hey guys this is riya and this is the new episode so let’s enjoy with a hot recap-


episode start with raglak still looking in each other eyes ,they were hypnotised by each other presence,they were feeling as if no one is present around them,they were alone in the whole world,then after some min. ragini came into her sense ,she was trying to free herself from laksh’s embrace but laksh was stairing her continously,he was not under his control.He unknowngly came near to her and tuck her disturbing hair behind the ear,then ragini slowly wisper-

RAGINI- leave me !!

LAKSH-(no response )

RAGINI- plz leave me all r looking at us

LAKSH(unknowngly,huskily)-no, let them see

after hearingthese words from an stranger ragini push laksh strongly,he fell on floorand came back in to her senses then ragini said in anger-

RAGINI- Hey u didn’t have manners how to talk with girls ??

LAKSH- I am so sorry actually i was not in my senses sp i said this stupid thing i didn’t have wrong intensions plz don’t mind !!

RAGINI- DON’T MIND u r holding a girl 4 more than tweenty min,and u r saying that don’t mind when i asked u to leave me u said no ,what was that ??and now u r saying that u don’t have wrong intensions good !!!

LAKSH-look miss if my actions hurt u then i am extremly sorry but plz don’t overeact

RAGINI- oh hello mr. i am not overeacting this is u who is creating whole mess did u get that ??first u missbehaved with me and when i am raising my voice against u and then u r saying don’t overeact

LAKSH- missbehave ??? when i missbehave with u i was just …………

RAGINI- o shut up very well what type of things u cheep boys do ,first u missbehave with a girl and when u find that girl has a bold nature and can’t easily get in u r trap then u apolozize to them ,it’s just a………

(now laksh was fuming in anger ,he can’t listen any word against his character before ragini could complete her line laksh hold her and pinned her against the wall,his eyes were red in anger ,both were very close to each nother ,then laksh said -)

LAKSH- missbehave ?? ohk then now i will show u what is the difference between help and missbehave ??

(saying this he hold her belly tightly and pull her toward himself both were very close to each other ,they were looking at each other eyes ,suddenly laksh’s anger dissapear when he feel something in his heart when he touch her then)

RAGINI- leave me it’s hurting

LAKSH- what happen ?? now u understand the difference between help and missbehave haan ??

(ragini simply nodded her head ,laksh was tightly holding her belly that’s why it’s hurting her a tear skipped from her eyes and laksh notice this )

LAKSH- hey !! what happen ??

RAGINI- i said its hurting plz leave

(then immediately laksh left her ,saw her in tears he was feeling that someone stab him on his heart ,he can’t control himself and hug her tightly )

LAKSH- plz don’t cry ,i am so sorry i have hurt u plz plz wipe u r tears i don’t know the reason but can’t see tears in u r eyes

(ragini get shock because of her sudden move .her eyes got widened ,she free herself from his embrace and left from there )

LAKSH- hey !! wait i said sorry plz forgive me

(then after few sec. later he notice that still ragini’s bracelet is hanging on his sleeve )

LAKSH- oh shoot what do now ?? how to give this back to her where she has gone ??

(he came near the stairs and saw ragini was standing near the river ,she was throwing flowers on it ,then fastly laksh came from there and call ragini from back )

LAKSH- hey excuse me miss !!!

(ragini turned herself to see who was there and now was in a shock to see laksh )

RAGINI- u what do u want now ??

(she was moving back as laksh was coming near to her ,at ragini’s back there was river but she didn’t remember this ,she was continously taking her step back )

RAGINI(moving back )- why r u not saying anything tell me what r u doing here ??

LAKSH (moving ahead )- listen me once ur’s ……………

RAGINI(moving back)-no,no don’t try to come ahead i know u r angry from me but………..

LAKSH(moving ahead )-look i have just came here to give u this

(before laksh could show her bracelet ragini said )

RAGINI(moving back)- no i don’t want anything from u ,i am…….
(with this she fell on river ,she was not a swimmer ,she was drowning contiously )

RAGINI- heip !! someone help !!!

