Episode 19:

The Solankis were leaving for Bundi. The Chauhan brothers were also there to bid their loved ones a farewell.
Karan: Sharda ma, khayal rakhiye apna.
Sharda: Yes, beta.
Karan: Naina, tum bhi. (Winks at her)
Naina smiles faintly.
Kunal also shakes his head at Meghna as if signaling the same. Meghna smiles back at him. Then Meghna goes near Karan and pulls him aside.
Meghna: What will you do now?
Karan: Bhabi, don’t worry, I have a plan.
Meghna: I just hope it works.
Karan: It definitely will.
Sharda: Gudiya, chalo we have to leave.
They come back. Karan suddenly pulls Naina behind the car and kisses her cheek. She is shocked to see his new avatar- kissing in the public almost in front of his relatives- what if mami had seen them like that. She tries to move away. But just then,
Karan: Keep running, I am your destination.
Naina nods at him negatively and leaves.
Karan: Naina, I love you!!!
Naina doesn’t respond. Karan hits the back of his head and smiles naughtily.
The Solankis leave.
Kunal: Karan, is everything alright?
Karan: No Bhai! I will not lie to you.
He explains Kunal whatever had happened that morning. Kunal is taken aback.
Kunal: They have suffered so much, especially Naina- she must be through an emotional turmoil Karan.
Karan: Yes Bhai! And you know that she will not wish to trouble anyone by sharing her problems with them especially the people she loves.
Kunal: You are right! But how did she take such a drastic decision? Of leaving you?
Karan: I don’t blame her Bhai! She is been through so much. She is just forced to think that way. It’s my work now to bring her out of that web.
Kunal: I am with you. What’s your plan?
Karan tells him something.
Kunal: Wow! Not bad…. Humari bhi balayi hai!
Karan (hits him): Bhai!
Kunal laughs.
Three days later, Meghna and Naina leave from the home back to the college.
Meghna was left with her last few exams for completing MBA and Naina had an even shorter period left to complete her UG. Kunal was just the same like Meghna.
Kunal was so very excited to meet his fiancée back at the college.
The sisters reached their colleges. Meghna caught up with her love and there was so much love in the air. Meanwhile Naina went to IIM. She was welcomed Rohan as expected- the one who was alright now. Few hours later she was in the middle of a lecture when someone stood in front of the class asking for permission to enter the class. Naina was shocked to see the person. It was KARAN!!
There were so many thoughts going on in her brain- HOW IS HE HERE??? , IT CANNOT BE HIM! , WHY IS HE HERE???
He comes with some sheets, shows it to the lecturer. He lets him in. The class being full, Karan drags a chair puts it near Naina’s table and sits there. All the girls were blown away by him. They were drooling over him.
Karan: Don’t keep looking at me Naina, I am feeling shy. I know we are going to get married, we can keep doing this after marriage.
Naina turns away, fakes a headache and leaves the class.
Karan: Step 1 done but with a mild failure of her getting out.
Naina is in the cafeteria. After the lecture, Rohan comes there.
Rohan: Naina, what happened? Are you not happy seeing Karan here?
Naina doesn’t respond.
Rohan: Any problem?
Just then a few of her other friends come there. Her gang- Champa, Bhavna, Raghav, Jack.
Bhavna: Naina, that guy was so hot right! By the way what did he say to you, that you walked out? OMG don’t tell me he asked you out for a date.
Naina stares at her.
Champa: What? Why do you stare?
Naina: Nothing.
Rohan: Girls, because that’s Naina’s boyfriend. They are in a relationship.
Zor Ka Jhatka Hye Zoron Se Laga, Haan Laga
Shaadi Ban Gayi Umar qaid Ki Saza, Haan Saza
Zor Ka Jhatka Hye Zoron Se Laga, Haan Laga
Shaadi Ban Gayi Umarqaid Ki Saza, Haan Saza
Yeh Hai Udaasi, Jaan Ki Pyaasi
Shaadi Se Achcha Tum Le Lo Faansi
Jack: What the hell! You never told us! Such a big thing…
Raghav: What else have you hid from us?
Karan: I will tell you.
They hear his voice from behind and get up.
Karan: Arey! Why do you get up? Sit.
They all sit again.
Karan: I am Karan. I have come back to complete something that I had left half way through.
Naina looks at him.
Karan: I meant my studies. (Winks at her)
He slowly moves near her and in her ears,
Karan: And our love story.
Rohan notices that and he gets jealous.
He makes an excuse and leaves from there.
As he goes,
Rohan (in his mind): I am sure there is some tension between them, and now my job begins…..
He smirks and leaves.


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  1. Jiya09

    Hi I am new to telly updates and I have been reading all ur episodes from starting I and love this ff.. And about today’s episode it was very cute..??

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    Wow amazing episode Maaya ❤️❤️❤️
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    It was amazing.Post Asap.Loads of love.

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  5. Amazing for sure. Karan’s adorable antics and sweet words were truly wonderful. Naina’s broken soul being conjoined again all for his deeds is something much awaited. His stupendous ideas and awesome dialogues were truly apt for every scene. A great one indeed…

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      Thanks a lot ??

  6. Resh

    This was an awesome episode! The song omg!!??????????? Loved it ! Naina.. I can just imagine! Karan is surely crazy!?? I just hope things will be fine! I know we have Rohan I the way now! I’m hoping for things to go right! Love you yaar! ❤️

    1. Maayaofficial

      Lol yep Rohan is back and what is love without jealousy. Thanks resh, will update soon

  7. Rohan is back???? Troubling person i think he is jealous of Nairan love story. Its true without jealousy love is nothing. It was an awesome episode and Kunal get to know about it that’s was so nice. Just waiting for next part. Post soon naa…waiting eagerly. Loads of love di..??

    1. Maayaofficial

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