pyaar toh kiya tha TS 2nd part (raglak)



Scene 1
Ragini got a phone call and it was 1 am…she heard what the person said and she was shocked….the phone fell out of her hand and she yelled lakshhhh….she had tears in her eyes and she rushed out the door and went straight to the place the person had informed her….when she got there she saw no one….she thought what if he is dead? What if he fell off the cliff??? No no ragini how can you think that?? Nothing will happen to laksh…..she starts looking for him….suddenly the lights come on and she sees flowers everywhere and a candlelight dinner setup ready….she is stunned
She says who is it? I said who is it? She looks everywhere when she hears a slow cute music playing….she thinks who is it? A man comes out wearing srk’s getup from DDLJ…he had an hat worn and a guitar in his hand….he was playing the tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam tune….he slowly comes in front of ragini and she is shocked seeing him….she says laksh? He smiles and continues playing the tune and then stops….he walks to ragini and whispers in her ears happy anniversary dear….she is shocked….she turns around and laksh takes out his getup and all and comes in his avatar….he holds her shoulders and says so ragini how is my surprise?

Ragini says laksh I thought you met with an accident? Someone called and told me….laksh smiles and says dear I did that….she says why? He says so you can come running to me and I can give this surprise to you… liked it na? She says nothing but has anger in her eyes….laksh says dear say na? You liked my anniversary surprise na? Laksh asks dear say na? Ragini is so angry that she slaps laksh….he is shocked….he says ragini….she yells how dare you play such a disgusting prank on me? he says ragini please listen to me once….she says no laksh I can’t believe that being a devil you are also a liar….he says no ragini please you are misunderstanding me….

She shows him her hand and says enough laksh! And what did you say happy anniversary huh? I told you many times laksh that I have no such feelings for you….you married me forcefully….I never loved you….and I think you never loved me either….laksh asks what do you mean? She says I mean laksh how can you just fall in love with me in 2-3 days after you met me? and now thinking back to everything that happened I feel like that your love was just your lust for me…you never loved me….you loved my body….and that is why you are always looking for reasons to come close to me….I can’t believe I thought you were a nice person which is why I made friendship with you…

But I was wrong laksh you cared just and just for my body not me….laksh is at heights of anger…he shouts ragini! enough you have said enough….now you listen to me….his eyes boiling in anger….he holds ragini’s arms very tightly and pulls her closer to himself…he is super mad and he shouts I’ve had enough…I can’t believe you would have such thoughts about me….she turns her face the other way disgusted….how can you even think that I love your body? I don’t love your body…I love you! I love you for who you are not for what your figure is…I can’t believe you would think like this….he holds her tighter….she screams in pain and says ahhh laksh it’s hurting….laksh you’re hurting me….he shouts then what about me! You’re hurting me too ragini! It’s been a year now and you still couldn’t love me….I loved you with all my heart but you only gave me hatred ragini just hatred….

She pushes him away and says yes and that is what I will continue doing all my life…I can never love a betrayal and liar like you….she goes to the table set for dinner and says this is for our anniversary na? well why celebrate it when I don’t consider this marriage valid….she throws all the decorations on the floor….she messes up the whole table….she says this marriage is baseless and so is this anniversary….laksh says stop ragini please don’t ruin the decorations….it’s for our anniversary…..she says anniversary my foot….she then sees a big gift box and shows it to laksh…
This is also for our anniversary na? she picks it up and throws it on the ground….laksh says ragini….he runs to the gift and has tears in his eyes….he says ragini why? Why did you throw my gift on the floor…I got it for you with so much love and it was so rare to find….I still got it but just for you….ragini shouts I don’t care if it was hard to find or not…this anniversary is baseless….and one more thing….there is no need for you to show your fake concern and fake love towards me….she walks over the gift laksh got for her so lovingly and she leaves….she is about to sit in the car when he comes running with the manglasutra…..he shouts wait ragini….she turns and says what now? Laksh isn’t teary anymore but he is serious and confident….
He says just now you said this marriage is baseless right….okay fine it is….but for me it is a pure relationship….I did everything for you with so much love but you ruined it all….you didn’t even give me a chance to explain my side of the story….I thought to tell you today but looking at your anger and baseless accusations I thought that I will say nothing….because I know you will not believe me like you didn’t a few seconds back….but before you leave I want you to hear one thing….every time I tried coming close to you right? Every time I tried looking for excuses to be with you right? Every time I did things for you right? But not anymore…now you will be the first one to walk to me….you will be the first one to do everything I will not….he was super mad at ragini and after saying all that he gives her the manglasutra that came out of the gift box she threw and hands it to her angrily in her hand and says wedding anniversary ki mubarak ho…..( congratulations on our wedding anniversary) he angrily leaves while ragini has no effect on what laksh said to her and she leaves silently….

