah i am leaving 4 class because i am not intrested in ur utter nonsense

lucky- accha sorry yaar sorry plz

lado- (no response)

lucky- wase actually i want to say sorry 4 whatever happen in class i am extremly soory 4 my behavoiur plz forgive me

(with this he hold his ears like a cute baby )

lado(in her mind)- oh so he is sorry 4 his deeds but wait mister first u have to pay 4 all that just wait and watch

lucky- o hello !! where r u lost ??

lado- haan ?? nothing and yah it’s ohk

lucky- that means u forgive me na

lado- haan baba haan fine i forgive u !! happy ?? now i am going

lucky- hey wait !!

lado- oh god now what happen lucky ??

lucky- vo will u ………………………………………

as he was going to complete his line suddenly sanky came there and forwarded his hands towards her then they both said in unison

sanlak- will u be my friend ??

(with this they both look at each other and then at lado with blinking eyes,here lado similed a little bit )

lado- hmm so u both want to do friendship with me ohk fine but but but no one will call me lado !!

(then again sanlak shout in unison )

sanlak- but why ???

(then three of them look at each other and start laughing )

lado- because hahaha ….. u both brother r unique piece i must say

sanlak- yes we r hahaha

lucky- hey !! but u r name is so sweet yr

sanky- yup it is so cool

lado- no

lucky- decided we will call u by this name only lado !! hahaa ohk fine we r …………………

(then he look towards sanky and simile a little bit then he forwarded his hand )

lucky- we r lucky

sanky – sanky !!!! (with this he put his hand on lucky’s hand)

(and then they both signalled lado to keep her hand suddenly a bright simile appear on lado’s face immediately she kept her haad on them)

lado- yes we r lucky ,lado and sanky

then three of them jump in excitement and hug each other then teacher shout

teacher- childrens what r u doing here ? come now this is ur play period come fast !!

lucky ,lado and sanky- yes miss we r coming !!!!!

(with this they ran towards her ) song start playing in bg
(buddhu sa mann from kappor and sons)

dabi dabi si hansi honthon pe phansi hai
gudgudi kar rahi hawa
(lado was playing football suddenly her foot slip here both devil brothers start laughing at her then she gave a angry look to them )

o ,,halla macha rahi hai pagal si khawaishein
khushiyon ki milli hai wajah

(here lado was running behind them )

kuch hai junoon sa
kuch paagalpan hai
sau baatein karta yeh buddhu sa mann hai

(then she catches lucky and messes his hair and lucky also do the same with her then suddenly they brust out each other )

karne de khawaabon ko badmshiyaan
chalne de nazron ki manmaniyan

(then both notice sanky who was near towards a muddy water with this they both exchange a naughty simile)

dhoondhe chalo kuch thikane na
hone de pagli-pagli si nadaaniyaan

(then they both ran towards him and push him from back as a result he fell on muddy water looking him at that condition all children start laughing)

kuch hai junoon sa
kuch pagalpan hai
sau baatein karta ye buddhu sa man hai

(lucky- sorry haha sorry bhai actually this was lado’s plan

lado- awwww lucky liar !!! no sanky he was behind all this

sanky- wait u both !!!
with this he ran towards them)

karne de khwaabon ko badmashiyaan
chalne de nazron ki manmaniyan
dhoondhe chalo kuch thikane na ye
hone de pagli- pagli se nadaaniyan

(they were fighting so cutely)

hosh mein rehna hai kyun
rehne se hoga kya
behoshiyon mein hai maza
oo ,,bachkani harkatein jo hoti hain hone de
khushiyon ki milli hai wajah

(then three of them hug each other and start jumping after a second lado start making water bubble )

kuch hai junnon sa
kuch pagalpan hai
sau baatein karta ye buddhu sa mann hain

(suddenly lucky came running towards her

lucky- lado come na let’s play fotball

lado- uff !! lucky u go see i am busy

lucky- oh god

suddenly teacher shout

teacher- childrens !! now be ready 4 group picture all look here

(then lucky notice that lado is still busy in making her bubbles so 4 her attention he kissed her on her cheek here lado widen her eyes in shock

teacher- ” now picture perfect ”

so guys i missed all of u specially my fav fanfic dafsi’s ff, prateksha siso ff ,halima’s ff and all those cute cute sweet sweet raglak ff so i am reading all those episode little difficult but i will manage ohk bye see u, love u all !!!!!


  1. Riya

    Awsm Riya….. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update the next part soon….. I m waiting for the next part……

  2. Dafsi


    |Registered Member

    Omg Riya are you okay? How are you? Hope you are okay…todays part was awesome and Im excited about the next episode 🙂 missed you so much 🙁 and yeah back to my reading

  3. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved all the scenes were just Awesome
    Take care DEAR
    How are you now?
    Waiting for the next one………

  4. Riya

    Awsm Riya…. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update the next part soon…..I m waiting for the next part….

  5. Fats

    This was a really nice update. Loved the childhood memories, gosh RagLak and Sanky are SOO cute ??. Can’t wait to read more xx

  6. Solai

    Riya, I hope that u did not forget me. What was the need to collide with that truck? Can’t u take care of urself? Thank God limitless times for saving u. PLZ FIRST TAKE CARE OF URSELF. Sorry for taking over rights on u. My dear, coming to this episode, as usual it is awesome. No need to tell that. Riya how can a reader like me praise u? Tell me. I am confused totally. I can only mention that u r my favourite writer now. U r awesome writer. I really love naughty lucky and lado. U always make me to remember my childhood which has lots of funs, plays and entertainment. I guess that ur plus point is making emotions through small cute scenes. Now I wish u should be the writer of Swaragini. I am happy as u r also raglak fan like me. Thank u again and again. Btw I also stretch my hand now towards u and ask “can we be friends?”. Sorry for this long comment. Plz reply me if u r fine. Take care my dear Riya.

    • RKapoor



      awwwww my dear cute friend u always make me spechless first of all don’t worry i am fine now and yah why u don’t comment on it’s first episode ??? very bad !!! see i am crying hehehe just kidding my lovely friend !!!! and u don’t need to ask 4 friendship we r friends not only friends we r soulmate same thought same ideas and same everything so so so keep similing and always spread postivity like this love u load my cute bestie !!!!!! take care !!!!

  7. Prateeksha


    |Registered Member

    siso, o.m.g u got into an accident.hope u r fine and nothing serious.i wish u recover as soon as far episode concerned its mindblowing as always.sry for late reply but nowadys i rarely visit tellyupdates ua lottttttttttttttttttttttttttt siso 🙂
    (i think i had been enough of my sweet sister mode now,)
    u idiot, who asked u to drive so fast.?is driving a joke for u? u got into an accident that too u collided with a truck….o.m.g… i can’t even imagine of it. now it’s a strict order from me i don’t care whether u got hurt badly r not but u have to take complete bed rest till u r completely fine and dont u dare ignore my order.take as much as rest as possible.forget about all the ff’s and all . u can read it any other u concentrate on ur health.bye..take care (sry if u think that i took too much of advantage but im saying all this as ur elder di. bye dear…love u alot..) 🙂

    • RKapoor



      awww siso luv u luv u luv u now i am fine di don’t worry and yah i will drive carefully my sis don’t worry i am so happy that u care me so much and yah happy married life as well i know u r buys these i missed u so much lots of love from bye take care lov u love u love u !!!!!!!!!!!

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