hey guys this is u r friend riya and i am heartly sorry guys because i upload my last episode in hindi as many of u were having problem in readind that so sorrry guys especially from RAFEEE,PRIYA,LEIA,PRATEEKSHA, from now onwards i will upload my episodes in here is the brief summary of episode no.4 ,it is 4 those who doesn’t know hindi-
guys in this episode it was just an introduction of laksh and ragini,laksh is in america’s st, stephen’s college ,he is the most hottest guy of his college ,all girls were mad 4 him but he doen’t give any response to those girls,it was the last day of laksh’s clg,his friend sid and omi asked him about his dream girl,he describe the different qualites which he wants to see in his lady love,now the screen shift towards ragini who was sarrounded by large no. of children ,she was in a orphan home suddenly some children asked her to perform.she start her performance on bollywood music ”sun sathiya” with her each moves laksh describe each qualities of his lady love ,episode ends on their faces so now guys lets start next episode –

(ragini was walking on the road ,she was feeling very much relax after meeting with those orphan children ,she said to herself -)

RAGINI- it has been 12 yrs ,12 yrs ago i lost my everything ,i lost my baba,i lost my protection.How harsh was this world to me i will never forget ,but it is in vain i should only focus on finding a job i really need it now ,yah !! i have to find it

(she was lost in her thought then she passes from a gang of boys who were present there,their eyes get stuck on ragini)

BOY 1- hey look at this girl she is so hot

BOY 2-yah u r ri8

BOY 1- SO ?? why we r waiting 4 come let’s enjoy

(ragini has already heard all this she became nervous before that boys could do anything she start running fastly ,she was running ,running and running.Then without notice she entered someone’s garden,she hided herself behind bush .after few min later when she was sure that she is safe now,she came from bush and was about to go then suddenly she stop because she was stunned to see something ,she turned herself and was shock to see the mansion .It was written MAHESHWARI MANSION ,her legs were trembling ,all her past suddenly flashes on her mind .She was litterally shievering .Then after some time she again turned herself to go but someone hold her from back ,she was in a shock now ,she widened her eyes in shock———–

(screen shift towards laksh clg’s campus in america as it was the last day of clg )

LAKSH- guys i will miss u all, our last day was awesome

OMI- yah laksh we will never forget these sweet memories

SID- but by the way laksh when r u going india ??

LAKSH- today’s night

OMI- what ?? this is not fair dude,at least u should sepnt one night with us

LAKSH- i can understand omi but u know na how much i miss my family ,my dad,my mom and my lado !!

OMI -what la….??

LAKSH- nothing guys i am going to hostel i have to pack my stuffs also bye see u

(then he moves towards his hostel with a simile on his face )

(screen shift towards ragini who was standing in shock,she turned herself and was stunned to see the person .the person was none other than anupurna maheshwari i.e, laksh’s mother ) all her past were revolving in her mind then her thoughts were disturbed by AP voice

AP- who r u ?? and what r u doing here ??

RAGINI- vo ….vo…

AP- what is this said it clearly

RAGINI- i was finding job 4 me then suddenly some boys start chasing me so to protect myself from them i hided in u r garden.i am extremely sorry 4 this

(after saying this she turned herself to go then suddenly AP called her )

AP- hay !!! wait

(then ragini again turned herself to look at AP)

AP- do u need a job ??

RAGINI- (no response )

AP(shout )-i said do u need job ??

(ragini became sacred after listening her voice ,she simply nodded)

AP- ohk fine follow me !!

RAGINI- what ??

AP- r u deaf or what ?? i said follow me

(saying this AP left from there and ragini was slowly following her she was thinking )

RAGINI(in her mind )-oh god what type of games r u playing with me ,this is the same house where my baba……..(her voice chock),but i need a job

(ragini was lost in her own thought suddenly she collided with a girl ,the girl was in a black short dress with high heels and yah she was none other than grown up swara )

SWARA- hey can’t u have eyes ??

