Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha: Twinj- EPISODE 2


@Next day in twinj room twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully.Sunlight coming on their face.Twinkle wake up due to sunlight she stretch her arms and yawn give smile and look at Kunj who still sleeping his face turned and back facing to ceiling.She get up take her clothes and went in washroom

Get freshen up come out of the washroom went towards dressing get ready and look at Kunj give smile.

Twinkle:I’ll go and make breakfast kunjj please wake up.I’m coming.She went

downstairs and see her servant come who clean and twinkle went in kitchen and she makes breakfast for Itself because she loved to cook for him.Twinkle quickly make breakfast and went back to their room as soon as Twinkle entered in room get shocked to see kunj still sleeping.Uff this man still sleeping.What I’ll do with him. Twinkle went towards window and open the curtains and windows sunlight hitting on kunj face which disturb his sleep.

Kunj:in sleeping voice..twinkleeeeeee… please close the curtains na..

Twinkle:no you wake up you sleep enough kunj. Kunj take the another pillow and covered his face..uff kunjjjjj. She went towards him and pulled the blanket. Kunjjj wake up its too late..

Kunj:Twinkle let me sleep please. M

Twinkle:don’t you wanna go office..

Kunj:hmm I’ll.She sit beside him pressing his back shoulders.

Twinkle:utho na baba.

Kunj:tu jaa I’ll wake up Itself.

Twinkle:I know how much you’ll wake up Itself..

Kunj:I’m tired na twinkle.

Twinkle:acha still your tiredness not gone. She caresses his nape hairs.Kunj open his eyes.And turned face to her.Good morning.

Kunj:you are so bad Twinkle.

Twinkle:I know and thanks for go and get freshen up I’ll take out your clothes okay.

Kunj:always escaping sometime give time to your innocent husband too. She look at Kunj giving him smile.

Twinkle:innocent husband my really.You were saying I’m not giving you time Itself you didnot once you went office forget everything.Koi aur mil gai hai Kya office me.Kunj look at her and nodded his head in yes.. haww kunj she hit on his chest. Don’t dare to think about anyone else. Get up now. Twinkle went towards wardrobe selecting Kunj clothes while kunj look at her and think..

Kunj: I can’t think about anyone in this world expect that you twinkle. You don’t know what you meant to me I love you like anything I don’t have words to express my love for you but what I’ll do everyday I’m wake up with one hope that you’ll see my love today for you. Just because of you I hide my love I don’t wanted to force my love on you Twinkle.I wanted Itself you realised your love for me. I maintain distance from you.That you’ll take a step ahead but what you were still not 3 months has been passed to our wedding. But you were same to same.don’t worry I’ll wait for you whole life. Kunj lost in his thoughts. Twinkle see him.



Twinkle:what hmmm in whose dreams you were lost..

Kunj:no one else apart from you. Me toh Tere hi khayalon me khoya rahta tu😛.. he get up.

Twinkle:acha jiii very cheesy.. she throw towel Kunj catch it.. now go fast..Kunj went in washroom till than twinkle arrange bedroom.Kunj bhi na pagal hai pura ka pura.Kunj come out of the washroom. He wearing his pant come out of the washroom shirtless twinkle eyes fall down him.kunjjj wear your shirt.

Kunj:haa.He take his shirt quickly wore it.

Went towards dressing table get ready… twinkle why you doing this all work he have servant for this all.. it’s not your work. You can’t do this..

Twinkle:why I can’t do this it’s my house my bedroom…

Kunj:if Leela MAA see you like this what she’ll think about me that I didn’t take care about her daughter. Me yeha tum se kaam karwa raha hu that’s not good.. twinkle look at him..

Twinkle:why my MAA will say anything to you and it’s my duty and I’m very happy.

Kunj:But you never do it. In your house..
you are not use to na

Twinkle:haa so what.This all you thinking Kunj.After married this house is mine too.

Kunj:yes it’s yours. Ab I toh can’t give your parents luxurious life😛..

