Episode 3:


The mysterious person walks out of the hotel and pats someone’s shoulder. Naina turns. She takes the recording and sees it and gets excited.
Naina: Oh!! So this is the matter. Thank you so much (hugging that person). Now we know what to do.
The mysterious person nods and they leave together. Meghna comes back to the suite after sometime to see both Naina and Sharda sleeping. She gets into the washroom to freshen up and in that time Naina connects the recorded video to the TV and plays it. Meghna comes out of the washroom and is shocked on seeing the video. She turns and sees Naina staring at her. Sharda on hearing the sound of the TV wakes up. On seeing the video she holds Meghna’s ear.
Sharda: So you didn’t find it necessary to tell us this…???
Meghna: Mumma please kaan chodo dard ho rahi hai…Chiku tumne yeh sab kiya hai na????Jao mujhe tumse baat nahi karni….
Naina: Actually di, I am just the source of the information; broadcasting was done by Mumma herself….
Meghna: What??? Mumma you had come there …..???
Naina: Mumma! Do you notice the change in di’s behaviour … She seems to be in her own dreamland these days…
Sharda: Haan Chiku… Dekh rahi hoon, yeh ladki kuch toh chupa rahi hai.
Naina: Let’s do one thing. Let’s go behind her. I am sure we will find out.
Sharda: Chiku…. I don’t think we should do that. If Gudiya finds out she will feel bad.
Naina: Nothing like that will happen… Let’s go. I would say, carry a camcorder also.
Sharda: Ok fine. Chalo jasusi karte hain….
Naina: Chalo mumma….
Sharda leaves Meghna’s ear and stands beside her making an angry face.
Meghna: Mumma, Chiku I am sorry. I should have told you both. Are you guys really angry with me?
Naina: Arey di, I am definitely not angry in fact I am super happy, we just wanted to know the truth par mumma ka toh pata nahi.
Sharda walks away… Meghna runs to her and hugs her from the back
Meghna: Mumma please…I am sorry….If you are not happy with this relationship then…
Sharda turns to her and cuts her,
Sharda: Then what Gudiya? Will you break the relation? I haven’t taught you to break any relation and….
Meghna: And what mumma??
Sharda: The guy seems to be good too, so meri taraf se haan hai.
Meghna is really happy she hugs her mumma and Chiku tightly and thanks them.
In the presence of all his family members,
Kunal: Dadaji, I want to tell you all something.…
Dadaji: Tell us… go ahead…
Kunal: Dadaji….woh…
Karan: He loves someone.   
Kunal turns and stares at him….
Dadaji: Kunal??? Really??? Yeh toh badi kushi ki baat hai. Kaun hai who ladki?
Nirmala: Yes Kunal…. Who is it?
Kunal: Ma, woh…..
NK cuts them…
NK: What nonsense? You do all this nonsense in college. Kunal remember this is your last semester then the future of our company is in your hands. Your younger brother has no other work other than music. He can definitely not be trusted so you are my only hope.
Karan looks at his father with so much of anger and tries to walk out from there but Nirmala stops him.
NK: Haan gussa bahut aatha hai par kuch karke nahi dikhata…. But Kunal I don’t want you to be like that…. You are in BITS….well educated…. Top rank holder and I don’t want you to get diverted by falling in love with some random girl who can never match up to us….
Kunal: Dad STOP IT!!! Enough is enough….Don’t you dare speak a word against Meghna and Karan….
NK: Oh so her name is Meghna….
Kunal: Haan, college topper Meghna Solanki.
NK on hearing her surname,
NK: Kya naam bataya tune??Meghna Solanki?
Kunal: Yeah.
NK: DO you know her parent’s names?
Kunal: Sharda Solanki and I think Ajay Solanki but he is no more…
NK is shocked…
NK: I want to meet them, we will fix your marriage date right away and I want you to get married as soon as possible…
Kunal: Dad are you serious, you weren’t okay with it a few minutes back.
NK: Do what I say!! Call them tomorrow…
Kunal gets really happy….Karan is also surprised…Kunal runs back to his room…
Karan: Yeh itna kyun sharma raha hai??
Saying this he runs behind him.
Kunal is in his room and when Karan enters he just runs to him and hugs him.
Kunal: Bhai! Today I am so happy; ask me whatever you want I will give you…
Karan: Okay but I am not going to ask something for me but something for you- Let’s go meet Bhabi.
Just as Karan completes his line there is a call for Kunal from Meghna.
Seeing the call Kunal gets even more excited.
Kunal: Meghna, woh…
Meghna: Kunal I want to meet you as soon as possible… let’s meet at the same hotel…
Kunal: Wow, shaadi se pehle hi telepathy…. That’s what even I wanted to say…
Meghna: Great so let’s meet.
The call ends,
Kunal: Karan come along it would give me some courage.
Karan: What courage do you need now? Even before letting your family know, you proposed to her, all you have to tell her now is to come tomorrow and meet us with her family. I am not coming.
Karan (to himself): Woh ladki bhi toh nahi aanewaali….
Kunal: What?
Karan: Nothing, I said it will be boring for me; I don’t want to be the third wheel….
Naina: But I want to be the third wheel, Di please take me along… Okay fine I won’t even talk promise…
Meghna: Okay fine…
Kunal: Karan please come along…
Karan: Okay fine. But then I will leave after sometime, I have to go for a concert.