RAGINI- i am extremly sorry

SWARA- just shut up ,bhenji poor girl

(then she push ragini a little and entered the house leaving ragini with teary eyes )
(swara came inside the mansion and start shouting )

SWARA- anupurna aunty ,sujata aunty where r u all ??
(then AP came from behind )

AP- o my god swara u r so much change haan ??

SWARA- leave all this aunty first tell me this how could u appoint such type of mad and disgusting servents ??

AP- about whom r u talking ??

SWARA- that girl !!(point towards ragini who was standing at the entrance with her head looking down )

AP- oh don’t worry darling u go upstair take some snacks i am just coming in a few sec

(after this swara left from there by giving ragini a disgusting look)

AP- hey u girl come here (she called ragini near her )

AP- So u want job which type of job do u want ??

RAGINI(looking down)- any type of job mam i really need this plz mam it would u r……………….

AP- ohk ohk fine i am appointing u as my grandchilden’s nany do u have any problem ??

RAGINI- no mam i am ohk with it

AP- good

(then she called adarsh and parineeta and their children shiv and rehan )

AP- adarsh ,parineeta meet this girl this is………….. what is u r name ???

RAGINI – ragini gad……..(she was going to reveal her full name but then at the next moment she stops )
-ragini mam just ragini

AP- meet this girl she is ragini ,shiv and rehan’s new nany

AP- and yah ragini he is adarsh and she is parineeta and they r those children which u have to handle shiv and rehan

(before AP could say more shivan (shiv +rehan ) ran towards ragini and hug her ,all became surprised by their sudden moves but ragini similed seeing her innocence )

PARINEETA- ragini i think both of them start liking u and yah its a good sign 4 u because they r so naughty ………..

(ragini just similed at parineeta )

AP- if both of u r drama r over then raginin take these children inside their room and start u r work from today itself,did u understand

(ragini simply nodded and leaves with shivan towards their room )

AP- excuse me i have to call someone and yah parineeta make sure that all the arrangements for tonight party should be best i don’t want any mess in that did u get that ??

PARINEETA- yah !!! mom just relax, me and adarsh ji have already seen all the arangement ,the party will be best and by the way my devar laksh is coming back after such a long time from australia,the party has to be special mom

AP- yah tonight party would be a blast all kolkata will see that LAKSH MAHESHWARI is coming ,the maheshwari’s future CEO is coming

PARINEETA- yah mom u r ri8

(then AP leaves from there leaving parineeta in her own thoughts )

PARINEETA-it is so doubtfull how can a women like mom can trust a innocent girl like ragini so easily ,i am damn sure there is something fishy ,is mom planning something ???

(ragini was passing from laksh’s room which was closed a sudden cold breze touch her face she turned herself and came near the room and touch its door with closed eyes and said slowly )

RAGINI- lucky !!!!

(Here in america laksh was packing his bag suddenly he feel something )

LAKSH- why i am feeling like this that someone who is closed to my heart called my name ???

(screen shift toward AP who was busy in her call then DP came in her room and closed the door )

AP- what happen why u suddenly…..

DP- anupurna tonight laksh is coming i think we should tell him………..

AP- no we can’t tell him now this secret can’t be reveal anyhow,just forget all about it and yah i don’t want to discuss this

(saying this AP left from there leaving DP in his thoughts )

DP- u can’t imagine AP what r u doing ,i am sacred what will happen if secret of 25 years ago will get reveal ??

episode ends on DP sacred face


so guys how was it don’t forget to comment i am waiting 4 this and yah thanx to all those who have commented on my last epi i will surely take their name in my next epi,and yah guys i am leaving 4 pune so i will not be able to post this story 4 two to three days but after this i will surely update regularly and yah another news i am also writing a another love story based on RAGLAK so it would be my pleasure if u help me in suggestioning the name there r three option-


so guys give me u r votes regarding the tiltle of my next story and yah if another title come in u r mind u can also suggest me that but yah remember it should contain the word ”AASHIQUE ” so guys keep similing and stay healthy bye see u /////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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