LAKSH- oh god this girl !!
(with this laksh remove his jacket and take a big jump on river ,there he catches ragini tightly and bring her out from the river on his arm,he was continously looking at her innocent face ,he made her to lay on river side )

LAKSH- oh god what to do ?? why she is not opening her eyes ??
(then he take ragini in his lap )

LAKSH- hey get up ,r u hearing me ?? plz get up

LAKSH- this is all my mistake i shouldn’t overeact this much what will happen if she couldn’t open her eyes,no no she has to get up yah she has to get up

(he was continously saying this line without his knowledge ,tears were coming from his eyes ,he was feeling like someone snactch his breathe ,he was not in his sense,he suddenly hug her tightly )

LAKSH- plz get up plz plz i can’t u like this i am so sorry only because of me ………

then he heard a voice- i am alri8 !!

then he notice ragini has open her eyes

LAKSH(still hugging )- oh god r u fine now ??

ragini simply nodded she slowly get up and was trying to stand up then suddenly she losses her balance then at the same time laksh hold her,both were again lost in each other eyes ) SANAM RE PLAYS IN BG

screen shift towards AP who was talking to swara’s mother KAYA-

AP- yah kaya i totally agree with u i was thinking the same

KAYA- that’s why i called u anupurna .it’s high time now that laksh and swara should know about each other clearly

AP- yah u r ri8 and it will gr8 for us if our friendship will turn into a family bond

KAYA- it will be my pleasure anupurna but we should wait 4 sometime let them meet first then we will announce their marriage

AP- yah let them meet ,i clearly know swara loves laksh and laksh also like her they will make a gr8 pair whatsay ?

KAYA- yah u r ri8

AP- and listen u and swara r coming for tonight party it will be a gr8 appertunity for them to meet

KAYA- offcousre darling we r coming and yah u can’t imagine u r would be DIL is how much exicted afterall she is going to meet him after many yrs

AP- yah kaya i known……..
(before she could complete she saw prineeta standing at the entrance of her door )

AP- kaya i will talk to u later bye see u at the party
(then she turn towards parineeta )

AP- What happen parineeta whay r u here ??

PARINEETA- sorry mom 4 disturbing u but u r old driver has came ,he wants to talk to u immediately

AP(shock)- what ??

PARINEETA- what happen mom is everything fine ??

AP- yah u go and say to him that i am busy and yah tell him to meet me at the party

PARINEETA- but mom……..

AP- do what i said parineeta

(with this parineeta leaves )

AP(in her mind )- i think it’s high time to do this ,i know very well he can’t close his mouth ,he is obstacle in my plan i have to remove him anyhow

(then she take her cellphone dialled someone and start talking slowly )

AP- Listen me carefully u have to do this just finish him at the party did u get that ?? i want his dead body anyhow !!!

(screen moves towards raglak who were looking at each other eyes then ragini free herself from his embrace )

RAGINI- thanx 4 saving me and sorry 4 my behaviour

LAKSH- no i am sorry 4 my behaviour

RAGINI- no it was my mistake i shouldn’t overeact this much

LAKSH- no i overeact ,it was my mistake u were ri8

RAGINI- no no it was my mistake

LAKSH- No yar it was completely my mistake i am so sorry 4 this

RAGINI- why r u saying sorry it was my mistake

LAKSH- no mine

RAGINI- no mine

LAKSH- i said mine mistake then it is final

RAGINI- who r u to jugde who is wrong and who is ri8 ,i said mine mistake then mine

LAKSH- i can also say same thing

RAGINI- no it was………….
(before she could complete both brust out laughing ,laksh was mesmerised by ragini’s laugh for him she was looking like an angel he was so much lost in her then)

RAGINI(waving her hand )- o hello where r u ??

LAKSH- haan ……….vo…..nothing

RAGINI- no problem now i am leaving it’s too late now

LAKSH(in his mind )-oh god don’t go plz stay 4 some time more

RAGINI- ohk bye see u (saying this she turned herself to go )

LAKSH- hey !!
(ragini turn towards laksh)

RAGINI- what ??

LAKSH- nothing

(then again she turned herself with small simile were laksh was also similing and was looking at her from back )

episode end on raglak simiing face


so guys how it is don’t forget to comment and yah keep similing and stay healthy bye ///////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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