Twinkle:very funny I’m happy.You give me everything kunj what else I wanted more. Come have your breakfast.

Kunj:yup.. kunj and twinkle sit together and having breakfast while in breakfast kunj keep checking his phone.

Twinkle: Kunj at least at breakfast time you keep your phone aside..

Kunj:yaar twinkle let me check my mails na.You know my boss.he have his breakfast.Twinkle give him his wallet and handkerchief. He take he going near to twinkle while she get surprised her heart beating so fast.

Twinkle:think why this kunj coming to me. She stop due to dressing table and closed her eyes kunj smile to see her kunj take his car key.

Kunj:bye twinkle she open her eyes and look at Kunj who standing little far from her. My car key..

Twinkle:hoo. I thought..

Kunj:what did you thought haa😜in naughty dirty head haa..

Twinkle:Kya dirty..

Kunj:me chalta hu..

Twinkle:kunjj I told you na always don’t say this me chalta hu say me aata hu..

Kunj:okay Meri MAA. He give her flying kiss twinkle didn’t take kunj itself take and act like crying which make her laugh out. Kunj went downstairs and went outside twinkle went in balcony and see kunj.

Twinkle:I’m so lucky to have him in my life babaji always making me smile with his cuteness.Kunj left for office while twinkle get busy with servant giving her work instruction.

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Kunj went in his cabin.His pa come and give him file.Kunj whole Gang was in very high position.Kunj sit and busy in his work.
Just than there Alisha come and went to kunj take seat And sit opposite to him.

Alisha:hi kunjjj.


Alisha: I heard you got married??

Kunj:yup it’s very old news 3months..

Alisha:yeah I heard today only because I was on off na.How’s your wifey..

Kunj:awesome..Alisha see twinkle photo on kunj desk..

Alisha:she look okay. Kunj look at Alisha than twinkle photo.

Kunj:most beautiful girl of this world is my sit I’ll come I have to give report to sir. Kunj get up went from there. While Alisha take twinkle photo frame in her hand and look at twinkle.

Alisha:most beautiful girl hoo this none interest kunj how he???. Whatever.

After all work has been done Twinkle sit.

Thinking what to do.. she got usha call.

Twinkle: namastey mummy ji..

Usha: namastey beta hows you..

Twinkle: I’m fine what about everyone..

Usha: we all are very good. Where is your that crazy husband. Twinkle laugh out.

Twinkle: where he’ll be at this time mummy ji only office na..

Usha: I calling him so much he didn’t have time to talk to his mother always saying this MAA I’m busy what he doing..

Twinkle:same mummy ji.Once he went office forget everything.

Usha:acha bas like this kunj work with full heart and mind babaji give him all success.I’m thinking why you people not come here for Diwali haa..

Twinkle:I too wanted but kunj tell he had work so can’t happen if I wanted than I can go. So itself cancel how can I leave him here alone.Usha get happy to see twinkle care so much for her husband.

Usha: that’s why I send your first karwa Chauth sargi you will get..

Twinkle: thanks mummy ji..

Usha:it’s my duty I would be more happy if my daughter with me on her first karwa chauth but it’s okay.Usha tell her each and everything all rituals about karwa chauth.

Twinkle: I’ll do each and everything perfectly.

Usha:that’s like my girl..

Twinkle: how’s didi and Priyanka.

Usha:they both are to good just went for shopping with bebe. And tell kunj at least on festival get free..

Twinkle:yes I’ll tell him.they both mother and daughter in law talk for sometime than end the call.Mahi call twinkle to go for shopping.

Mahi:Twinkle I’ll come and pickup you.

Twinkle:okay. We’ll have lunch out.

Mahi: sure even maya and Asha too coming.

Twinkle:this is more good.. soon mahi come and she pick up twinkle they both left maya and Asha already waiting for them in mall..they reached mall and meet with maya and asha.

Maya:finally my both enemies wife has come.

Twinkle:hi girls.

Asha:hi mrs Sarna 😛..

Maya:let’s go girls and spend our husbands money..

