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hello guys!!! this is sobia back with the third shot…..i might wrap it up today itself thank you all so much for all the lovely comments i got now let us start oh and so sorry for the late update today

recap: laksh planned a very beautiful surprise for their wedding anniversary but she got mad and ruined the preparations….laksh felt guilty for marrying ragini forcefully and so now he is trying to help her be happy again since she is not happy with him….shanaya comes and ragini feels jealous of her….

shanaya brings the tea for laksh and sets it on the table…he smiles and looks at her…he says thank you shanaya….she smiles and says no problem sir…ragini is in the kitchen standing still feeling guilty for what happened…she thinks i said so much to laksh but he said nothing back…he silently let me talk….was shanaya right? am i really not a good wife? she brings the breakfast on the table and sees shanaya and laksh sitting next to each other and talking….she feels so jealous seeing laksh with another girl…laksh sees ragini….they share an eye lock…laksh thinks if i stay here any minute longer then ragini’s day will be ruined more….i think i should leave….he quickly drinks his tea and says shanaya come it’s 9 am we should leave for office….
ragini says laksh um what about breakfast? he says i’ll have it at office….besides i have to come home early anyways for the diwali puja so i’m leaving….he says come let’s leave shanaya….she nods and ragini feels bad….they are leaving but ragini says wait laksh….he stops and turns around….she walks to him and says um actually i am sorry for this morning….i didn’t know you have fev…interuptted…..laksh says ragini i am really getting late….he goes to leave when shanaya trips and falls over laksh….she is on top of him….ragini sees that and burns in jealousy….laksh says shanaya are you okay? she nods and looks at ragini smilingly…..fb shows she purposely tripped over to make ragini jealous and it worked….
shanaya gets up and says i am so sorry sir…he says no problem….she offers her hand to him to get up….she thinks of something and pulls laksh up but purposely falls down again where this time laksh is on top of shanaya….ragini can’t bear it anymore and goes to them….she helps laksh up and comes in between shanaya and laksh….ragini burning in jealously says shanaya can’t you see and walk? why do you keep falling? she says sorry ragini actually….ragini shows her hand and says ma’am….call me ma’am….shanaya says sorry ma’am…..ragini says hmm now better….they are about to leave when ragini stops them again….she comes to shanaya and says if you fall over laksh again then….she stomps her feet and leaves burning in jealousy while shanaya smiles….plan 2 worked….
laksh sees ragini going and thinks what happened to her? he starts leaving when he sees he is wearing home clothes…he says wait shanaya i didn’t change…let me go and then we will leave….she nods….after sometime ap also comes back with some sari seller…she asks him to set everything on the table and calls ragini….she says yes maa….ragini comes and says yes maa you called me? ap says yes beta so today is diwali puja and we wear new clothes each diwali so i was wondering to buy some new clothing and jewelry….ragini just smiles and ap says plus you are newly married so it will be more fresh….ragini thinks newly married my foot….

i just hope i am free from this relationship soon….laksh comes down and thinks very soon ragini i will give you your freedom….he smiles and says come shanaya let’s leave….she nods but ap says arrey shanaya beta i’m so sorry i didn’t notice you but now that i did come here and select something for yourself too na….ragini looks at shanaya and she says no aunty it’s okay….ap says no beti come and choose something and yes you also have to come to the diwali puja okay? shanaya just nods…ap says laksh beta come here…laksh comes and says yes maa….ap says laksh beta select a sari for ragini….he says me? why maa? she playfully hits him and says arrey you two are newlyweds so you should do something for your wife na….
ragini thinks huh newlyweds….this marriage is fake itself….laksh just nods….while he chooses one sari shanaya picks one and likes it…she asks laksh and he says hmmm it looks nice….