Laksh goes straight to home and sleeps on the bed….after sometime ragini comes and sees him sleeping…she makes her bed on the floor and sleeps there…as soon as ragini sleeps….laksh opens his eyes and has tears in his eyes recalling what just happened….he thinks how can ragini blame me so falsely and she didn’t even hear my side of the story….she doesn’t know that I didn’t fall for her in a day or two…I fell for her the day I saw her at the stoplight….she misunderstands me so much….he recalls all the happenings before their marriage and after….how he met ragini….how she started working in his office…how they went on a coffee date and dinner…how he proposed to her and she rejected and lastly how he forcefully married her…..
He thinks did I do wrong by forcing ragini in this unwanted relationship? He looks at her teary eyed and recalls how after their marriage ragini has only tears and tears in her eyes….before marriage she was so bubbly and happy and now she is always crying….if my life partner is in tears because of me then I shouldn’t let that happen….he recalls ragini’s words….”this marriage is baseless and so is this anniversary….I will never love a guy like you” he thinks something and says yes I’ll have to do this….this is the only way I will get my old ragini back….he thinks about it and then falls asleep….
The next morning laksh is seen getting ready to go to office and ragini is sleeping…he fixes his hair and all and turns to go….there he spots ragini sleeping….he stops and sees her…he gets a smile on his face….he thinks I promise ragini you will get what you want…just a few more weeks…..then you will be happy….he smiles but also has tears in his eyes….he leaves the room and calls someone….he says hello can you meet me at café xyz….the person on the other side says sure….I’ll be there in an hour….laksh smiles and hangs up….he thinks ragini be prepared to get your best anniversary gift from me…..

I’m sure you will be happy seeing it…although you broke my previous gift I’ll get you a better one and I’m sure you will like this one….he smiles and leaves…he meets the person and he says Mr. Laksh to get the documents you will have to wait for 2 weeks and maybe even a month….laksh says what? But why? I want it ASAP…..the person says I’m sorry laksh but the way you both were married….it is impossible to get the papers…..he says but sir I want it now….I can’t see her crying everyday….he says I understand laksh but it’s how law does it…if you want divorce papers you will have to wait because you’re marriage took place in a temple and there was no witness to prove you were married….
Laksh sighs and thanks the doctor and leaves….he thinks now what? I wanted ragini to be happy but now for another month she will be all sad and crying everyday which I don’t want at all….he feels guilty and silently goes back home….on the other side ragini wakes up and finds laksh nowhere….she thinks where did he go? She looks for him everywhere but sees him nowhere….she thinks huh who cares…wherever he went it’s good….I don’t have to see his face….she goes to the washroom and gets ready….when she comes out she goes near the dresser and puts her vermillion on her head….she recalls how at marriage time laksh did the same…she thinks why am I thinking about laksh?
She puts her manglasutra on and recalls how last night laksh gave her the manglasutra and said wedding anniversary ki mubarak ho….(congratulation on the wedding anniversary) she thinks why is all this affecting me so much….she is lost in thoughts when ap’s voice breaks it….ap shouts from downstairs ragini beta come down and help me in the kitchen please….ragini says ye…yes maa coming….she leaves to go but collides with a muscular man….she looks up and sees laksh….she angrily looks at him and is about to say something but before that laksh moves away and walks into the room….she thinks huh? He said nothing to me? Anyways why should I care? It’s good if he stays away from me….she leaves
Laksh sits on his bed and thinks I’ll have to try staying away from ragini so that when divorce papers come I am not feeling too bad….I know I feel sad that my love is leaving me but I’ll also feel happy that my love will be happy without me…..he smiles emotionally and goes to freshen up….downstairs laksh comes and sits at the table…he says maa where is the food…ragini hears his voice and tells ap….she says yes so go give him the food ragini….I’ll come in a bit….she leaves with the food….he sees ragini and asks where is maa? She says she is cooking inside…..ragini puts the plate down and is about to serve him when laksh shows his hand….he says uh it’s okay I’ll serve myself…ragini feels strange but says okay as you wish I don’t care….she puts the spoon down and leaves…..