Mahi:of course.They four of them get busy in shopping.Buy many things for them as well for their husbands.

At lunch time in office naman and Rishi or Yuvi and Kunj sitting..

Naman:let’s oder something..

Kunj:I’ll not have if you all than you can.

Rishi:tu oder kar naman.

Yuvi:yes I’m so hungry..

Rishi:yeh Yuvi is always so hungry Teri biwi kuch khila ti nahi hai kya tujhe😛😛.

Yuvi:you should think about yourself.

Kunj:Arey he get na maya ki chapal 😂. Rishi shows Kunj middle finger.

Kunj: Same to you he shows his both fingers in back😜😛.

Rishi: this twinkle must be thinking her husband is so innocent but she don’t know about him saala..

Kunj:if you talk about me and you we four of them same to same there is no difference between us so before speaking anything about me think once. Me kamina tu double kamina..😂.

Naman:that’s true kunj..

Rishi:yeh that’s true Teri biwi ke samne toh nahi nikhalti hai Teri. Kunj think about twinkle and get sad. Yaar Kunj after wedding you totally changed what you were thinking haa is it everything is okay between you and twinkle.

Kunj: rest his chin on his hands and looking down.Yup everything is fine guys but yaar how I’ll tell.

Rishi:kunj Till now we didn’t hide anything

From each other’s so tell us. Kunj take deep breath.

Kunj:guys twinkle didn’t see my feeling..

Rishi: what.?? Kunj narrated them each and everything about him and twinkle.
Kunjj I think you are mad first you give us shocked by sudden marriage plan.

Naman: absolutely we thought in our gang you’ll stay for your entire life bachelor.

Kunj:this all happened because of this Yuvi if he didn’t make me realised my love for twinkle Than today I’m happily living my life.

Yuvi: acha ji who crying twinkle and twinkle I just did what is right. You loved her.

Kunj:I loved but why she can’t love me. Everyday I wake up with one hope today she’ll confess that she loved me but now she didn’t look at me with that feelings.

Rishi: so sad saale if she didn’t love you than what’s the need of to marry to her. Haa..

Kunj:Arey she just living in her past.

Yuvi:you just shut up kunj I’ll tell you both bhai shab ne Itself stop everything you tell me guys he didn’t show anything to her how will she see his love for her haa.He become sant. Kunj express your love. Than only can twinkle see your love.
If you sit like this than whole life you’ll stay


Kunj:I’ll not stay virgins haa..

Yuvi: you’ll after see you now.Listen to me kunj. First you stop this all things what you were doing it.

Kunj:what I have done it.If I went closer to her than she going in backwards.And I don’t wanted to force my love on her Yuvi.

I wanted her love not body.That twinkle didn’t understand if I control on myself just because of her hide my love to her why because she didn’t feel uncomfortable. Although we stay in one room still we are very far from each other’s. That’s why I stop everything.

Rishi:you were right at your place kunj but you tell me till when you didn’t show her your feelings how she’ll get to know about this maybe she love you haa.You both thinking same if Twinkle didn’t understand her feeling for you.Than it’s your work to make her understand her feelings for you.

Break your nonsense promise and show her how  much you husband love her.

Yuvi:this only I’m telling him. Concentrate on your marriage life for sometime leave this work. Do something for her.

Kunj: I’m very poor..

Yuvi:acha kamine I know twinkle changed you lot.When she makes  can you for fall for herself that also none interest guy in girls  than anything can happen. Still Kunj I mean what you see in her till now you see many girls but twinkle steal your heart.

Kunj: when saw at first time that time only I lost in her cuteness.What i felt after meet with her that never happened with any girl. I mean Itself I’m shocked kunj who always saying girls second name of trouble my mantra of life no girls no problem but after twinkle I forget everything just wanted to spend time with her. Don’t know when I fall for her. It’s very funny for me but I’m really happy.

Rishi:haa mere Romeo kishi ne shai kaha jo phale bhut bolte hAi na baad me woh hi pyaar ke guru nikalte hai😂😂..

