Hey guys riya here hope u all will like season 2 first episode so let’s start –

Episode start with a girl standing near a window

GIRL- 18 YRS 18 yrs have passed but still those memories r present in my thought those beautiful memories

Then she closes her eyes and took a deep brethe and again open it

GIRL- yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai ek baar kula toh sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge (Memories r like a box of sweet one it opens then u can’t eat just one piece)

With this she took a pic of three cute children who were hugging each other tightly

GIRL- 5 th standard MOUNT MARVEL ACADMY dheradun

FLASHBACK START………………………………………………………………………..

A very big building of a school is shown with mount marvel academy written with bold letter on top of the building camera moves towards a 9 yr old girl ,a cute chubby and sweet little girl ,it was her first day in that new school ,with so much tension and with gr8 hesitation she entered inside the school campus suddenly a boy of 10 yr pushes her from back

BOY- oyyee i am so sorry

GIRL- can’t u see ??

BOY- what ??

GIRL- I think u r deaf also !!

BOY- oyee listen behave ur self i am saying sorry na then why…………………….

GIRL- keep ur sorry with urself !!!

With this she tried to stood up but again she fell as her foot slip looking at all this the boy start laughing like a mad

GIRL- shut up !!!!

BOY- ohk !!! ohk !!! sorry now common give me ur hand i will pull u

GIRL- no thanks i can help myself

BOY- o god ur so stubborn i said give me ur hand !!!

Before he could say more another boy of same age hold girl’s shoulder and help her to stand

BOY 2- lucky if u really want to help somone then u should do it without asking 4 it

(yup the boy was lucky and he is sanky )

LUCKY- bhai………

SANKY- ohk ohk fine by the way (turn toward the girl) i am sanky i mean sanskar maheswari and u

With this he forwarded his hand towards the girl who simile a little

GIRL- i am laddo…vo.. no sorry ragini, ragini gadodia

Listening her pet name lucky start laughing

LUCKY- lado ?? how funny !!! haha…………..

SANKY- just shut up lucky !!

LUCKY- i am so sorry bhai buy seriously this is so funny LADO !!!!! hahaaa……………………

Here our lado who was watching all this was boiling in anger ,her eyes were red and tears were also rolling from it now sanky notice this and immediately signaled to lucky to stop it then without uttering a single word she headed towards the classroom

SANKY- what is this lucky ??? what was the need to laugh like this ??

LUCKY- sorry bhai

SANKY- what sorry go and ask it from her not from me u idiot

LUCKY- me r u kidding ?? lucky never ask sorry to anyone except his brother

SANKY- ohk fine be in ur ego now ur this brother will not talk to u !! good bye see u in the class

LUCKY- no bhai listen me………………………………………….

With this sanky left from there leaving lucky alone

LUCKY- oh god now i have to say sorry to her ,i never say this to anybody but now………. uff !!!

With this he also headed towards the classroom

Now screen shift towards the classroom where lucky was about to enter the class suddenly the teacher stop him

TEACHER- wait !! this is the time to enter in the classroom

LUCKY- vo miss actually …………………

TEACHER- o plz stop ur nonesense go and take ur seat

LUCKY- thanx miss

With this he entered the classroom and saw all the seats were full except one that was next to lado so he slowly sit with her here lado made a disgusting face and look at him with rage in her eyes

LADO (in her mind)- idiot boy !! oh god now i have to tolerate him for whole period uff!!!

Then again she look at him and make a face here lucky simile a little bit

LUCKY(in his mind)- awww how cute she is !!! even in anger she is looking like a doll

Suddenly his chain of thoughts were broken by the teacher

TEACHER- so children i want to introduce a new girl in our class so meet her ragini gadodia

Listening her name ragini stood up and gave a sweet angelic simile to everybody

TEACHER- so ragini plz say something about urself

LADO- hello friends my name is ragini gadodi…………..

Suddenly lucky interupt her

LUCKY – akka lado

Listening this the whole class start laughing where lado was feeling next to cry suddenly teacher shout

TEACHER- stop it !!! let her speak ya ragini continue now tell me about ur parents

With a heavy voice she spoke

LADO – my father name is mr shekhar gadodia and my mother………………..

Suddenly she stop, here lucky who was enjoying her nervousness said slowly

LUCKY- what happen miss lado ??

Now again the whole class start laughing then she look at him with rage in her eyes now tears were rolling down from her eyes

LADO- my mom is not present, she is dead and yah my name LADO is kept by her she used to call me like this only

With this she start crying heavily by covering her mouth here lucky who noticed her tears it was like somthing pinch him and stab him near his heart then lado said

LADO- excuse me !

With this she ran from there leaving lucky who was so guilty by his act

after few min he become so restless

LUCKY- where she is ?? why i am feeling like this ?? even she is not my friend then ?? but anyways my act hurted her a lot !! i should ask sorry 4 this but where she is ??

Then he wait 4 sometime but after few more min he also left the classroom and start finding her in the campus

LUCKY- lado !! lado !!! oh god where she is ?? LADO !!!

Then he notice something and his eyes get wide in shock ………………………………………..


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