Laksh thinks I am hurting myself by bearing the pain of staying away from my love but I know she will be happy when she is free….suddenly their doorbell rings and the servant goes to open the door….he says yes who are you? She says kaka I am shanaya uh laksh’s secretary….I came to give him some files….the servant says oh okay he is at the breakfast table…come I’ll show you….he shows her the way and she says thanks kaka and she goes near laksh….she says hi laksh sir….laksh sees her and says oh shanaya hi….how are you? And how did you come this early morning? She says sir actually last night you wanted the files na and I said I’m still working on it….laksh says oh yes did you finish them? She says yes sir that’s why I came early morning to give it to you…he says oh thank you so much….he takes the files from her hand and his hand touches a bit with shanaya’s and she feels currents in her body….she smiles at laksh while he is going through the files….
Suddenly ap and ragini come with the other food and set it on the table….ap notices shanaya and says beta you? Who are you? Laksh says maa this is shanaya my secretary….ragini hears him and thinks huh? Look at laksh….I left the secretary job and he found another….ap says oh okay beta….shanaya says sir I’ll leave now…ap says wait beta now that you came then come and eat breakfast with us? Shanaya says no no aunty I’ll leave now….ap says arrey I’m saying na please sit with us….laksh says yes shanaya even I’ll feel good….ragini hears him and gets a bit jealous….she thinks huh? Laksh ki secretary hai and he is giving her this much freedom….