Naman:yes give her surprise girls like this all things.they all remember something and laugh out.

Kunj:we always said this ladki ko khush karna hai toh gift.

Yuvi:and humare Rishi ko karna hai toh bed😂😂😂😂😂..

Kunj: yeh ladkiyo ko gifts Kyu itne pasand hai I mean.

Rishi:idiot gifts is key of girls heart😂😂. Sab lalchi hai..

Kunj: Twinkle toh nahi hai.

Yuvi: you don’t listen to him kunj.This small small things make them happy when you do something for your girl they too do something for you.

Kunj: payback system 😂😂..

Rishi:nahi Arey kunj. If you do something for twinkle that brings smile on her face which makes you happy so if you love her than to see her smile you wanted like everyday you’ll do something for her that’s why this all matter.This gifts and all too show your love.They three of them shocked and look at Rishi without blinking their eyes. Why you all looking at me like this haa. They started clapping for him.

Kunj:waha Rishi i mean this words from your mouth little surprising.. great.

Yuvi: haa.

Kunj:wait now I’ll do something like that for my siyappa queen that she’ll remember whole life now get ready to see twinkle your husband love..

Naman:now can I oder food for us..

Kunj:yup bill I’ll give.

Rishi:very cheap.. Naman oder food for them soon Their food come. And they sit together and have Their lunch while kunj thinking what he’ll do for twinkle which Make her happy.

After shopping girls went in food court. And sit oder food for them.

Maya:finally our shopping has done.


Asha:what you all planned for karwa chauth..

Mahi:nothing till now.. let’s see what our husband will plan.

Maya:than you forget they can plan party for them only nothing else they knows.

Asha:right maya. When I tell naman see this husband he didn’t said Anything just give me smile and leave..

Mahi: Yuvi sometime become good.

Maya: only when they wanted something 😂. Twinkle just listen them than think about kunj he never do anything like this.

And what about you twinkle ji.Kunj toh kamina hai..

Twinkle:not at all.

Maya:just 3 months happened to your and his marriage I know him since childhood. know him better than me.Their food comes and they have. After shopping mahi drop twinkle she open her house door and went inside she get shocked to see the scenario in front of her eyes.What is this whole living room covered with numbers of flowers.And gifts. She went towards hug bouquet and see one card. Who did this. She take the card in her hand. Started reading.

Hi Love,Knowing you are with me makes my life a dream come true.I know you must be surprised after see this all but don’t worry this all done by your lovey husband I mean Kunj.this all flowers for my beautiful wife. I know after see you this all flowers must be jealous with you because they are less in front of my beauty queen.While reading letter shy smile on twinkle face..Each flower for you twinkle. I’m too like this flowers twinkle without water air they can’t survive me without you twinkle I can’t think my one seconds without you. Don’t know which magic have you done on me.Everyone shocked to see me now that old Kunj is totally different what I’m now. After entered you in my life I’m totally changed it.Love is the most beautiful feeling, which is not everyone is happy to enjoy. However, most people are lucky to meet his or her soul mate after all. When a person falls in love with someone, it’s important to attract his or her attention and not to lose it later.My life is beautiful because of you my love my lady love. You entered into my life as a candlelight in the dark. You showed me the meaning of love not with your words but with your care. I know your shy nature doesn’t let you open up to me; but your eyes speak up the love you have for me. Love you a lot.Your love has taught me so many things, like good things do come to those who wait, your love has also shown me real happiness, in my life I have never felt such joy spending time with you, times with you is simply nothing short of satisfaction, no wonder I believe you were created for me. I swear to love you for as long as I live.So many reasons are there to love you. Your cute smile, your sweet laugh, your innocence and your kind heart makes me love you.My charming wife twinkle I send you much love and fondness to you with this letter. My adorable wife, how far can you go for me? I am keen to go far and beyond just to let you realize that you are the most excellent thing that has happened to me! While reading this letter twinkle get so emotional and overwhelmed each word of this letter that for her which make her feel so Precious her eyes become wet.tears falling down on letter. Now don’t be emotional my siyappa Queen I wanted to see my on your face not tears in your eyes. Ab I’m not very much good in this all things just try for my lady.I don’t want to be your favorite or your best.I want to be your only and forget the rest.Twinkle laugh out.Hope you like my sweet gesture for you. Bye see you soon by Your love kunj💗💗.. twinkle kissed on letter.And she swirl and hold letter and dancing with letter only. Smiling like anything after Vivian twinkle smile today fully.

