hey guys u r friend riya is back AND sorry guys 4 not replying all to my last episode as all u know i was in pune so that’s why i couldn’t post this so let’s start the epi with a hot recap-


episode start with raglak hugging each other,both were have their eyes closed,then at the next moment swara came and forcefully free ragini from laksh’s embrace before ragini could sense what she has done swara gave a tight slap to her leaving all stunned and that especially laksh

LAKSH- swara !!!

SWARA- what she was doing with u ?? why were u both huging each other ??

LAKSH- it’s none of u business ,she is like my friend …………

SWARA- so she casually hug u hena and that to infront of all !!!!

LAKSH- swara plz don’t overeact !!!!

SWARA- laksh u r saying that i am over…………….

before swara could say something ragini slowly said-

RAGINI- i am so sorry

SWARA- just shut up and yah don’t u dare to poke u r leg in our’s talk otherwise i will give u another slap did u understand !!!

listening these harsh words against ragini laksh loses his control and hols swara wrist tightly

LAKSH- r u out of u r sense what’s so big if she hugs me ?? everyone hugs each other but no u r habitual of overeacting ,u r just disgusting swara just disgusting !!!

SWARA- oh so my best friend will now fight with me and that’s only because of that poor bhenji girl and yah don’t dare to hide i know very well what is cooking between u and this characterless girl !!!

LAKSH- swara !!!!!!!!!!! keep u r mouth shut otherwise …………….

before laksh could say something ragini ran away from there with tears in her eyes ,laksh saw this-

LAKSH- ragini wait where r u going plz wait…………

then he also follow her then at the next moment he saw ragini sitting in the garden lonely at the couch ,she was crying sliently,he slowly slowly moves towards her sat next to her –

LAKSH- ragini plz don’t take swara’s words on heart plz

RAGINI- yah i don’t care i am fine

LAKSH- Then why r u crying ??

RAGINI – i am not crying

LAKSH- i can clearly see tears in u r eyes plz wipe it i don’t like this

RAGINI- why ??who r u to me ?? i want to cry then let me cry peacefully

LAKSH- no plz plz stop crying i hate tears in u r eyes i don’t know the reason but whenever u cry i feel that someone stab in my heart plz

with this ragini look at him while sobbing they again lost in each other eyes laksh slowly slowly getting close to her close ,close, more close now they were very close to each other only few cm gaps were present between them then laksh rub his cheek with her ,ragini closed her eyes tightly and then he did the same with other cheek and then about the next moment he was about hug her then suddenly ragini open her eyes and push him hardly and he fell on floor with a jerk –

RAGINI- what r u doning ?? have u lost it don’t u dare to come close to me !!

with this ragini ran from there leaving laksh stunned

screen shift towards ragini who was standing at the corner of the hall

RAGINI(in her mind )- what blunder i have done ?? i can’t do this, i can’t let him to come close to me ,no i have to stop myself anyhow ,i should focus only on my work

then parineeta came-

PARINEETA- ragini what r u doing here go and look at shiv and rehaan if they r ready or not !!

ragini simply nodded and was about to go then suddenly she collided with laksh –

RAGINI(looking down )- sorry

LAKSH(hold her hand )- ragini listen me once

RAGINI- laksh leave me i have to look after shivaan

LAKSH- but ragini listen me once

RAGINI- can’t u understand i am not interested in talking with u then plz leave my hand

saying this she jerk her hand and went towards upstairs-

here anupurna was talking to swara who was standing alone in the party with a glass of drink in her hand

AP- what happen swara ?? why r u alone ??

SWARA- nothing aunty i am fine

AP- i can see from u r face how much fine u r , i know u r hurted by laksh ‘s behaviour ri8 ??

swara simply nodded

AP- don’t take such type of tension i am assuring u laksh is only urs i am with u na !!

SWARA- but aunty i don’t think so he is more interested in other than me

AP- relax beta nothing like that ,i am giving u promise that i will give my son to u only soon u will become MRS LAKSH MAHESWARI so don’t worry

SWARA- yah aunty if u r with me then no one will take my laksh from me (then they both hug each other )

screen shift to ragini who was talking with someone at the party then laksh came near to her-

LAKSH- excuse me plz ragini i want to talk to u

RAGINI- no laksh i am not interested

LAKSH- plz yar listen me once

RAGINI- laksh plz don’t creat mess again !!

