hello guys this is riya and thanx a lot 4 supporting me i will take names of those of my friends who have commented on my last episode so lets start the episode-

Many days were passed like this me and my lado now become best friends ,we start sharing each other secrets ,pain , and happiness .My family doesn’t like my friendship with her especially my mom ,she always used to scold me but i never ever care about this ,we were like body and soul ,knows each other very well ,and care each other very well .i want to add swaru in our team also but she never like lado ,she never play with me whenever i was playing with lado ,i always wants to create friendship between them but all goes in vain on day swaru came in my room

SWARA-laksh what is this ??

MYSELF- what happen swaru why r u shouting like this ??

SWARA- oh !! so u r asking me that why i am shouting like this ?? do u remember when u last came in my home to play with me ??

MYSELF- swaru….wo …i was ……

SWARA- i know laksh, very well u were busy with that driver’s daughter ,what is her name ?? yah LADO !!! so cheap and disgusting !!!

i coudn’t control on my anger after hearing such harsh words against my lado

MYSELF – swaru !!!! control on u r mouth she is my best friend did u get that !!!

SWARA- ohk fine play with u r new best friend and yah u have forgotten me completely ,u have forgetten u swaru

she start crying so to console her i said –

MYSELF- nothing like this swaru u know na no one can come between us we are childhood friends ,and yah sorry for my ignorance come lets play video game hey wait a minute i also call lado she likes playing video game lot

Suddenly she shouted on me

SWARA- no i am not intersted go and play alone with that girl ,i am not eager to play with a poor driver’s daughter ,blo*dy chipku jab dekho hamare bich me aajati hein !!

i shouted with all my strength

MYSELF – swara !!!!!!!!! behave u r self ,otherwise i will forget ……….

before i could complete my line i saw lado standing on my door’s entrance ,she was crying there and was looking at me .god knows but why i feel intense pain in my heart after seeing her crying ,she ran from there i also follow her

MYSELF- plz lado listen me once na, why r u running lado plz plz stop plz

then i noticed she was going upstair on terrace then i also follow her then we reached at the terrace

MYSELF- oh god lado how fast u run haan !!! u should be in marathon ,u will surely win gold medal 4 this !!

but then i stop myself because she was not responding to me she was standing still there,her back was infront of me ,i slowly went towards her and turned her ,there she was crying sliently then i said

MYSELF- lado ,what is this yaar ??why r u crying haan ?? i don’t like tears in my best friend’s eyes

LADO(sobbing)- no lucky i am not u r best friend ,u r best friend is only swara ,i think she is ri8 i came between u people !!

MYSELF- no, lado nothing like this u both r my friends ,u know what swaru said is absolutely wrong but dont take her words on heart she is just like this only ,her anger is always on her nose as u rs tears are always ready to come from u r eyes !!!

LADO- plz lucky i am not worth of u r friendsh………

before she could complete her line swaru came from behind and start shouting

SWARA- yah !! u r ri8 u r not worth of our friendship because u r poor and we r rich there is no equalty between u and us did u get that !!!

MYSELF- swaru plz stop u drama otherwise …….

SWARA- otherwise what ?? llaksh haan u will break friendship with me tell me !!!

MYSELF- i didn’t want to do arguement just…..

before i could say anything she pushed me aside and came infront of lado

SWARA- now i will show u what sin u have commited !!

saying this she raise her hand to push lado before she could do that i hurriedly came in front of them as a result i was pushed by her but thanx to god i was able to hold terrace’s end ,i was hanging but my old best friend was blaming my new best friend ,both of them were in panic,lado was doing her favourite job i.e. shading tears then swaru said –

SWARA- wait laksh i am calling someone 4 help just wait haan i am coming!!!

after saying this she went to call someone but my lado was continouly crying

MYSELF (still hanging)- how many times i have to say same thing lado plz don’t cry ??

then she bent towards me and raise her hands towards me

LADO- lucky give me u r hand

MYSELF-no lado u can’t do this alone let someone come

LADO- lucky don’t waste time look at u hands they r next to slip,just give me u r hands

MYSELF-but lado………….

before i could say anything she hold my hand tightly and pull me towards her with all her strength as a result i was safe

LADO(hug me)-lucky r u all ri8 ?? i was so sacred haan !!!

MYSELF (hug her back )- nothing happen to me lado !!! just relax how can something bad hapen to me if u r around me !!!

i was consoling her then suddenly my mom came over there ,she was very much angry and came infront of lado and gave her a tight slap

i screamed

MYSELF – mom !!!!

MOM- just shut up laksh only because of this girl u r life was in danger .i will not spare this girl anymore

MYSELF- but mom lado has nothing to do with this she is innocent and by the way swa……….

MOM- shut up laksh don’t try to hide the mistake of this driver’s daughter did u get that ??

then she called ramdeen uncle to call lado’s dad that i used to call him baba just like lado then at the next moment he came –

BABA- what happen malkin u called me suddenly??

MOM- shayam take u r daughter with u r self and haan make her to understand what is difference between the lord and a servents !!!

i again shouted

MYSELF- mom plz ………….

MOM- shayam what r u waitng 4 ??? go and take her with u r self yah remember tommorrow is diwali party so don’t u dare to take her inside keep her in servents quater aayi baat samaj mein ??

BABA(nodded)-yes malkin don’t take tension ,lado will never come out from servents quater so u just relax

baba was holding lado’s hand tightly we both were looking at each other and at the next moment she was gone

episode end on raglak stairing each other


So guys how was it ?? don’t forget to comment so keep similing and stay healthy bye ////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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