Twinkle:ufff kunjjj I’m so happy.Thanks for this all.She smell the flowers till now no one did for anyone you are really a pagal. But I love this all. Again Thanks I’ll never forget this.she went in her room and place letter in wardrobe safety after all very precious for her. Than she keep all flowers in side and just adoring them I should too do something for kunj he did this all for me what I’ll do I’m so bad I can’t do anything for him I’m not good at cooking as well.Mahi told me he loved chocolate cake I’ll make for him and dinner too. She went in kitchen and think from where she should starts.She wear apron and read the recipe book and started baking cake for kunj first. She struggled flour falls on her face. She completed cake icing and keep in refrigerator.Than she asked mahi about kunj most favourite dishes she tell her. Twinkle ready all things which she needed.While cutting veggies her hand too cuts but she don’t care about herself. All kitchen mess up like anything. She make roti don’t know what shape it is at last everything done.Twinkle take deep breath. And look at dishes..

Twinkle:finally everything is ready twinkle you did it hope kunj like it. So much mess up I done it. Servant come she tell her to clean everything till than she see other thing twinkle arrange dinning table in a very romantic way. I’ll go and get freshen up I’m looking so horrible. Servant Meena come to her. Okay Meena you go..

Meena:okay Meena went. Twinkle went in her room and take out nice dress for her and went in washroom get ready quickly Kunj who finished his work and left for home in car..

Kunj:I wish twinkle like my surprise she didn’t take me wrong babaji.This all I’m doing got my jhali 😛.I love her lot kunj see his phone wallpaper it’s twinkle phone he kissed on wallpaper. Soon he reached home and about to ring the bell but see door has already unlocked why this door is unlocked she is fine na.Kunj if your surprise did something wrong than.He went inside and searching twinkle in living room think she maybe in room.Kunj went in his room. He entered in room and see twinkle is not here also. He stand in tension just than he felt something. Someone backhugging him.Kunj look at person it’s twinkle who backhugging him. He get surprised to see this.

Twinkle:thanks for this all. I’m shocked he get confused why she is shocked. He turned and look at twinkle face.

Kunj:why shocked I mean. She hugged him tightly.

Twinkle:why not I’ll shocked kunj your each words left me speechless.Kunj give smile.I never thought someone did this for me.I don’t how I’ll thanks to babaji that he send you in my life.I found best friend in you a well wisher.Today I don’t have words for you.She cuddling him more and more. Kunj don’t know what to do his hands shivering for the very first time she hugged him.He remembers he have to leave his shyness.He too hugged her back.they are so close to each other’s today. It’s quite surprising for kunj that twinkle leave her hesitation and come to him.She closed her eyes and feel this moments while kunj was too same. Twinkle caressing his hairs her finger doing magic on kunj.It’s totally different feeling current passing.Kunj caressing twinkle back.Both lost in this moment. Making this hug more Deep and passionate.

They both didn’t care about anything just care about this.Just than Kunj phone ringing due to this they both come to in world.They open their eyes. Kunj phone keep ringing.They break the hug.Twinkle hairs on kunj face. Kunj cursing who call him at wrong time. Due to this nonsense call their moment disturb twinkle looking here and there don’t know how to look at Kunj same with kunj. She tucked her hairs.

Kunj:phone kunj take the phone. Who the dare.

Manohar: me your father. Kunj get shocked.

Kunj:pa…pa. Twinkle look at Kunj face expression which make her giggles.

Manohar: yes me. What happened are you busy. I disturb you.