Kunal and Karan as usual reach early. Meghna and Naina enter after a few minutes…..But Karan is already looking out of the window…so he does not notice Naina…
Seeing the sisters coming together,
Kunal: Bhai! Acha hua tu aaj aa gaya, there is a surprise package for you too….
Karan turns to find Chiku…
He gets up gazing at her…Kunal makes him sit…
Kunal: Bhai…. Don’t get over excited just sit down….
Karan sits….
Naina comes and takes a seat next to her di,
Kunal: Hi Topper…. You never told us that there is a surprise package for Karan (while saying this Karan hits him) sorry I mean for us….
Meghna (smiling): This is Naina aka Chiku my sister, my lifeline etc…. And they found out…
Kunal (looking at Naina): You found out????
Meghna: No “they” found out….
Kunal: What do you mean by “they”?
Meghna: Chiku and Mumma…
Kunal: Amazing then just perfect…..
Kunal tells Meghna what happened back home and Meghna tells him what happened with her…..
Naina: Congrats both of you looks like your wedding is soon going to be around the corner….We are going to have fun….
Karan: We? You mean you and me????
Naina: Nahi actually I meant all of us…. (smiling shyly).
Kunal pulls Karan aside
Kunal: Kya hai? itna solid line kyun mar rahe ho?
Karan: Bhai! Love at first sight suna hai? That’s what is happening to me…..
Kunal: You and your love at first sight … See she is my HWS….
Karan: What??
Kunal: Abey… Hone waali Saali… as a responsible Hone waale jeeju…..
Karan: Abey… enough enough, you and your Hone waale…..Stop it….. I will take care of all this myself…
They go back.
Naina: Is everything okay???
Karan: Yeah everything is just perfect.
After some nice conversation….
Karan and Naina (together): Okay then I have to leave now…
They look at each other….
Kunal and Meghna (together): Where?
Naina: Di, actually I have booked a ticket for a concert.
Karan gets excited and looks at Kunal. Kunal smiles at him as he is also surprised…
Meghna: Okay fine…..Take care… How are you going????
Naina: Taxi probably…
Karan: No with me … I mean I am going there too… we can go together….(with a broad smile).
Meghna: Okay then great. Have a great time guys…
Kunal: Yeah yeah have a “great” time “Karan” (smirking at him) and Naina…
Karan smiles at him and leaves with Naina…
Karan: I didn’t know you love music too…
Naina: Of course you wouldn’t, we have just met… 
Karan: Yeah hehe….so what do you do?
Naina: I am studying at IIM UDAIPUR ….yourself?
Karan: Mera kya…. Having masti…. Well I have a diploma in music though…..
Naina: That’s amazing then you must be a bigger music lover than me…
Karan (looking at her): Not just music… I love many other things too…
Naina turns away to the window and starts smiling to herself….They reach the venue….
Karan: Which is your seat number?
Naina: B12, yours?
Karan (to himself): Damn…
Karan: What?? Oh seat… mine is R17.
Naina: Oh okay then…. We will meet near the entrance when the concert gets over…
Karan: Why? You can call me… I mean I call you too…By the way what’s your number…
Naina (to herself): Yeh banda toh bahut fast nikla.
Naina (smiling): Why don’t you give your number?
Karan (smiling and blushing but also embarrassed a bit as he got caught ): Why not? XXXXXXXXX2. Give me a call.
Naina: Sure.
They head to their respective seats. Half the concert was over but Karan’s eyes were only on Naina….hoping she would atleast turn back once to look at him. As he was staring at her, he realised after a while that a seat next to her was vacant and he noticed her getting up to probably use the washroom. He got up from his seat and occupied the vacant one…Naina comes back and takes her seat…
Karan: Hi!!
Naina: Hi!!!!How come you are here?? You said your seat was…..
Karan: I noticed ki yeh seat vacant hai toh aa gaya….
Naina smiles at him and turns her head away from his vision as she didn’t want him to look at her uncontrollable smile…
Suddenly due to the amplification problem of the speaker there is loud thud…and a shocked Naina holds Karan’s hand…. They look at each other intensely losing each other to each other….They come back to their senses and smile over it.
The concert gets over and they leave.
Naina: Karan. You know what you leave I will take a taxi and go to the hotel.
Karan: Arey? Aise kaise… I mean I gave you a lift and so I will drop you….Chalo Chalo…vaise bhi mera bhi toh thoda farz banta hai (smiles at her).
The ride is a silent one and Karan finally drops her at the hotel.
Karan: Naina?
Naina: Haan?
Karan: Mujhe laga tum kuch kehna chahti ho… chahti ho kya???
Naina: Nahi toh…
She starts walking and Karan turns away a bit disappointed but doesn’t leave…She turns back…
Naina: Karan! Actually you are right. FRIENDS????
She forwards her hand…Karan gets out of the car comes running to the other side and shakes hands with her…
Karan: Of course…
She starts walking…
Karan: Naina! Really…. I had a wonderful day today…Thank you…
Naina turns
Naina: What did I do other than give you company…?
Karan: Haan that’s what I thanked you for…..vaise I still don’t have your number…
Naina: Haan toh?
Karan: Just saying.
Naina: I have yours na, kaafi hai….
Karan (smiling): Of course, kaafi hai….
Naina (smiles): Bye! Good night…
Karan: Bye…
Hope you Guys enjoyed this episode. Turned out to be a really long one…
Please post your comments and let me know what you feel about this episode….