LAKSH- but rag………

before laksh could say anything adarsh came-

ADARSH- what is this laksh ?? all r waiting 4 u and u r here

LAKSH- sorry bhai i was ….

then he stop suddenly an idea pop out in his mind

LAKSH- bhai i want to dance see everyone is dancing execpt me

ADARSH- then go who is stopping u from dance

LAKSH- ohk then !!

then he ran towards ragini who was standing just behind swara,swara was thinking that he is coming towards her so she also move towards him with thinking that he will ask her 4 dance but to her surprise laksh ignore her and move towards ragini and forcefully grab her hand and take her to the the dance floor,he put his hand around her belly and pull her towards himself ,song start playing in BG-

KURBAAN HUA AAAANNNNAAA…(both were dancing in each other embrace, lost in each other eyes ,laksh has tightly hold her from her waist and she was kept her hand on his shoulder )

AUR FANAA HUAA(he twirl her and make her fall then suddenly he catches her ,she dashed on his chest now laksh was slowly removing her hair )

ADA PE – WAFA PE – JAFA PE(both were densely looking in eacth other eyes, now laksh loses his control he pull her more close , ragini was feeling his hot breathe)
KURBAAN HUA HA HAAAANNNNNAAAA……(now song ended but still they were lost in each other )

after this ragini push laksh a little and ran from there ,she was running so she collided with waiter and drink split over her dress so to clean it she goes upstair and unknowngly she enters laksh room ,after cleaning her dress she was about to go then suddenly someone lock the door ,ragini turn herself and was shock to see the person ,

RAGINI- laksh tum !!! what r u doing here ??

LAKSH- ragini i need to talk to u

RAGINI- laksh plz let me go everybody will be waitng for us

LAKSH- no first u listen

RAGINI- laksh plz
then ragini reaches near the door and was trying to open it then suddenly laksh pinned her against the wall and block her ways to go-

LAKSH- why r u acting weird ?? what i have done ??

RAGINI- nothing leave me !!

LAKSH- no first tell me………

RAGINI- laksh plz i said leave me


saying this he pull her towards himself ,ragini closed her eyes tightly as window were left open the moon light were falling on her beautifull face and thus increasing her beauty laksh was constantly stairing her, her innocence was making him restless , he slwoly slowly removing her hair from face –

LAKSH- now tell me why r u ignoring me ??

RAGINI(with closed eyes)- Plz laksh let me ……………….

before she could complete her line laksh put his hand on her lips

LAKSH- shhhhh………. i want reason ragini

ragini was sobbing now ,unable to say something so to console her laksh hug her tightly then at the next moment someone knock at the door-

ADARSH- laksh r u inside ??

LAKSH(huging ragini )- ya bhai

ADARSH- then come fast all r waitng 4 u

LAKSH- ya bhai u go i am coming

ADARSH- fine !! come fast

then adarsh leaves and here ragini break the hug but in doing so her pendent got stuck with laksh’s shirt button ,both look at each other then ragini came near to him to remove it (MOH MOH KE DHAGHE PLAYS IN BG ) after that when she successfully remove her pendent then she turn to go then laksh from back said-

LAKSH- ragini !!

ragini turn towards laksh

RAGINI- what ?

LAKSH- nothing

then ragini leaves from there leaving laksh similing

here at the party anupurna was talking to someone over her bluetooth-

AP- listen r u present here ?? should we start our plan ?? ohk then be ready i am sending him and yah be alert i don’t want any type of mistake did u get that ??,ohk fine be ready !!

after ending the call she turn herself and was in a shock to see ragini in front of her

AP- what ??

RAGINI- vo vo i was ….

AP- what is this ?? i was.. i was.. tell me quikly !!!

RAGINI- vo actually i was finding shiv and rehaan did u saw them ??

AP- how can i ?? u stupid girl this is u job not mine !! disgusting

then she leaves from there leaving ragini there with a determined expression on her face

here AP who was standing alone at the corner then a waitress came near her

WAITRESS- mam he has came what to do next ??

AP- just send him to garden area and yah be alert ,no one should know that he has came here did u get that !!

WAITRESS- yah mam don’t worry !!

then the waitress leaves

AP(in her mind )- now all will be well ,now no one will try to create obstacle on my dreams ,i will safely play my plan(then she smirk deeply )

screen shift towards parineeta who was searching 4 ragini-

PARINEETA- adarshji did u saw ragini ??

ADARSH- no pari i didn’t saw her why ?? what happen ??

PARINEETA- wo actually i want to ask from her about her salary but now where she is ??
then he saw laksh there-

PARINEETA- laksh did u saw ragini ??

LAKSH- no bhabhi even i am searching her ,don’t know why nowadays i feel restless without her !!

PARINEETA- what ??

LAKSH- err….nothing bhabhi

suddenly they hear the voice of gun’s shoot ,all became scared while AP simirk

episode end on AP’S simirking face


so guy how was it and yah give me ur wonderful suggestion i am waiting 4 that so bye keep similing and stay healthy ////////////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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