laksh eyes a baby pink sari with silver embroidery….he thinks this will look good on ragini….he says ragini this sari is for you….she gives him attitude and says i don’t like the color…if you wanted to choose a sari for me then you should have picked my favorite one or at least something better…she picks a light blue color and says maa i like this one….ap just nods and laksh feels bad that ragini didn’t take his chosen sari….shanaya sees this and thinks this ragini has so much attitude….now laksh felt bad….she thinks of something and smiles….she puts down her selected sari and takes the baby pink one laksh selected….she looks at it and says wow sir it’s very nice….if you don’t mind can i buy this one….ragini looks on with a shocked expression and thinks huh? laksh selected this for me and this shanaya wants it….but i know laksh will say no since it was for me….she smiles but laksh says sure shanaya if you like it then keep it….
ragini looks on shocked….she thinks how dare laksh give her the sari? he chose it for me? she stops and realizes what she thought and thinks but why am i feeling so bad? why is it that whenever he is with shanaya i feel bad? she hugs him in a friendly way and ragini burns in jealousy….she says to ap and she asks the person to pack it….laksh felt so bad for ragini’s no on his selected sari….he says shanaya i am waiting in the car…come soon….she nods…shanaya leaves and ap goes to ragini….she says ragini beta why did you say no to the sari laksh chose for you? as far as i know you like that color and that type of sari so then why did you say no? she says i don’t know maa….ap says beta laksh chose the sari for you so lovingly and you just said no to him…..he must have felt so bad….ragini looks up and thinks maybe i did hurt laksh…ap leaves and ragini feels bad…..she thinks anyways it doesn’t matter it’s over now…she leaves for the kitchen
at office laksh is working but is mind is somewhere else….shanaya sees him and thinks ragini has really hurt sir so much….i just hope she realizes soon or it will be too late….she sighs and gets to work…in the evening laksh returns home with many gift bags and shanaya follows him…ap is sitting in the hall and says arrey laksh beta come and why so many gift bags? laksh smiles and says maa today is diwali and i thought why not get gifts for everyone? he calls everyone down and ragini comes too….he takes out the first gift and says maa this is for you…she thanks him….laksh takes out another gift and says papa this is for you….he smiles….he takes out a another gift and says chutki this is for you….she thanks him….laksh had given gifts to everyone but ragini….she felt bad but then saw a gift in the bag and thought i knew laksh wouldn’t forget my gift….shanaya is standing next to ragini to see ragini’s reaction on the last gift….
laksh takes out the last gift and walks towards ragini….she feels happy from the inside that laksh got something for her….he walks past her and gives the box to shanaya…..ragini’s shocked….shanaya is surprised….laksh says shanaya this is for you….you have been working with me and always there for me so i thought to gift something to you too….shanaya smiles and thanks laksh….ragini feels bad and jealous…ap says arrey laksh beta you got everyone something then why not ragini? she looks at him hopefully and laksh looks at her teary eyed and hurt….he says maa someone said they don’t like my choice and what i choose so i thought why get something and they not like it….ragini hears it and feels bad for what she said in the morning…laksh leaves teary eyed and shanaya thinks ragini please realize how much sir loves you….
its night and the puja and everything is going on….shanaya comes down wearing the baby pink sari and the bangles laksh gifted her….ragini comes down wearing the baby blue sari she chose and looks around….she thinks where is laksh? she spots laksh with some clients and gets this unusual smile….laksh turns around and is mesmerized seeing ragini….shanaya comes after her and walks down….laksh goes towards ragini and says you look nice…..she is about to say thanks when laksh completes his sentence and says shanaya….ragini feels bad….shanaya says thank you sir….he takes her and asks her to meet the bose family…she greets them and ragini goes to the side to help with other things….it’s been 2 hours and laksh still hasn’t noticed ragini….ragini feels jealous seeing laksh with shanaya the whole time….
she thinks why is all this affecting me? finally the puja time came….all did their puja it was now raglak’s turn….they go and do it together but laksh doesn’t see her at all…ragini is looking at him the whole time…after their puja…everyone is talking when laksh gets a phone call….he goes to the side to attend it….when laksh hears the person he feels a little bit of happiness and sadness….he says thank you so much…i’ll come by tomorrow to pick up the papers….they hang up….laksh gestures shanaya to come…she comes to laksh…he tells her that the divorce papers are made and i can let ragini be free now…she will be happy…..shanaya is shocked…she thinks all this is happening so fast….i can’t let this happen….ragini needs to realize soon or she will lose laksh sir….
shanaya just fakes a smile and says sir are you sure you want this? he stops smiling and says no…but i know ragini will be happy…