Shanaya says but your wife? She won’t feel bad na? Ragini is about to say something but laksh says no shanaya why would ragini feel bad? She hears it and feels a bit sad that laksh is letting this shanaya stay….she just fakes an smile and nods while shanaya says okay sir….he says come sit…ap asks ragini to go sit too….she nods and goes to the chair near laksh’s but before she gets their shanaya sits down….ap says arrey shanaya beta please don’t feel bad but that is laksh’s wife’s chair…I mean ragini’s chair….ragini sees laksh and thinks he will say something but laksh says no maa it’s okay…if ragini doesn’t sit next to me for a day then what will happen na?
Ragini is shocked….she thinks why did laksh not tell shanaya to move? She feels bad and says okay it’s fine shanaya you can sit there….she goes and sits next to ap….she sees laksh and shanaya talking continuously….she gets a bit jealous…..laksh is eating when he is about to put mirchi in his mouth….ragini and shanaya both see him….ragini is about to say when shanaya quickly holds his hands and says sir mirchi….he looks and says oh thank you shanaya! She smiles and ragini feels so jealous…she thinks this shanaya is acting like she is laksh’s wife….she realizes what she said and thinks but why am I feeling so bad?
Laksh thinks I am sorry ragini…I wanted you near me too but I know if I come close to you I will never be able to leave you and I know how much you hate seeing my face….he quickly eats so ragini doesn’t need to see him and ap says arrey laksh why are you eating fast….slow down na…he says no maa me and shanaya are getting late….he finishes eating and says okay maa I’m leaving…come shanaya….he is about to leave but ragini realizes he forgot his lunch….she runs inside the kitchen and comes out…she says wait laksh….he stops….she goes to him and says laksh your lunch….he thinks I’m sorry ragini….he says it’s okay me and shanaya will eat at office….she says but laksh I made this food for you….laksh interrupts and says I said na it’s okay…..I don’t need it….he leaves with shanaya while ragini feels bad…..
Ap sees all this and thinks is everything fine between raglak?? Ragini sadly leaves for the kitchen….she thinks of the way laksh has been behaving with her for the past few days…she recalls what all she said at the dinner setup laksh did for their anniversary and thinks did I say too much? But why am I worrying about him? I don’t even love him? Laksh and shanaya get to office and he asks shanaya to prepare the bose files and bring them…she nods and goes to her cabin….she sits and thinks why was raglak behaving so weirdly…they are married then why was laksh behaving as if he cares nothing about what ragini does….I need to find out….
She brings the files to laksh’s cabin and also looks around to see something…laksh notices her and says wow files were prepared quick…she says yes sir….he takes them while she continues looking around…he sees her and laksh asks shanaya what’s wrong? Are you looking for something? She says no sir…I mean yes but I don’t know if you will tell me…he smiles and says just say I might….we are friends now…shanaya just smiles and says sir I wanted to know why I don’t see any wedding pics of you and ragini? he is shocked….shanaya says I am so sorry sir I know it is personal….he says no no its okay…we are friends na so its fine…..promise me you won’t tell to anyone….she says I promise sir….
He narrates how he first saw ragini, how he proposed her, what happened, how he forcefully married her, how everything ruined because of him…..she is shocked and thinks it means raglak don’t share a husband-wife relationship? And laksh sir loves ragini so much that she lets her ego come and just for her happiness sir is ready to sacrifice his love…..his happiness…..she feels proud on laksh….he gets emotional so shanaya pats his shoulders and laksh just breaks down….
Shanaya says sir it’s okay….you love ragini this much so I’m sure you will be happy knowing that ragini is happy in her life….he nods and says but please promise me you won’t tell anyone…she says I promise laksh sir….he smiles and she gives laksh a friendly hug….he wipes his tears and says okay I have to leave now…it’s 8 pm….let’s meet around 10 at my house okay….she smiles and says should I also bring the Malhotra files or just bose?? He says just bose files….she smiles and he leaves….she thinks about what all happened just now and thinks of something…..she smiles…..
Laksh gets home and sees ragini sleeping on the couch….he thinks pagal…..he leaves to go but then thinks if ragini sleeps like this the whole night her neck will pain next morning….he walks up to her…at first he is hesitant but then picks ragini in bridal style and takes her to his room…he puts her on the bed and covers her in a blanket….he says ragini just a few more weeks and then you will be happy I promise….he gives a light peck on her cheek and leaves…after sometime shanaya comes and rings the bell…laksh thinks it must be shanaya….he goes to open the door…he sees her and says hey shanaya….she says hi sir and comes inside….laksh says please be comfortable on the couch I’ll be back….she nods and thinks I will do this for laksh sir…..she smiles and laksh comes back….
She asks sir where your wife is. I mean ragini ma’am? He says she is sleeping and please don’t be so formal…call her ragini….she smiles….they sit down while laksh opens his laptop….she looks over his shoulder a bit and sees for the password laksh typed in “I love you ragini” she smiles seeing that and thinks laksh sir loves ragini ma’am so much…I will have to do this for both of them…on the other side ragini opens her eyes and sees around…she thinks I was downstairs then how did I come here? She sees the time and its 2 am…she thinks laksh isn’t here yet? She wears her shoes and goes downstairs….she sees laksh and smiles….suddenly shanaya comes with two cups of coffee from the kitchen….
