Pyaar toh hona hi tha (episode-4)

Precap:kabir came in india.kanchi ka fight and nok-jhok

Before start the story i want to inform you something that priya helped kabir to join sdch.she talked with her dad about kabir that he is her anand know that kabir is priya ‘s friend.he only know about that he not no about kabir family.

So let’s start the story

Kabir in his cabin.priya and dev came to meet and kabir hugged each other and so as priya and kabir hugged.but some getting so much sad seeing them hug.he is sanket.actually he is passing by kabir’s cabin and the door is little open so he saw that and feel very sad you can say jealous and he go from there.kabir and priya broke the hug….

Dev: congratulation kabir for your joining in sdch and welcome yaar……

Kabir: thanks dev….

Priya:so kabir how is your 1st day at sdch….

Kabir: it’s nice and beautiful day…..

Dev:kabir i heard that you gave sanchi record room duty……

Priya:kya kabir tune aeha vi shuru ho 1sy din se…..or tune meri sister ko hi record room duty de diya……that’s not fair….meri pyaari and innocent sister….

Kabir:arre chup ho ja meri maa….. don’t take her side…..and don’t say her innocent….she is not innocent at all…..she is not less than jhansi ki rani… know today she called me khadoos…..

Hearing this both priya and dev laughing and kabir glare at them.

So time skipped.its evening time 7pm….

Kabir doing his he performed 6 back to back surgery.

In canteen

Pragya:yaar i can’t see such a workaholic person like dr.kabir.from today he join and today he doing 6 back to back surgery…..

Isha:ha yaar……I am also not seen…..

Veer:he is like dad and mama….

Riya:ha veer tune thik kaha….. hitler no.3 in sdch……mane thik bola na sanchi…….

But there’s no answer.they all look at her and see her that she is busy in her thoughts.

Pragya:abbe o maharani what you are thinking…..

Saying this she jerks her and came in reality.

Sanchi:kuch nahi yaar…..I got some idea for my revenge…..

And she share her plan with them.

Veer:oh miss sanchi….I don’t think your plan is work….it’s so silly….

Sanchi:abbe o mr i don’t want your advice….and you told me my idea is dill…..what is your idea that is so much bakwas…..

They both got into fighting like tom and jerry.actually veer is just 2years older than sanchi so they always taunting each other.

Pragya:stop it yaar…..if you both don’t stop i called sunil papa……then you two understand…..
They are all going their own duty.

So now she what prank is plan by our heroine.

It’s 11pm.kabir in his appartement which is the opposite side of interns the appartement he is alone because no one present there.sanket is in his night shift so he is not in the apartment.kabir is alone there.

Backside of the apartment is a big garden.there some people are chit chating with eachother .one of them a girl is standing wearing white sari with long hair you can say ghost ka get up me.they are talking with eachother.

Boy:miss golgappa aj toh tumko dekh kar dr.kabir london ka flight pakar kar london bhag jayengi…….pura real bhutni lag rahi hae….tu medical chor kar film me bhut or dayan ka role kar na start kar de…….
{So the girl is our sanchi and the boy is veer.they are with our are all think that how can they are all out of hostel actually veer manage the guide man of both they came outside late night.they came from Sanchi’s revenge}

Sanchi:tu chup ho ja veer….nahi toh me tera khoon pi lungi…..tu jaldi se jakar current of kar……

Veer:ok miss golgappa.

Inside the apartment kabir doing his work in his laptop.but suddenly light gone so he search for candle.then he heard some sound of payel from kitchen so he going to kitchen.he on his phone flash he see no one in there.but he saw some one running from there so he chasing her/his.
On the other side sanchi is doing all thing for scaring kabir.she came out from kitchen as kabir saw her.she is running but soon he collided with someone.its chadni raat some light is coming through the window and sanchi saw a man standing in front of him.his whole body covered with black dress and his white and blood spot in his two long teeth.she this she screaming and fainted.

Backside the apartment hearing Sanchi’s scream our gang is tensed so they decided to go inside so they turned for going when they turned there they saw a man standing in front of them.seeing the man they become shocked.he is none other than our khadoos kabir kapoor i.e mr.kk.

Kabir:what u are all doing here….. Or tum logo ka face dekh kar lagta hae ki tum log mujko nahi kisi ghost ko dekh liya…… I looking like a ghost…..

Veer:app to humayra liye kisi ghost se kam nahi…… saying slowly but kabir heard that


Veer:kuch nahi sir…..oooo….. actually sir…. Sanchi…..

Pragya:sir oooo actually we are came here for prank with you and sanchi is inside and soon we heard her screaming so we are really tensed ……can we go inside sir…..

Kabir glaring on them but soon he and all go inside.veer going to metre room and then light came.they saw sanchi is lay on floor and she is unconscious.soon they going to her and throwing water in her face.and slowly slowly she open her eyes.then she and all stand up and kabir looking at them very angrily.they all are very much worried.

Kabir:meet me tomorrow 8 am in my cabin…..

They all are looking at kabir face with puppy….

Kabir:am I god why you are all looking at me……now go to your own hostel room.
He shouted on them.before he say any words.they all vanished from there.
after they out of his appartement.they all looking at sanchi in angry look.

Sanchi:ohh don’t glaring at me like that……

Pragya:ha hum tumko glare nahi karungi toh tera puja karungi bol…..

Riya:aj hum log tere baja se phass gaya…..kon tumko uss khadoos ko scaring karne ke liye bola……app kya hoga tu bol……

Sanchi: please yaar listening to me…..

Isha :app tum kya kahene chata ho……bye the way why you screaming…..

Sanchi:me toh ohi bol na chati hu but tum log to muje kuch bolne nahi de rahi ho…..she told them all what happened inside……

Pragya:abbe o maharani tum pagal toh nahi ho gaya…..oh bhut bol kar kuch nahi hota hae……

Sanchi: kon kaha bhut nahi hota hae….. ofcourse hota hae….I saw in my own eyes…..

Veer:stop it yaar….app hum logo ka nasib me kya hae kal hum nahi jante hae or tum log ghost lekar pari ho……or tu sanchi bare gaya tha hitler ko darhane or khud hi dar gaya…. darphok kahi ke……

Sanchi:kya tune mujko darphok kaha…..veer ki bacha me tujko nahi chorungi……

Veer:hum log vi tujko nahi chorungi gi kal sanchi ka bachi……tera o faltu idea ke baja se hum aj phass gaya….

Pragya:stop it….tum dono please chup ho jao and go to your own hostel…….kal hitler nae hum logo ko meet karne ke liye bola vul gaye kya….

They all are going to their own respective rooms.

In the apartment

Kabir closed the door go to his room.

Kabir:bahar aja…..

Then some one came in front of kabir.the man is our another handsome guys dev.they both hi-fi with each other…….

Dev:kabir you are rock yaar……tera idea toh pura hit hoga ya…..

Kabir:or tera acting to pura superb tha yaar…..tujko dekh kar o jhansi ki rani toh pura behush ho gaya……

(So the male ghost is dev and it’s all planed by our dashing kabir.actually when sanchi planing about scaring kabir that time dev heard everything and he informed kabir about all and they planning all of this)

Kabir:bare aya tha mujko darhane or khud hi dar gaya…….

Dev:chal bhai app sojata hu kal morning me duty hae…..or ak bad what punishment you decide for them……

Kabir: that’s see tomorrow yaar… go to sleep……

They both fall asleep.

Today I end here

I know yaar it’s a boring request please yaar read this story and give your like,dislike and lovely comment.your commens mean a lot for me…..lots of loves,kisses and hugs for you all friends……take care yourself dost lok………

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