Episode start with laksh holding ragini ‘s hand and taking her somewhere

RAGINI- laksh what r u doing ?where we r going ?

LAKSH- arrey come na u asked many questions ,hmm….. yah look at that –

RAGINI-where ?

LAKSH- arrey that …………………

(Then he make ragini turn towards a direction first she make an confused expression then her expression changes and she jump in excitement)

RAGINI- oh god icecream !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(she was jumping like a little girl and in that excitement she hold laksh’s hand tightly ,laksh look at their hands and a deep simile came on his face)

RAGINI- come fast let’s enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!

(then she make laksh to run ,both goes near icecream vendor )

RAGINI- bhayia one chochate icecream 4 him and buttersctoch 4 me !!!!!!!

(Laksh look at her with surprised expressions )

RAGINI- what ??

LAKSH- how do u know that i like choclate flavour ?

(ragini got numb at that question ,a worried expression came on her face )

RAGINI- oh god ragini what have u done now what to do ? i can’t reveal my real identity to him

LAKSH- what happen ? where r u lost ?

RAGINI(stammering)- vo…vo..laksh i saw u in the party that u where enjoying choclate icecream so i just thought……………………….

(Laksh lean towards her and said )

LAKSH(huskily)- oh ! so u were looking at me only at the party !!! i think u have something something 4 me ………….

Ragini eyes got widened ,she pushed him slightly-

RAGINI- what ? have u gone mad ? is i am fool that i will look at u ? what so special in u ? haan ?

LAKSH(raised his collor )-what so special ? do u have any idea how many girls r mad behind me ???

RAGINI- yah u r ri8 only mad girls will run behind u because they r escape from mental asylum and not any normal girl !!!!

LAKSH(in his mind)- but i think i will soon become mad 4 u

RAGINI(wave her hand )- oh hello mister if u r out of ur dream then plz can u handle u r icecream because i have to enjoy mine also !!

With this she handed his icecream to him and now both were eating and was walking slowly slowly towards the car,here ragini was busy in her icecream and our hero was busy in admiring her then suddenly an idea pop out in laksh mind ,he simirk a little-

LAKSH- hey !!

RAGINI- what ??

(without waisting a single moment laksh put his icecream on ragini’s nose)

RAGINI- lakshhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(laksh was laughing like a mad at ragini’s condition )

RAGINI- laksh have u gone mad ? what is this ?

LAKSH- what ? u r looking too cute awww…….

RAGINI- lakshhhhhh !!! now look what will i do now ! just wait and watch

With this she start running behind him with a rod on her hand

LAKSH- ragini stop what r u doing ? i will die

RAGINI – i don’t care mr . now i will not spare u

Ragini was running very fast then her foot slip as a result she fall and there was cliff behind her ,she scream in fear-

RAGINI-aaahhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!

Here when laksh heard her voice he turn himself and was shock ,he also scream her name-

LAKSH- raginiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!

PRECAP- SWARA KI EK GHARI SAJISH JISSE KHATRE MEIN AAYGI RAGINI KI JAAN (swara’s deadly plan that will put ragini’s life in danger)

Guys i am really very disapointed i think i am not a good writer so i am thinking to quit all these ff as i am not getting enough comment

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  1. No….I enjoy all of your FF…please don’t quit….it was amazing….

  2. Don’t get dissappointed riya!!!!!
    You r a fab writer!!!!
    plzzz dont end it!!!!!! plzzzzz!!!!!

  3. No no Rita u r awesome writer don’t stop any of or ff I really like them a lot there must be lot of silent readers i am also a silent reader i cmnted for u plzzzzzz don’t stop and update everyday yaar i will be waiting

  4. Darling …don’t do that….u r story is too gud…but here mainly ragsan&swasan fans are more it’s my personal opinion….don’t worry …u r an excellent writer…but pls make laksh know that ragini is laddoo so that it will be interesting…. Don’t make swara that much bad…swaragini both should be good&equality also should be there….so that u will get nice comments it’s my personal opinion….if u can try too add sujatha as funny character just like in swaragini…make her as a guardian to ragini…by seeing ragini’s good attitude she adapts her…she currently she is in us…she is a single mother too ragini..ragini us heir for a huge property but ragini wants simplicity so that she joins in mm like that… Swara knows about ragini…she get know how simple should person be eventhough there are lot much priority…their behavior matters not property like that…then it will be gud…it is my opinion…

  5. Noooo….ua good wrttr….don’t say like that

  6. Hey please don’t feel ur a awesome writer please don’t stop ur ffs

  7. I am a silent reader love ur ff plzzzzzzzz don’t stop

  8. Awesome please continue all ur ffs

  9. How can u say that.i love all of ur ff dear.plzz don’t stop at the middle.

  10. No yr dont do this….ur all ffs r awsm…..u r superb writer…..plzzzzz its a request to all silent readers comment yr…..

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  12. Riya plz don’t stop you ff. I really like them plz plz

  13. Nice

  14. i love all ur ff a lot..all are superb..plzz don’t end ur ff..plzz

  15. No riya u r a amazing writer… i luv all ur ff plzz don’t quit continue to write yaar plzzz…

  16. Hey don’t quit. It’s a nice story.. Keep going… Der r many silent readers

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  20. pls dont stop this ff…in my opinion you are one of the best writers of telly updates and there are barely any raglak ffs….pls make laksh know that ragini is laado

  21. Sis it’s really awesome. Please don’t quit your ff writing. I am a very big fan of u. Please continue. Thanks for the update

    1. It is awesome riya

  22. By all t comments itself u would hve understud….it super cntnu…

  23. awsm
    luved it

  24. Hey plz dnt stop ur ff its awesome

  25. No no pls don’t end them just bcoz u r nt getting enough comments. There are persons like me who love them so think about us??

  26. u r an awesome writter riya and u r very talented and see even if u delay your update still we all love your ff and for your every ff u r getting more that 20 to 30 cmnts then hw can u say that u r not a good writter ???

  27. its nice i like it continue dear

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