She thinks shanaya? What is she doing here this late? Ragini comes down….shanaya sets the coffee on the table and sits….suddenly she says ahhh….ouch…laksh says shanaya what happened? Sir I think something went in my eye….he says hold on let me check…he comes closer and blows her eyes….ragini comes there and sees the whole scene….she feels so jealous….laksh moves back and says feeling better? She smiles and nods….she says thanks….laksh says no problem….shanaya says sir coffee….he says oh yeah thanks….she smiles….ragini is burning in jealously….she leaves and shanaya sees her going…she smiles and thinks…fb shows she saw ragini coming down and pretended something went in her eyes….she thinks yes idea 1 worked….good….now just have to add some more spice…..then ragini will realize how much laksh means to her…..
She smiles and they work….ragini rushes into the room burning in jealousy….she thinks how dare laksh go close to another girl….and that shanaya huh….her nose looks like a witch nose and her eyes….she mimics her and says one eye goes sideways and other straight…..this shanaya I will kill her….laksh is only mine….she realizes what she said and thinks what’s happening to me….she thinks am I starting to fall for him….she thinks no way and falls asleep….
The next morning everyone is up early and preparing for Diwali….laksh is seen sleeping on the couch still and ragini comes down in an elegant green sari and looks very pretty…she greets ap and walks to the living room when she spots laksh still sleeping….she thinks laksh is still sleeping? She thinks who cares let him….it’s good he won’t be near me…she goes into the kitchen….after sometime laksh wakes up with a severe headache….he thinks why is my head paining….he goes to freshen up…shanaya comes in MM….ap says arrey shanaya beta how are you? She says great aunty….ragini comes and sees shanaya…she thinks oh my gosh she is here again….
Shanaya says aunty where is laksh? She says in his room getting ready….she nods…ragini thinks huh? She is asking for laksh….what does she want from him now….she gets so jealous and goes back to the kitchen….laksh comes down feeling very tired….shanaya comes to him to help…she holds him and is shocked…she starts touching his face and neck…she says sir you have a high fever…laksh says it’s nothing come let’s sit….she helps laksh and they go through files…he thinks this headache isn’t going….I’ll need some tea….he looks around and thinks where is maa? He says shanaya where is maa? She says oh she went to temple a few minutes back….he nods….
He thinks now who will make me tea? My head is paining so much….he thinks ragini but then says no I don’t want to make her feel I want to go close to her but this headache also….ugh I’ll just ask….he says I’ll be back shanaya…she nods and he goes into the kitchen….ragini sees him and thinks now he had to come too….laksh says ragini….can you please make me some tea I have a heada….she interrupts and says who do you think I am? Your slave? If you want tea then make it yourself na…why are you asking me? she leaves and laksh says headache…..he sighs and thinks ragini didn’t even let me complete…I was going to say I have a headache….he feels bad….shanaya sees all this and gets mad at ragini….
She comes inside and says laksh I’ll make you tea….go sit down…he nods….shanaya starts making tea and ragini comes back…she says you? Shanaya says yes any problem? Ragini says no but what are you doing? She says making tea for laksh sir? Ragini says oh so he told you because I didn’t make it….shanaya fills the cup with tea and says no ragini he didn’t tell me I offered to make it….ragini says from what right do you think you can make tea for laksh? She says I am his secretary….ragini says exactly if you are his secretary then behave like one…don’t act like his wife….shanaya laughs and says you’re saying this….I can’t believe you’re saying this ragini….
Okay fine I’m not his wife…but you are right? She says yes I am so? Shanaya says if you are then why don’t you behave like one? You’re always scolding laksh for no reason…you’re the one who behaves bad with him….I’m only doing what I should be…if you think you’re his wife then behave like one…saying you’re his wife doesn’t make you his wife….you also have responsibilities towards him….ragini says excuse me? Who are you to tell me this? Shanaya says his friend and his secretary…..she is about to leave but stops and says oh and ragini one more thing….when laksh asked you for tea, you said so much to him…but did you even hear what he wanted to say….she says of course he probably thinks I’m his slave to do everything he says….shanaya says wrong….laksh only told you to make tea because his mom wasn’t home and he has fever which is why his head was paining…..
Ragini is shocked…she says fever? Shanaya says yes fever and that is why laksh sir came to ask for tea but you said so much to him… know what ragini the way I understand laksh I feel like you are nothing compared to it….you’re his wife but you never understood him…I’m his friend cum secretary but I understand him so well…..I know him since a few days but you…you have known laksh sir for about a year now but you still never realized how much sir loves you….and I am telling you ragini….the day you realize your mistake it will be too late…..shanaya leaves and ragini stands there shocked and guilty…..

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      Thanks! Very soon I’ll give raglak cute scenes

  4. Akshata

    awesome update, in the first update laksh being total jerk married ragini forcefully now ragini behaved so rude and inhuman with him, though ragini’s anger is justified but her behavior is really worst. now i am so curious to know how will love blossom between them.

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      Thank you!!! Very soon love will blossom:)

  5. soooo nice…!! It’s emotional and heart touching…!! Loved it…!! Feeling soo bad to see laksh heart broken..!! 🙁

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