he leaves leaving shanaya in confusion….she thinks i’ll need to do something fast before laksh and ragini get divorced…everyone leaves for home and raglak head to their room….laksh quickly changes and falls asleep….ragini thinks why is laksh behaving this way with me? why do i feel bad when he is not near me? why is it that i always want him near him? do i love him? she closes her eyes and thinks about all the moments spent with laksh….an angel and devil pop up on both her shoulders…the angel says ragini you love laksh…devil says no ragini you don’t….angel says ragini confess before it’s too late…devil says no ragini you are just attracted….angel says decide now…devil says don’t confess….angel and devil voices are heard decide now…don’t confess…decide now…don’t confess….she holds her ears and opens her eyes….she thinks yes…i love laksh….i have started loving him….

she looks at laksh sleeping and smiles….she thinks i will confess soon….shanaya comes there and sees ragini smiling….she waits and ragini slowly says i love you laksh…shanaya hears her and is glad ragini has started loving laksh…she thinks but then realizes divorce papers….she thinks what now? she leaves and laksh wakes up the next morning…he finds ragini sleeping and smiles…he says today you will be free….i will give you back your happiness….he goes to freshen up and calls someone…he says yes i’m coming around 2 pm…have my ticket ready….he smiles and says good bye ragini….he goes to meet the lawyer….he gives him the divorce papers and laksh thinks now my ragini will be happy….
he thanks the lawyer and heads home….he goes into the room and opens the papers…he is sad about losing his love but happy his love will be happy when she is free….he picks up a pen and teary eyed signs it….he then gets a paper and writes something and leaves it on the desk….he packs his bags and heads for the airport….before leaving he turns back and whispers i love you ragini….always stay happy and keep me in your memories if possible….he runs and gives her a long kiss on her cheeks and a tear falls on her cheek….he quickly picks his bag and leaves for the airport….
ragini wakes up and thinks why did i feel like laksh was here? she looks around and finds him nowhere and suddenly she finds her cheek wet…she touches it and thinks water? she looks confused but wears her shoes and goes to freshen up…she comes out and smiles thinking laksh i love you…yes laksh i have started falling for you and today i will confess….she puts her vermillion and manglasutra and is about to leave when she spots a envelope on the table…she goes to it and picks it…she thinks what is this? she opens it and is shocked….she thinks divorce papers? she looks and it has laksh’s signature on it….she is shocked…she thinks no laksh you can’t leave me….she spots a note paper and picks it….she sees it wet and thinks why is it wet? she recalls the wetness on her face and the paper being wet….she thinks this can’t be water then what is…..she stops and says tears….? she quickly opens the note and reads it
dear ragini,
you will probably find this after i am gone….ragini i always wanted to tell you how much i love you….i even thought to tell you on the day of our wedding anniversary when i planned that surprise for you….but i guess you were really mad and shouted and said so much to me….i beared all your scoldings and decided i won’t tell you because i know you won’t beleive me….but today when i am leaving i thought to let you know…..ragini the truth is that after you joined the job as my secretary i didn’t start loving you after that…..i had always loved you….ever since i saw you at the stoplight….i’m sure you remember you were wearing a yellow shalwar kameez sitting in the auto….(she recalls that day) yes ragini i saw you there for the first time and started loving you…..after that i thought i need to find you and so i asked my friend omi to find details about you….he told me evrything….i thought i will come to meet you but that same day you came with your job interview….i saw you and felt happy you will be working with me….after you joined i just couldn’t resist and i started to love you more….then i decided to propose to you…but you…you rejected my proposal….(she stops reading and recalls that day and thinks it means laksh always loved me truly….and that day also he tried telling me but i hurt him by rejecting him and then ruining our wedding anniversary surprise….she cries hard) i then forcefully married you and then i realized that you weren’t the same ragini before marriage and after marriage and so i decided to bring my old ragini back….

