Episode 2:

Its morning and the girls are still not out of bed….
Beep…. there goes the sound on Meghna’s phone. She wakes up to it.
IT reads “A message from KSC”. She smiles.
Good Morning Topper … Love you….
She reads it and goes back to sleep.
Sharda enters
Sharda: Get up both of you .It’s getting really late. We have to go out on some really important work.
Naina: Last night you were giving us a lecture on how it is our vacation and we have to take rest and now you are saying we have some really important work.
Meghna: Yeah mumma I am really tired and I am going back to sleep.
Sharda: I am so sorry but then going all the way till Jaipur without any company will be really boring. SO I thought if I take you both along with me we will get to spend some time with each other and also my work will get done. After all it is your vacation … Aur vacation pe ghoomna to chalta hai he na???
Meghna eyes lit up!!!
Meghna (to herself): Kya Jaipur?????Waah what a miracle… Bhagwanji I love you …. Mumma I love you even more….
Meghna: Haan mumma why not I will definitely come along…. How did you think I will leave you alone…. Cheeku chale na chale mein toh zaroor chalungi aapke saath……
Sharda: Now Cheeku!! Even Gudiya is coming, please accompany us …
Naina: Mumma okay!! I will come along too….
Sharda leaves the room. Naina catches hold of Meghna.
Naina: What happened di, you seem to be really happy. I thought you wanted to sleep so I made an excuse saying I was tired so that mumma will leave you with me but on hearing the name of the city your face brightened and you changed sides…. What are you hiding from me di?? (Jokingly)
Meghna: Cheeku … nothing like that … Now go and get ready and let me also to get ready … We will have to leave anytime… Go Go Go Fast!!
Naina is still not convinced; she could understand that something was going on …
A beep from Kunal’s phone wakes up Karan,
Karan: Bhai!! You don’t let me sleep in the night and your phone doesn’t let me sleep in the morning.
He turns to see that his brother wasn’t there in the room. He picks up the phone to read the message thinking it could be something important.
Hey Kunal …. I have a very big surprise for you… I am coming to Jaipur… But not alone – with mumma and Cheeku but anyway I can find some way or the other to meet you. Just tell me some good place where we can we meet, along with the time….
WE were talking last night till 1.30 but still you managed to wake up so early….Kya Baat Hai….I love you too… Good Morning!!!
Karan: Baap re!!! He has turned out to be a silent killer so he was doing this all night ….
Kunal enters the room and sees standing with his phone and he panics.
Kunal: Karan give my phone back to me … I might get some important messages (saying this he takes it away from Karan).
Karan: Of course you have got one …..I just read it … From MS; I am so sorry MHWB….
Kunal: MHWB? What does that mean?
Karan: MERE HONE WAALI BHABI ….. Right???
Kunal starts smiling uncontrollably ….
Kunal: So you have got to know. Her name is Meghna – Meghna Solanki…. What has she sent?
Karan tells him what he read and Kunal gets happy. He messages her.
Karan: Bhai?? Take me along na. I want to meet my bhabi…
Kunal(hesitantly): Okay fine. I will tell her that you are coming along….
Karan: By the way who is this Cheeku??
Kunal (glancing at Karan): Meghna’s sister.
Karan: What? I just wanted to know…
Kunal: Don’t build castles in the air. She won’t come along with her sister. She doesn’t know about this relationship.
Karan (smiling because he got caught): Yeah Yeah I know….
Kunal smiles and leaves after sending Meghna the message….
Meanwhile, the trio have left Bundi and Meghna just cannot contain her excitement, making even more suspicious.
Meghna sees the message and gets happy and further more excited on knowing that she is going to meet someone from Kunal’s family.
Naina: Di, why are you so excited, tell me also please???
Meghna: Cheeku, how many times should I tell you that there is no excitement and all. I am completely normal.
Naina: Di, but….
Meghna: Cheeku, please promise me you will stay silent till we reach the hotel.
The trio reach the hotel and go to their room… It is a really big suite kind of a room so all three stay there….
Sharda: I have some work in the evening so you both can go out then if you want.
Meghna: Mumma I was thinking to leave right away. I just realised that there was some project related things that I had to clear. So I am heading to the library….
Naina: Then di, why don’t I come along?
Meghna: No no Cheeku, first I will go and check if the place is good then I will tell you if its useful or not and later we will go together….
Naina is confused about Meghna’s behaviour. Meghna leaves.
Kunal and Karan have already arrived. Kunal makes Karan sit at the table that’s booked and as Meghna arrives she looks for Kunal as she does not identify Karan. But Karan immediately understands that it is Meghna and introduces himself to her.
Karan: Hone waali bhabi?? Have you come alone?
Meghna: Yeah ….
Karan: Okay okay …
Meghna: Where is your brother?? It’s been so long since I am here and he is nowhere to be seen.
Kunal comes from behind and blindfolds Meghna. He keeps a cake before her that reads,” Will you marry me?”
He slowly opens the blindfold and asks her to see the cake before she sees him.
She reads it and is spellbound and dumbstruck. She then looks for Kunal who has left again to surprise her with something more special.
Everyone sitting in the tables around gets up and pick up their instruments and start playing mild romantic music…
Kunal comes there before Meghna goes on one knee and asks Meghna…
Kunal: Will you??(With a ring in his hand)
Meghna: I will Kunal… of course I will…
They both share a cute moment by giving a warm hug to each other.
Karan slightly feels embarrassed in the situation. He smiles to himself…
Meanwhile someone records the entire scene going on in the hotel and the mysterious person leaves….


