Hey guys this is riya and this is the next episode so let’s enjoy with a hot recap-


Episode start with all member of maheswari’s gather at the garden they were in a shock accept anupurna who was simirking,there was a dead body present at the centreof the garden,it was of ap’s old driver,it seems someone shoot him on his head ,he was fully drench in blood,later after few min police camethere and start their investigation,they were asking various questions from each family memberthen they enquire from anupurna-

COP-Mam do u know him ??

AP- yah he is my old driver

COP- old driver !! that means he is not working in u r house nowadays

AP- offcourse

COP- Then what he was doing here ?

a worried expression came on AP’s face

AP- How can i know this ? it’s u r duty not mine

COP- Yah i know what to do or what not so 4 investigation we taking his dead body and yah u all meshwari’s r suspect so u all have to coperate in our investigation whenever needed !!!

With this cops leaves from there with dead body

PARINEETA- Mom why did u said that ?? i know u have invited that driver

AP- Oh just shut up parineeta mind u r own business otherwise it will not good 4 u did u get that ??

(With this she leaves from angrily and DP also follow her ,then parineeta notice ragini coming over there laksh also notice her but remain silent )then parineeta moves towards her

PARINEETA- Ragini wher was u ?? i was searching u in the whole party

RAGINI- Vo… act.ually ………..

PARINEETA- ohk fine forget all this now u go as it’s almost 10 and it will more difficult 4 u if u will present here and yah laksh will drop u hena laksh ??

Laksh simply nodded with a bright simile –

RAGINI- No need 4 this i can manage

LAKSH- No u will not i will drop u

RAGINI(almost shout )-I said i will manage then i will manage !!

LAKSH(copy her body language )-and i said i will drop u then i will drop u

Then laksh hold her hand tightly and drag her toward his car ,he forcefully make her to sit in the car and also he sit in the driver’s seat ,then he notice that ragini is unable to fasten her seat belt so to help her he goes close to her ,both were very close to each other ,they were lost in each other eyes (MOOH MOoH KE DHAGE PLAYS),ragini’s aroma was making laksh crazy so to feel more he get more closer to her and ragini close her eyes tightly ,a small simle came on laksh’s face –

LAKSH(in his mind )- u r this innocent face is making me urs ragini what magic u r doing on me ??

then ragini with closed said-

RAGINI- laksh fastly fasten the seat belt ,i am getting more uncomfortable

LAKSH(huskily)-why ?

Ragini widely open her eyes

RAGINI- laksh !!

LAKSH- what ?

RAGINI- I said fasten the seat belt fastly

LAKSH- Yah chill miss angry bird i am doing my job

RAGINI-Then do it fast !!

With this laksh came back on his driving seat with simile on his face while ragini was giving him disgusting look and they leave from there

Screen move to AP who was sitting on her chair-

DP- so this was u r plan ?

AP- (no response )

DP- I asked something from u anupurna

AP-If u already know this then why r u asking ?

DP- Oh just shut up !!! i know very well that u r planning something big when ?? when ?? will u stop all this haan ??

Listening this AP stood up from chair angrily and went towards DP and raise index finger towards him

AP- Never !! did u get that ? now i am so closed to my dreams

DP- Shut up i am fed with u and this so called dreams and yah from now onwards i will not support u did u get that ??

AP- u will not support me !!! haha…………..(she laugh sarcastically )- oh poor man did u forget that what we have done 25 yrs ago ? what will happen if laksh comes to know about all this haaan ??

Listening all this DP get paralysed –

AP- what happen durga prasad maheswari ? did u forget that first it was all urs plan ,u have involve me on this and when we r near to our plan then u r taking u r step back ??

DP(Shout )- yes yes yes !!!! i know it was all my plan but it’s all the matter of 25 yrs ago and now i realise that we r doing wrong anupurna ,i am begging from u plz plz stop all this otherwise all the relations will get burn in this devilish fire !!

AP(shout)- no !! i will not i have to complete my plan anyhow ,u don’t have any idea how much ? how much ? i have waited 4 this moment !! and when i am closed to my plan then u r saying all these !! did u forget how many things we have done to complete this dream!! is all that a joke !! no i don’t care about anyone and any relation i only know to complete my dream that’s all !!

DP- U r such a …..,it’s waistage of time by talking to u about all this (then he leaves from there angrily by slamming the door

Screen shift towards raglak who were in the car ,ragini was looking outside the window while laksh was continously stairing her then after sometime ragini notice this-

RAGINI- Look straight mr.

LAKSH-(now response still stairing at her )

RAGINI- lakshhhh !!!!

LAKSH – Haan ?? ya..ya u r ri8 i am so handsome !! i know this allredy

RAGINI- whatttt ???

LAKSH kya What ? why r u looking at me like ?

RAGINI- U r just mad (with this she again turn her face towards window)

LAKSH(slowly )- yes 4 u

RAGINI – did u say anything ?

LAKSH- Yah i said that u r ri8 i am mad ,mad 4 someone !!

RAGINI- whatever

then she again turn towards window

LAKSH(in his mind )-o god this girl is still looking outside now what to do ??

suddenly he break the silence-

LAKSH- ragini….


LAKSH- can i ask u something

RAGINI- what ?

LAKSH- do u have any friend ?

RAGINI- Yah lots of why ?

LAKSH- no nothing that’s gr8…. er..any best friend ?

RAGINI- All r my best friend ,my bff

LAKSH(scaredly) -and what about bf ?

Ragini eyes got widened 4 some sec then she simirk a little

RAGINI- Yah i have bf no no not bf i have bfs

LAKSH(gulped in his throat )- bfs ???????????

RAGINI- yah what happen ?? what so big deal in that ?? i have my bf i think it’s no, is more than 8

LAKSH(stop his car with a sudden jerk )- whatt ??? r u serious ?/

RAGINI(hide her simile )- yah i am serious what happen ?

Now laksh sart sweating badly ,he was breathing heavily ,when ragini look at him she burst out in laughing then laksh move his head towards her and narrow his eyebrow

RAGINI(laughing like a mad)-what ?? why r u looking at me like this ?? haan yr i am serious i have 8 bfs but those r under 10

she again sart laughing ,listening all this laksh’s happiness was of no bound but he control his feeling and said-

LAKSH- How ??

RAGINI- oh god dumbo i live in orphange and there r many children so all r very special to me and yah more than any bf

Listening this laksh losses his control and hugs her happily and tightly with closed eyes-

LAKSH- Oh god i got sacred thanx a lot u don’t have any bf

Then at the next moment ragini push him little –

RAGINI- Hey what do u mean ?

LAKSH- nothing ! i …..i was just …………………

RAGINI- ohk fine can we go plz start u r car i am getting really late

LAKSH(saw something outside window)-no not now i have something 4 u

RAGINI- What ?

LAKSH- don’t ask question just come with me

RAGINI- but laksh tell me…………………

Before ragini could complete her line laksh open her seat’s door and drag her towards himself

LAKSH-come fast

RAGINI-laksh !what is this ? where r u taking me ?

LAKSH-Arrey come na ,hmm…………..ya look at that

RAGINI- where

LAKSH- oh god that !!

with this he turn her towards a dirn,ragini expression change

Episode end on ragini’s confused face

Credit to: riya kapoor

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