i had planned our wedding anniversary surprise but you humiliated my love, my surprise and left….i then realized that maybe what i did to you was wrong and so i thought to let you free….you always wanted this ragini right? well today i am letting you free….i will let you live your life…..and the only way was to divorce you…..this is why i am giving a divorce to you….i know i lost the most precious thing of my life but i also know i helped my precious thing get her precious happiness…..i love you so much ragini and i will continue to love you all my life….i know that seeing my face each day will remind you of what deeds i did and that is why i have decided to leave the city….i have transferred all my property on your name and now it is your responisbilty to take care of my maa and my mom and dad’s all these years of hardwork….i love you ragini and if possible always remember me in your memories….goodbye ragini
love laksh
she is hell shocked reading all this….she breaks down completely…she thinks what did i do? i took too much time and now it is too late…she recalls what shanaya told her….”ragini you better handle yourself now or you will lose everything and it will be too late” she breaks down completely….on the other hand laksh is at the airport waiting for his flight to be called….the song khuda jaane plays
sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon…tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon…kya yeh sab ko hota hai….x2
hum ko kya lena hai sab se…tum se hi ab batein ab se…ban gaye ho tum meri dua….x2
khuda jaane ke mein fida hoon…khuda jaane mein mit gaya…khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai…ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda…

both raglak are heartbroken and crying in their respective places when shanaya enters
shanaya says so now you know how much sir loved you…she looks at shanaya…ragini says laksh loved me so much and i didn’t even know…i kept scolding him…hurting him but he kept hearing me without uttering a single word…shanaya says because sir truly loved you….ragini says what do i do now? laksh left for the airport…shanaya says no ragini you still have time…sir’s flight is at 3:30….it is 3:10….go fast so you can stop him…ragini thinks and says laksh i am coming…..she runs out and shanaya thinks finally ragini realized her feelings….she thinks so what if i didn’t get sir….he got his love and i’m happy….
ragini calls for a taxi and asks to get her to the airport….she sits and they go…raglak are seen heartbroken and crying again
tu kahe to tere hi kadam ke…main nishanon pe…chalun rukun ishaare pe…tu kahe toh khawabon ka bana ke…main bahana sa…mila karun sirhaane pe…ohhhh tum se dil ki baatein seekhi…tum se hi yeh raahe seekhi…tum pe marr ke mein tho jjee gaya…khuda jaane ke mein fida hoon…khuda jaane mein mit gaya…khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai…ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda…
ragini finally reaches the airport….she just rushes inside while laksh’s flight number has been called….he thinks i am leaving forever….i love you ragini…he closes his eyes and recalls all their moments and then leaves….ragini goes to counter and asks ma’am is there a passenger named laksh dixit?? she says sorry ma’am i can’t give personal info….she says listen i’m his wife please tell me….she says okay ma’am hold on….she says yes flight b114….ragini says did it leave yet…she checks and says ma’am its boarding passengers…she thinks i still have time and thanks her and runs towards check-out….laksh is already sitting inside….she tries going in but securities come….she thinks i need to stop laksh and uses all her force and barges in the plane….
she shouts lakshhh…..he turns and is shocked seeing ragini….he gets up and says ragini? she has tears, happiness, everything mixed in her eyes….she runs to laksh and gives him and tight tight hug…..she cries her heart out and says laksh how can you think to leave me? how dare you leave me? laksh says ragini….she still hugging him says shut up….listen to me… did you think to leave your ragini? she hugs him tighter….he gets teary eyed and hugs her back from her waist and pulls her closer….they both are crying and his head is hiding in her neck….she breaks the hug and pushes him slightly….the first push she says stupid, second push she says idiot, he keeps moving back, and he is so close to hitting the plane’s window…she pushes him for the third time and says pagal, stupid, idiot, fool….how did you think of leaving me?
laksh says ragini woh…she shouts shut up….she blocks both his ways and says pagal i love you yaar….laksh is shocked….she says yes laksh i love you!!! she shouts i love you laksh…..he is so happy hearing ragini….she says what you don’t believe me? he stops smiling and says no ragini not like that…she says i know laksh you probably don’t believe me so watch what i do now….she holds both his collars and pulls him…he is shocked….she says i love you laksh and kisses his lips….he is stunned but then reciprocates….he holds her waist…..she pushes him back and continues the kissing….his back is against the planes window and she is all on him….everyone in the plane goes awww…..they hear them and break away due to embarrassment….