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    First of all happy birthday to the sweetest prettiest cutest Anku Di.The episode was really a long one always write this long only.What a game is going on.Naina is teasing karan by not giving her number to him and karan he is so restless.It is really cute.Post asap.Loads of love.

  2. Resh

    Oh my god yaar… I’m in love with your ff…I can visualise it so earlier I had smile while going through ur ff..u are great!! Shardha doing jaasusi is quite interesting and then Karan and Naina’s cute moment it was simply awesome..

    1. Maayaofficial

      Thank you resh… I am glad you could visualize… That’s what I m aiming at …ppl should be able to visualize the scenes when they read it

    1. Maayaofficial

      Thank you raagini

  3. Devihaa

    Happy birthday…Anku di… I lived it yaar .. omg …. NaiRan meeting…Was….Aweeee ssooo cute.. everything was perfect… Post next asap

    1. Maayaofficial

      Thank u devihaa

  4. Really fantastic..i told you in first wpisode naa. I love karans charecter..that inceresing with each episodes..superb

  5. Claire

    What a Long and Terrific chapter!!!?? Loved it… In other words it was NaiRanlicious?… I just couldn’t stop smiling reading it? Waiting for the next chapter?

  6. I seriously loved it
    U are such a great writer mashallah
    I’m always waiting for ur story 2 be uploaded so I can read it today and yesterday it brought a smile 2 my face thank u so much maayaofficial
    Loved Nairan meeting intact u have made my birthday special seeing as I love Nairan and I’m going crazy now hahha
    Thanks once again maayaofficial

    1. Maayaofficial

      Is it your bday? If so wish you a very happy birthday…

  7. AbrahamEzra

    it was superb. And I don’t have any words to describe. Gud job. Keep I up

  8. Maayaofficial

    thank you…. The next one will be out tomorrow…..

  9. Minerva

    Stupendous episode. The description of the meeting and the revelation about the mysterious person was indeed marvellous. Meghna’s reaction on sharda’s approval was truly amazing. Nevertheless, nandkishore’s present attitude and his actions are surely putting me into a dilemma.
    The conversations between NaiRan were really lovely and adorable. The conversation in the car followed by the scene in the concert hall were like beautiful descriptions of heaven. Absolutely speechless after reading such a story..

    1. Maayaofficial

      Thank you..hope to make the next episode even better

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