Kunj:murmured slightly yes your disturb me. Twinkle heard this. No Papa I’m not busy tell me you call me anything is important.

Manohar:without work can’t I call my son haa??

Kunj: not like this woh you never calls me na that’s why.

Manohar: hmm what did you think about Diwali are you coming or not..

Kunj: properly not Papa I have work here. And I take lot Leave so now I can’t. But I’ll send twinkle Amritsar don’t worry. Twinkle look at Kunj.

Manohar: if you both together than it would be good.

Kunj:But I cant do anything.

Manohar: and your MAA calls you so much can’t you call him back.

Kunj: sorry I’ll call her..

Manohar: okay bye take care of you and twinkle.

Kunj:bye. Kunj end the call twinkle turned and blushing uncontrollably.That Kunj can see through mirror he too smile to see her. He went towards her hold her hand. Twinkle closed her eyes.Kunj make her turned towards him. And held her chin made her look at him.Twinkle eyes still shutting down.Twinkleee.. her hairs coming on her face twinkle try to tucked but they again coming on face.Kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears and cupped her face. Raise her eyes and kissed on twinkle forehead gently she closed her eyes and give beautiful smile. And look at him he too back her. What did you say. Thanks to me..

Twinkle:haa you deserve thanks so.. it’s really beautiful how you did this.. I mean.

Kunj:I’m Kunj Sarna I can do everything.

Did you like na.she nodded her head in yes.

Twinkle:so amazing kunj and beautiful..

Kunj:But less than you..

Twinkle: I don’t know about your this side too.

Kunj: you didn’t see fully Kunj side 😜..

Winked at her..

Twinkle:flirting with me haa ji..

Kunj:Kyu any crime can’t I flirt with my own wifey..

Twinkle:you look cute.she pulled his cheeks.Kunj pulled her to him more closer. And caress her cheeks going near to her lips twinkle went in side. Kunj curse himself.

Kunj: woh sorry twinkle.

Twinkle:kunjj you get freshen up dinner is ready okay. She went downstairs. Kunj hit on his head..

Kunj:kunjj you are mad what are going to do haa. Just control on yourself you can’t

Make her feel uncomfortable okay. This girl make me crazy for herself day by day what I’ll do babaji I’m loving her so much. You will understand Twinkle i didnot love you like friendship. Dil kehta hai haseena maan jayegi ek din toh. He takes his night dress and went in washroom get freshen up and went downstairs. Kunj see twinkle waiting for him. He went towards dinning table see the arrangement.. what is this twinkle anyone special coming.

Twinkle: not..

Kunj:than why this all..

Twinkle:why only for special. Yes someone special.


Twinkle: you.. are special.

Kunj:me rise his eyes. Seemed interesting.

He see so many things are there in dinner. Twinkle your servant made whole month food together.

Twinkle: you sit na kunj.. Kunj sit.

Kunj: you also sit I’ll take..

Twinkle:no I’ll served you.She served Kunj. And sit beside him. Have.

Kunj:hmm. My all favorite dishes happy. Kunj taste the food while twinkle looking at him.

Twinkle: how’s it.

Kunj:yummy today how she make very delicious food haa.. twinkle smile.

Twinkle: this all she didn’t make it.

Kunj:who.. than Kunj look at twinkle you mean you make this all things twinkle haa.

She blinked her eyes. Why you did this all haa.

Twinkle:why didn’t you like kunj. Food isn’t good.

Kunj:not like this I mean. You don’t know na.. trouble yourself

Twinkle:haa I don’t know I didn’t trouble infect I love to make this all for you. Kunj see her face love to see her caress for him.

Kunj: okay Meri MAA. Between why this much I eat this much also.

Twinkle:first time I try so I’ll make everything no sure na which one you’ll like I’m not good at cooking na.. Kunj don’t know what to say she always make him more fall for her.

Kunj:Twinkle you know na you are jhali pinch her nose.I’m impressed with you.
Kunj served her food.Kunj look at roti. Twinkle which Country map you make it 😂😛😂..

