Pyaar toh hona hi tha (episode-2)

1st Episode Here

So today start from here

Outside the airport sanket waiting for priya as anand say to him for dropped her in their house.sanket is wearing a white shirt and black in hurry he forget wear blazer in his hand a board writing with priya malhrota name.

Sanket:oh shit i forget to asked sir about her photo…….now how could I recognize her……I think she is wearing short dress because she came from London…………
Suddenly he see a girl wearing a long beautiful pink colour churidar with long metal earrings.he is mesmerized her beauty and lost in looking her and the girl is coming towards him and says……
Bg plays:tuhje dekha toh ae jana sanam from DDLJ

Girl: nameste mae hu priya malhrota……app ko papa ne veja hoga……

Hearing her voice he came from dream(love and first sight happen in sanket heart seeing her)

Sanket:haa….haa…. anand sir ne mujko veja hae app ko pick karne ke liye

Saying this they going towards their car
Priya siting the back sit and sanket sir on driver sit.

Priya: chaliye driver ji……..

Hearing this word sanket is totally shocked but he can’t say any word and started driving.

In malhrota mansion

Sunil,jaya,sunny and sanprasha coming there and they greeted everyone.

Sanket and priya came to malhrota mansion.sanket stop the car in front of malhrota mansion and priya came out from the car and she give sanket tips but he refused that .then anand came and greet priya and hugged her.sanket came out from car and going to them.

Anand:priya beti… him….he is one of best doctor in our hospital…..Dr.sanket sharma…..

Priya is shocked hearing her dad words…..

Priya:kya…..he is a doctor but I am think his as a driver……

Anand:what beta ………

Suddenly malhrota phone bumped and he going to attend the call.

Priya looking towards sanket.
She is so much hesitating and feel guilty.sanket could see that in her eyes.

Priya:i am really very very sorry ……..I am feel very bad I don’t know how could I ask forgive ness from…..

Sanket: it’s ok….. it’s a mistake….. Please don’t ask for forgiveness…..can I ask you something….

Priya: ofcourse….why not…..

Sanket:can we became friend…..

Priya smile and say yes.they both shake their hands and then sanket go from there because an emergency is came in hospital.
Then priya go inside and everyone greeted her.dadi does her arati.then they do puja and after puja they everyone doing their lunch.then our gang chitchat with priya.

Now see what is doing our hero.

In London hospital there a farewell function arranged by hospital authority for our handsome dr.kabir.every nurse and female members are crying because their dream boy is going somewhere left them.All hospital members and patient are looking sad because their most favorite doctor going from this hospital.but some people are looking very are all know that who they are? of course they are interns.finally their Hitler going from there but they are equally sad for those who are in now kabir hand.
Everyone one greeted kabir and bid him good bye.

One important note for everyone
[Kabir joined sdch with a fake identity that he have not any india he decided to lived in doctor apartment where sanket intro i said dev role play by kunj but I change it dev role play by parth whose photo i post.]

So 2days is passing 2days priya and sanket friendship is increasing.they are became best friends.our gang is also enjoy with their family because after 2days they are all going hostel.

It’s evening
In kapoor mansion(London)
Kusum and mr.kapoor watching TV.kabir and neev playing with each other.(i know you are all surprised seeing kabir this avatar.actually he is khadoos in his work place but home and with friends he is doing so much masti)

Mahek in kabir room doing kabir bag pack.she is looking sad.suddenly some one hugs her from back.first she scared but then understood it’s her husband shaurya.

Shaurya:kya kar rahi ho meri hotty wife……

Mahek:bhai ki bag pack kar rahi hu……

Shaurya:kya hua mahek tum itna sad kyu lag rahi ho…….

Mahek:dekho na kal mera birthday hae or kal hi bhai india ja rahi hae iss liye thora bura lag rahi hae…….bhai ko bhot miss karungi …….

Shaurya:dukh maat ho after 2months…….we are all going to settle in india……saying this he beats his tung……

Mahek:kya…….sach me

Shaurya:ha…….but me and kabir think this surprise we give u in your birthday but I tell you……

Mahek: shaurya you know this is the best gift…….since childhood i want to live india but when I am 5years and kabir is 2years old then we are all came in London .

Mahek hugged shaurya and they are lost in their own world.but soon they are disturbed by someone coughing.its none other than our kabir.seeing kabir they both parted.
Kabir:i don’t see anything but I heard something that someone is miss me……

Mahek:why I miss u……. saying with full on attitude……..

Kabir:jiju if I refer anyone ……..I say only someone……. saying this he puts hand on shaurya ‘s shoulder……

Shaurya:ha mahek kabir didn’t refer anyone name……
Saying this both of them mahek is so much angry and she throw pillow on them and say……

Mahek:anne do meri bhai ka biwi ko……..usko bad mae tum dono ka dekh lungi……..

Saying this she sit on bed.both kabir and shaurya going towards them and less her anger.then they are all celebrated mahek birthday with neev,kusum and mr.kapoor.then they are all going to their room and falls asleep.

Precap:kabir ka entry sdch me…….

So friends forgive me for any kind of mistake and please leave your opinion.though it’s a boring one.lots of loves,hugs and kisses for all my .take care yourself friends……….

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