she says now can we go? he just nods and leaves with her….they come out the airport and drive home….at night laksh is sitting on the bed admiring ragini….she just looks at him and says what? he nods nothing and smiles…she goes to him and makes him stand up….she cups his face and says laksh never leave me….i will never let you leave me….he says never ragini…i love you too much…he grabs her waist and pulls her closer….she blushes….laksh says so remember the day maa said she wants a grandson/granddaughter….she says hmmm….laksh says so when should we start for the babies? she blushes and pulls laksh closer….

he says want to rape me? she says yes all of you…..she throws him on the bed and leans down to open his buttons….he says ragini are you sure? she nods…she goes down and starts kissing his chest and neck….she moves up and kisses his eyes, cheeks, lips, nose…..he turns her and now he is on top of her….he goes to her neck and kisses her there….she moans in pain….he opens her pallu and takes it off…he goes to her belly and kisses her….she moans in pain….he takes her blouse and everything out….both are totally exposed to each other….he goes in her and she moans in pain….she covers them up with the duvet and they finally consummate their marriage….
9 months later
ragini is working in the kitchen when she starts getting labor pains…she screams laksh! ap shouts laksh beta come here…he runs and says what happened dear? she says laksh ahhhh my stomach….he says ragini your stomach what happened? she gets so pissed…laksh! ap says duffer your wife is getting labor pains….his eyes and mouth open….ragini sees his expression and shouts laksh! you idiot go get the car…he says me? ap says no your ghost….he gulps and says okay maa i’ll get the car….he runs and picks up ragini and takes her to the hospital….

she is on the stretcher…laksh says dear breath in breath out….she slaps him and says laksh shut up! you’re not helping….he says ow ragini baby what was that for? she says for acting stupid and stop calling me baby….here i am suffering in pain and your calling me all these words….he says okay sorry but one last question….ragini says what? laksh says does it really hurt? ragini shows him her big eyes and he says okay ragini it hurts i get it….he says doctor!!! take ragini inside what are you looking at my face for? doctor just nods….ragini goes and after sometime the nurse comes and says congrats it’s a baby girl and baby boy…laksh is so happy….he says twins?? nurse nods and he says can we meet her….she says sure….he goes and sees both of the child sleeping…

he goes near ragini and kisses her forehead….he says thanks dear….i mea..mean ragini….she laughs and says it was because of you too laksh he blushes and she says oh sorry for slapping you…he laughs and says no problem dear….he hugs her and takes the girl in his hand and ragini takes the boy…ap comes and says what names huh? ragini says lakshman and laksh says ragya…..both smile and then 1 year later… is the first birthday of ragya and lakshman….they are partying in full swing and they cut the cake….they feed one another and then a family pic is taken….at the end the voice says
no matter who you meet…there will always be that one person who was waiting for you all your life….the same happened with our raglak….their story started with friendship….then love….hatred….then love finally… the end we get who we are destined to be with
the screen blurs…

guys thank you so much for all the support on my ts…..i will soon start posting na jaana dil se door…..thank you all and see you soon everyone

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