Twinkle:haww so bad.. Kunj happily having the food while twinkle look at him and shocked because she taste the food salt is too much as per kunj taste. Kunjj leave. She pulled the plate..

Kunj: what..

Twinkle:it’s so salty still you eating haa.

Kunj: I don’t think so..

Twinkle: I know itna bhi tasty nahi hai you just doing fake tarif.

Kunj: nahi twinkle really it’s good.

Twinkle:I know don’t make me fool.

Kunj: so what twinkle. You have I’m happy.

Twinkle:Kunj why you are so good.I mean you didn’t show anything. You didn’t say anything.

Kunj:you are better than me.Why I’ll say anything you do this all efforts for me how can I say anything haa.Today this not perfectly fully but one day it will. Always you should encourage everyone not discouraged  them by showing their flaws.

Twinkle:who taught you this all.

Kunj:my sadu principal always giving this speech 😂😂😂..for matter for me that you make this all for me what else I wanted twinkle. If you bring poison for me I’ll have with your hands..


Kunj: cheesy hogaya na.. both laugh out..

But still why you do this all haa..

Twinkle:you did so much for me so I too.

Kunj:hoo no need of this okay.your one smile is enough for me okay.they both finished their dinner. Kunj sitting in living room working in his laptop twinkle come with cake.. and sit beside him.

Twinkle: kunjj leave this office work in office only.

Kunj:hmm still busy in laptop.Twinkle shut his laptop keep it side..kunj look at twinkle. With irritating face.. twinkleeee.. ab kya..

Twinkle:haa twinkleeee.. nothing kunj look at cake..

Kunj:cake.. bhi hai kya aaj toh Suraj kaha se nikala hai.. Bhai..

Twinkle:shut up. Koi suraj vuraj nahi Nikala Hai..

Kunj:okay twinkle madam ji..

Twinkle:let’s cut the cake Kunj., twinkle hold his hand both cut the cake together. Twinkle feed Kunj cake he too her. Slightly twinkle apply on his cheeks.

Kunj:Twinkleee..cake was yummy.

Twinkle:I’m only good in this baking 😛😜.

Kunj:thanks to god😂.. twinkle having cake. You fat so you make this for me na don’t eat all I’ll eat afterwards okay.

Twinkle: haa.. sadu. She went keep leftover in freeze. And come back and sit beside kunj.. why you said Papa ji you’ll send me I told you na I’ll not go anywhere.

Kunj:what you’ll do here twinkle can’t celebrate your Diwali nicely get bored.. they all must be waiting for you Leela MAA and all’s.

Twinkle:haa so what. If you can’t go I’ll too not. It’s my first Diwali after wedding..

Kunj: that’s why you should go na.. celebrate with everyone..

Twinkle:not with everyone. Important is with my husband. It’s our first Diwali after wedding together I’ll not go anywhere understand..

Kunj:your wish afterwards don’t blame me.

Twinkle:yes I’ll not blame you..

Kunj:I’m too happy.. I’m used to na you are not.

Twinkle:why you didn’t celebrate Diwali.

Kunj:nope.when I’m too small that’s time ka toh Papa nahi. But when I understand little bit after that never. Boarding school me kaha Diwali 😛.. we just celebrate Christmas.

Twinkle:hoo you miss everything kunj. We all used to do so much fun..Bhai me and Chinki..

Kunj:you all are lucky all stay with families na.First childhood spend in boarding school than in university.But still I love my life what we did that also you all didn’t do..

Twinkle:after studies you didn’t celebrate any festival with your family.

Kunj:nope aab maan hi nahi karta hai.. we all friends are together na humari toh wahi hi celebration we didn’t wait for occasion to celebrate something and enjoy on our fight we can do party. Twinkle laugh.

Twinkle:than twinkle calling you all right party holic.

Kunj: uska naam Mat le mamaya😂😛..

Just than someone ring the door bell.

Who is now at this time.. Kunj went to open door and found courier man standing at door. Yes..

Courier: sir your parcel.

Kunj:my.. he sign and take parcel and closed the door. Kunj went back to twinkle who send this..

