Pyaar toh hona hi tha (intro)

Hey are you all.first a big wala sorry to all because I can’t write on my another ff(god makes pair) now so I postpone this ff if I get some idea for this ff then I will continue this ff.s o please yaar forgive me for giving you hope.i am really very very sorry all my friends.

So for now I came with a new ff.there is the intro of the new ff.

Sunil mishra:co owner of sdch.he is the elder brother of savitri malhrota.he is one of most famous doctor in india and outside the india he is also famous.still he is the mentor of interns.he is very strict teacher to his student.but he is very kind hearted person.

Jaya mishra:wife of sunil mishra.she is a housewife.

Sanchi mishra: daughter of sunil and jaya.she is a cute bubbly girl.she loves to talking and dancing.her friends called her nonstop radio.she and her friends had a ngo.there lived so many she is going to do internship on sdch.she,veer,pragya and isha are best friends since childhood.

Sunny mishra:son of sunil and of sanchi.he and sanchi always fight with each other but they can’t live without each other.h e read in class 11.

Pragya yadav:she is best friend cum sister of sanchi.she is daughter of sunil ‘s an accident she lost her family in childhood.since that day sunil and jaya took her and brought up her like their own daughter.she also called them mummy papa.she also going to doing her internship in sdch.

Isha negi:best friend of sanchi,pragya and veer.she is also going to do her internship in sdch.

Anand malhrota:co owner of sdch with sunil mishra.he is as famous as dr.sunil.he is very strict and arrogant person.

Savitri:wife of anand.she is sister of sunil.she is also a housewife.

Sumita devi: mother of anand malhrota.she loves her grandchildren so much and she is also a close ones to them.

Priya malhrota: daughter of savitri and anand.she is going to london for complete her study.she going to london 4years ago.

Veer Malhrota:son of anand and savitri and brother of priya.he is a prankster and most cute boy.he is going to do internship in sdch with his best friends sanprasha and his younger sister riya.

Adharsh malhrota: brother of anand and also a doctor of sdch.

Gayatri malhrota:wife of adharsh and also a doctor of sdch.

Dev malhrota:son of adharsh and a doctor of sdch.(play by our kunj)

Riya malhrota: daughter of adharsh and gayatri.she is also going do her internship.she is much close to veer than his own brother.she share everything to veer.she had a virkant.he is a police.

Sanket sharma:one of famous doctor of sdch.

Garv:friend of veer.

Madhu and bala: friends of riya

Kailash nath kapoor: famous bussiness man in London.He is a workaholic person but he complete his duty towards his family equally.

Kusum kapoor:wife of kailash nath kapoor.she is a very good wife and mother.

Mehak khanna: daughter of kusum and kailash and sister of kabir and wife of shaurya khanna.she is the co owner of white chili with her husband.she is love to cook food.

Shaurya khanna:son in low of kusum and husband of mehak.he is also a famous bussiness man and owner of white.he has no family.but after marry with mehak he get a family.

Neev khanna:son of shaurya and mehak.he is 5years old now.everyone loves his so much but he is more close to his mamu kabir.

Kabir kapoor:son of kusum and kailash and brother of mehak.he is a famous doctor in hospital on london.he is very strict,arrogant and workaholic person with his work.but he had most friendly to his family,friend and specially with neev.He is inspired by dr.sunil and dr,anond.he always follow their advised on social.and he wants join as a doctor on this opportunity came to him.he is going to join sdch as a doctor and a new mentor for interns.
Kabir and priya had a secret.only savitri,dadi,dev and kabir family know about that.

Kailash,kusum,mehak,shaurya,neev and kabir lived together in London.p riya also lived with them.but anaand not know about that.

So let’s start

At sdch in india

Location :classroom

Dr.sunil and Dr.anaand give some lecture to new interns and welcome them.Dr.sanket,Dr.adharsh and also present there.

Dr anaand:welcome to sdch to all my students.myself dr.anaand malhrota.blah blah blah……

Dr. Sunil:hey student.welcome to you all in this hospital.i am dr.sunil mishra.blah blah blah……end of his speech.every year I took class of new interns but from this year a new doctor will join sdch and he tooks your class
.he came from London.
So student best of luck for yours future.

Saying this they are going to their duty.

In canteen

A group of boys and girls chit chat with each other.
They are none other than our gang.

Sanchi:so hum log bhut lucky hae jo humko hitler ki class nahi karna pare ga(actually sanchi called sunil as hitler because sunil is very much strict for his child and equally loves them so so much.sanchi also loves him so much)

Pragya:abbe ohh maharani chup ho ja……if papa heard this he scolded you…….

Sanchi:sanchi mishra kisi se darta nahi (saying with full on attitude)

Suddenly something a cockroach fell on her hand.she this she screaming and jumping.veer came towards her and took the cockroach from her hand.

Veer:miss golgappa it is a plastic cockroach…….you scared seeing this and before sometime you say so much dialogue……tu toh pura darphok hae re…….saying this he laughing.a nd everyone laughing seeing sanchi is so much angry so she punch on veer shoulder.

Veer:pagal hogaei hae kya……

Pragya came to sanchi and puts her hand on Sanchi’s shoulder.
Pragya:sant ho ja meri maa…….

Riya:guys tum log apps me jagharna band karo…..I heard who is the new intern for us is very strict and arrogant like bare papa and sunil uncle……..

Isha:i am also heard about him same and one things you all know about him……


Isha:he is so much handsome…….he is just 25years old.he is unmarried……….

Sanchi: handsome ho or jo vi ho…….we all going to do some prank on him…….anne do usko uske baad dekha ungi unko ae sanchi kya chess hae……. saying with a evilly smile……

Everyone looking at her with a shocking expression.

So it is for today

Please yaar forgive me for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.and please yaar don’t forget to share your opinion yaar.lots of loves,hugs and kisses for all my friends.takecare yourself friends.

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