Who do you think is that mysterious person??
Put your answers down in the comment box and wait till the next episode to find out if you were right….


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  1. some place u forget to write the right person’s name like karan with phone and naina more suspicious etc but story is good and waiting for next chapter i love Ur story

  2. the mysterious person is may be Sandhya

  3. Wow..superb superb superb..i cant get words..i really loved this…loved karans charecter..meghnaal so sweet..waiting for nairan scenes…i think that person is naina..dont know

  4. Claire

    Woah!!! Loved it❤ Meghnal is so cute? and I’m waiting for NaiRan?…They’re my favorite couple?…Great Going…Try to post asap?

    1. Minerva

      Hey claire
      Good to know about for love for NaiRan. Nonetheless, I just wanted to ask that isnt the image in your display picture similar to one of the paintings in karan’s swabhimaan room?

      1. Claire

        Oh Yes… It’s the same one?

  5. Maayaofficial

    I am sorry rose but such mistakes occur when I copy paste.. But don’t worry next time I will take care

    1. Ayonija

      It happens with me also when i have to copy paste many times. It’s ok

      1. Maayaofficial

        Lol ikr and it gets tiring to read the entire thing once again in that box before submitting

    2. its OK and upload fast

  6. Seyal

    wow l loved the whole part and karan is soo cute??really wonderful..l think the person is naina or kyathi… some guess ??

  7. #nairanlover:-)

    I really can’t figure it out who the person is but I think it may be tauji or Sandhya or naina maybe.The episode was really​ nice.Post asap.Loads of love.

  8. Ayonija

    Your story is really awesome. Sorry for not commenting on previous chapter, really sorry. I was busy that’s why. I also think that the mysterious person is Sandhya.

    1. Maayaofficial

      That’s okay ☺☺

  9. Resh

    This is a crazy story…I had a big smile all throughout… really good yaar… I think the mysterious person…maybe Naina… I don’t know.. but ur story is quite interesting..keep going..I’m gonna love this!!

    1. Maayaofficial

      hehe thanks..

  10. I loved it

  11. Minerva

    A wonderful way to make people smile a million dollar curve has been just discovered. May I please have the honour of felicitating Miss Maaya with the title of ‘The Writer with Anti-depressionary powers’?

    This episode was seriously wondrous and amazing. The conversations and wordplay was absolutely stunning and amazing. News about secret college romance followed by revelation to siblings was presented in a stupendous way. The sweet exchange of messages followed by the reading of some of them by the wrong persons at the wrong time was visualised perfectly. Meghna’s excitement on knowing about her journey to jaipur and karan’s MHWB statement has left me in fits of laughter. The scenes between kunal and karan were extremely cute. Karan wanting to know more about his brother’s “hone-waali saali” has surely left me blushing like cherry tomatoes. The proposal followed by karan’s embarassment was indeed priceless.

    1. Maayaofficial

      Hey Minerva thank you .. You have seriously made my day with your comment and thank you for the title….I hope to entertain you guys even more with my fan fictions….

  12. Minerva

    Eventhough I am real bad at making assumptions, I would surely like to share my whims and fancies here. As far as the horizon of my guess exists, I can fairly guess that the mysterious person might be someone who is an opposer of the MeghNal relationship and may want to reveal the truth of this secret romace to fulfil some ulterior motives…
    May or may not he so..

  13. AbrahamEzra

    It was superb. I really loved it . Plz make nairan meet faster plz.

  14. Devihaa

    Aweee… I was waiting for this yaar… Everything was beautifully portrayed… Karan character is different..And its appreciable too… I think the person…Is naina… I hope it’s a lucky guess… Post next asap…

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