Twinkle:open and see first. Kunj open the parcel and see something dryfruits and sweets..

Kunj: what is this. But twinkle understand.

Twinkle: this all mummy ji send..

Kunj: why maa send??..dryfruits yeh toh yeha bhi milte hai..

Twinkle: kunjj.. this is my sargi..

Kunj: what sargi..

Twinkle: tomorrow is karwa chauth na so every saas give sargi to Their daughter in laws even my saas too send me..

Kunj:kya ritual hai don’t know.. what you will do..

Twinkle:I’ll have before my karwa chauth.

Kunj: mean fast na..


Kunj: I heard Rishi saying you can’t have anything even drink water too..


Kunj: you are doing this fast..

Twinkle: yes proudly..

Kunj:Twinkle please no need of this all things you have to stay whole without having anything I’ll not let you do this all.

Twinkle:kunjj I’m not the first wife doing everyone do..

Kunj: what you’ll get haa..

Twinkle:I’ll keep this fast for your long live kunjj..

Kunj: me konsha Kal hi mar raha hu. Twinkle closed his mouth with her hand.

Twinkle:kunjj always speaks nonsense. Mar ne ki baath mat kara karo..I didn’t like. If something happened to you how I’ll live without you haa..

Kunj:why you can’t live without me twinkle? Twinkle freeze what to say..

Twinkle:woh I need you kunj.. you are my husband.

Kunj:still twinkle no need of this silly fast..

Twinkle: it’s silly for you.. not for me. I wanted to you for seven births.So I’ll keep.

Kunj:you’ll stay..

Twinkle:yes I’ll stay without everything perfectly do my karwa will see me.. for your good and healthy life I’ll do everything.

Kunj:itna pyaar karti hai 😜😜pagali.

Twinkle:pyaar lame huhu.. chalo na kunj let’s sleep..

Kunj:you go I’ll come okay.

Twinkle:no you know na I can’t sleep alone in room.I’ll wait for you… Kunj closed his laptop..

Kunj:let’s go..

Twinkle:your work..

Kunj:no important than you.they both went in room. Come and sit on bed. This shopping bags..

Twinkle: Arey I totally forgot.. today I went for shopping. Wait I’ll show you.. twinkle bring bags and show him.. Kunj how’s it..

Kunj:good.. with whom you went..

Twinkle: haa mere insecure husband don’t worry not with my boy friend only with

Kunj:boyfriend.. no one have guts.

Twinkle:kunjjj tum bhi na sometime become so jealous.

Kunj:so what I’m like this only..

Twinkle: you this I bring for you..


Twinkle:kya hmmm you didn’t see. Huhu she turned her face Make sad face kunj see her knows she is drama queen.

Kunj:very good kurta twinkle. I’ll wear this only.

Twinkle:paka.. 😍😍


Twinkle: we shop lot today. I used your card😛😛..

Kunj: so what if you’ll not used than who will our neighbors Priya.. 😂..

Twinkle: when you ask her name haa😡.

Kunj: when she come to our house for sugar 😛😛..

Twinkle:acha sugar.. next time don’t dare to give anyone anything without my permission Priya huhu.. sadu..

Kunj:Twinkle something is burning..😂..

Twinkle:haa… you burning. Don’t dare to think anyone.. she throw cushion at him. And lay down even Kunj too and look at her. She closed her eyes kunj understood her mood. He ticking on her hand and playing with her chuda.hold twinkle hand tightly she try to free her hand.. leave me.

Kunj: okay good night. Kunj turned his face he received Alisha message get busy he chatting with her and laughing twinkle see this and slightly raised and see kunj

Messaging someone.. she snatch his phone. What the F… twinkle..

Twinkle:at this time kesh ke saath lage huye ho haa.she reading their conversation.

Kunj: it’s bad..

Twinkle:I don’t should

Sleep at morning you’ll do drama..she off the phone keep it to herself and lay down Kunj look at her..

Kunj:jealous queen.Both sleep….

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