hay guys this u r friend riya and this is my first episode hope u all will like it –

screen moves towards a big room in america a guy of 24 yrs is sitting on his table he is writting something on his diary lets see what is writting ??

dear diary,

I LAKSH wants to share a very important incident of my life that day 12 SEPT 2004 it was my 12th b’day a big party was organised in our home all my friends were there especially my childhood friend swaru suddenly my dad came there with a middle aged men there was his daughter also then at that moment i first saw her she was so innocent and cute ,She was wearing baby pink frock with normal slippers , she was looking little bit sacred ,she was of 9 yrs at that time ,her innocence was dragging me towards her then when my b’day party was over i asked to mom about that middle aged man and his daughter ,then she said he is our new driver he will leave here with his daughter .i liitle bit danced on my head because i want to talk to her ,to do friendship with her ,i want to be with her ,then at the next morning i saw her in our home garden she was making toys from clay .I was observing her every movement ,she was looking very very cute , she was so busy in that she didn’t noticed how much clay she has put on her face , i can’t stop myself from going there where she was busy in herself then i said –

MYSELF- hay !!

GIRL- (not responding )

MYSELF- what happen ?? don’t u have u r voice ??

GIRL- i don’t talk with stranger !!

MYSELF- but why ???

GIRL- My baba used to tell me that we should not talk with strangers !!

MYSELF- ohk no problem let me introduce my self hai i am lucky and u ???

GIRL- lado !!!

MYSELF- what ???

GIRL- i said lado ,this is my name

MYSELF- lado ?? hahaah ……..very funny name lado !!!!!!

i was laughing like mad after listening her unique name then i control myself because she was giving me angry look but she was looking more cute in that then for diverting her mind i asked her –

MYSELF- wase what r u doing here ??

LADO- can’t u see i am making my toys !!

MYSELF- but why r u doing such a hard labour for toys go and buy from the market its so easy

LADO- i don’t have this much money for buying toys

i saw pain in her eyes but i don’t understand that why i was also feeling the same pain in my heart then i said –

MYSELF-not any problem come with me we will play with my toys togther , i know i don’t have girly toys but still u will enjoy so lets go

saying this i hold her hand to take her with myself but she jerk my hand away and said –

LADO- no i can’t come with u !! how can i ?? i am u r driver’s daughter , i can’t play with u r toys ,u toys will get spoiled from my touch

then again i hold her hand and say –

MYSELF – never say this again lado u r now my friend and how will my toys will get spoiled from u touch

LADO- friend ?? when we become friend ???

MYSELF- today itself oh sorry !! i forgot to ask u whether can we become friends ???

LADO- but how can we ……..

MYSELF – don’t say this and that just say yes i want to be ur friend plz

LADO- ohk then i accept it but ……..

then suddenly swaru came over there she was seacrhing 4 me

SWARU- hey laksh what r u doing here and that to with this drivers daughter haan ??

MYSELF- swaru don’t say anything about lado she is my new friend now and lado she is swaru i mean swara my best buddy

then lado give her a warm simile but swaru move her head away ,i was very much angry on swaru 4 this then she said

SWARU- laksh r u coming with me or not?? or whether i should complain to u r mom about all this

MYSELF- go and do u r complain i am not coward , go go mom ki chamchi

saying this i hold lado hand tightly and take her to my room ,after seeing my room she widely open her mouth and said –

LADO-lucky is this is u r room ?? seriously lucky it is so much big i think 100 people will easily accomodate in this hena !!!

MYSELF- hahaha……..lado very funny !! hey wait i have something 4 u !!!!

LADO- what ??

MYSELF- arre baba wait na and come wth me fast !!!

then again i hold her hand god knows but why i loved holding her hand ??

after searching 4 15 min she said-

LADO- what r u finding lucky ???

MYSELF- have patience lado ……..mmm where it is ??? haan mil gaya !!! ohk then closed u r eyes !!!

LADO- what ???

MYSELF- i said close u r eyes simple !!!

LADO- ohk fine but yah do fastly whatever u want to do because i am sacred of darkness

saying this she closes her eyes tightly and i was similing on her innocence then i took a cute doll just like her ij my hand and forward it towards her

MYSELF – open u r eyes lado !!

LADO- ohk !!!

she slowly open her eyes,i can see brightness in her eyes that came after looking at doll

MYSELF – do u like it ??

LADO- yah lucky it is very much cute but whom r u going to give this ?? i think swara ri8

MYSELF – nope this is 4 my new friend this is 4 u lado actually i brought this 4 swaru but she didn’t like this so i an giving to u hope u will not mind !!

LADO- but lucky how can i take this its seems very expensive no i can’t take this !!

i was now more angry because she was continously disrespecting her and i didn’t like this

MYSELF- what is this lado how much time i have to say same thing haan ??

LADO- ohk ohk relax my angry bird i will not say this ever now happy ???

MYSELF- i will be more happy if u will accept this

LADO – ohk i accept this fine !!!

MYSELF – Yah !!!

LADO- but lucky i don’t have anything 4 u !!

i simply similed on her innocence and said

MYSELF – u have something lado which i want ??

LADO- what ??

MYSELF- u r simile i really love u r simile

then she similed 4 me and i feel so relaxed after seeing her simile then she said

LADO – wait wait i have also something 4 u !!!!!!

i exictedly said

MYSELF – what lado ??

LADO- first closed u r eyes !!

MYSELF – ohk fine

then i closed my eyes then at the next moment i feel somrthing crawling over my palm i fastly open my eyes and screamed in fear

MYSELF – aaaahhhhhhaaaa!!!!!!

i jump on my bed and was shouting like a mad as if i saw a ghost and there lado was laughing like a mad on my situation then i give her an angry look but she was not responding she started more laughing then i said

MYSELF – lado ki bacchi wait now i am coming just wait and watch

LADO – come come lucky lets see how will u catch me motu !!!

MYSELF – hey don’t call me like this !!!

then we were running and laughing like mad and then at the next moment we fell on floor and was continously laughing

episode end on lucky and lado laughing faces


so guys how it is don’t forget to comment so keep similing and stay healthy bye //////////////////

Credit to: riya kapoor

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