Episode 18:

Karan gets up in the morning, opens his eyes by seeing Naina’s picture on his mobile. But he had also expected that she would have sent a message. But no, she had not. He was upset at first but then affirmed himself by thinking that she wouldn’t have got up yet or is held up in some really important work. So instead he sends her a message. He decides to go and meet her as soon as possible. He gets up and gets ready to leave.
The Solankis were making there preparations to head back to Bundi. There stay had now become a really long now.
Sharda was packing the things in the bedroom along with Asha. Just then Meghna and Naina enter.
Sharda: Gudiya, pass that book. I will pack it together along with other items.
Just when Meghna is about to pick it up,
Asha: Arey Beta, why will you do all this? Maharani Chup chap kadi hai. Woh karegi! Kyun Naina? Karegi na?
Naina nods and picks up the book and gives it to Sharda. Just then Meghna notices Naina’s empty finger. Meghna pulls her aside and takes her down to the reception of the hotel.
Meghna: Cheeku, where is the ring that Karan had given you?
Naina: Di, I have made a decision.
Meghna: What are you talking about?
Naina: Di, I am going to break this relation.
Meghna: What nonsense!! You have gone mad Cheeku. You will not do anything like that!
Naina: Di, I don’t want to be that log of wood that will hinder your path.
Meghna: Cheeku, you know Mami talks nonsense, did you take last night’s topic that seriously? Please Cheeku don’t do this. I will feel guilty.
Naina: No di. Please don’t. This is my decision.
Karan: That is just not your decision Naina! (Eyes filled with tears and anger)
Hearing Karan’s voice, Naina turns.
Naina: Karan!
Karan: You promised me only last night that you will never leave me alone Naina, but you changed your thoughts so soon.
Naina: I am not right for you Karan. You deserve better and di- what did she do! I don’t want to be the hindrance of her life.
Meghna: How did you think you will be the hindrance of MY LIFE Cheeku? Asha mami ki baat ko itna seriously mat lo Cheeku!
Karan: And Naina you are the one for me. (Cups her face)
Naina is still not satisfied. She is unable to forget whatever mami had told last night. She walks ahead lost in her own thoughts. Karan tries to go behind her but Meghna stops him.
Meghna: Karan, leave her alone for some time. She is highly confused.
Karan: But Bhabi, everything was fine till last night. All of a sudden what happened that has made her think like this.
Meghna tells him the previous night’s incident and whatever happened since the time they landed in Jaipur.
Karan: Bhabi, bura mat manna par aapki mami itni giri hui hogi maine kabhi socha nahi tha. Woh aapse toh bahut pyaar karti hai toh phir Naina ke saath aisa kyun?
Meghna: Actually Karan, that is because…. (Some flashes of someone killing someone comes to her mind… the person who is hurt shouts at Sharda to run away from there).
She comes back to her senses.
Karan: Bhabi kya hua?
Meghna: Hmmm, kuch nahi.
Karan: I asked why your mami hates Naina so much.
Meghna: Woh…..
Karan: Bhabi, what are you hiding?
Meghna: Kuch, kuch nahi…..
Karan: Bhabi you are definitely hiding something, tell me.
Meghna: There is no use scratching old wounds Karan. Nothing will change.
Karan: What do you mean?
Meghna: It happened when Naina was a month old. We were really rich. My father was Mr.Ajay Solanki- the richest businessman of those times. We were really happy. Back then, we were in Jodhpur.
A scene shown where a really happy family is seen dining together.
It is the Solanki family. Sharda is pregnant so she is taken care of in a very special way. The entire family takes the uttermost care of her as she had already fallen ill many times and falling ill another time might affect the baby.
Because of Sharda’s condition Asha visits an astrologer to check if something has to be done I order to set things right.
Asha: Panditji, kuch dosh hai kya?
Astrologer: Ashaji, this baby can prove to be unlucky for the family if it’s a girl child but then if it’s a boy daal banke rahega!
Asha: But what can we do? We cannot check the gender of the foetus. It is illegal.
Astrologer: Well, what am I for?
Asha: Tell me please about the gender of the child.
Astrologer checks by doing some pooja and seeing the kundli of every family member.
Astrologer: I am sorry to say that it will be a girl.
Asha: Oh god! What to do now?
Astrologer: Please ask the lady to abort the child.
Asha (in mind): Sharda will never accept that.
She gives the pandit some money and leaves. She comes back home. She discusses along with her husband and Devar.
Vishnu: What nonsense Asha! Girl child is auspicious for every family. Keep quiet. If Damadji hears this he will get really angry.
Asha: Haan now shut me up every time. If something untoward happens you will know.
Vishnu: Shubh Shubh bolo!
Inspite of them saying all this, mami actually tries to kill the baby in the womb. She felt very bad to do this but then she had to do this for the family’s welfare. But she failed every time. By this time Sharda was nearing the labour pain date.
One day not taking notice of the oil spilt on the floor she trips and falls and goes into labour. She is rushed to the hospital. The doctors announce that only either the baby or the mother can be saved. Ajay is got in a dilemma. He loves his wife and his baby. But anyhow he asks the doctor to save his child. Asha is shocked to hear this.
Asha: Dekho, bacha aaya hi nahi duniya mein ki Sharda ki jaan maang rahi hai.
Ajay: Keep quiet Ashaji, Sharda and me had discussed once that if such a situation whom to save and Sharda had asked me to promise that I will save the baby.
After sometime, the doctors come out.
Doctor: Congratulations! You have a girl child and your wife is also safe.
Ajay: Thank you doctor!
After a month everything is absolutely right!
Except that Ajay was having a lot of problems in his business. His really close alliance was trying to grab his deals and properties. He had even got threat calls. His life was in danger. But no one knew this except for Sharda.
One fine day when Sharda, Ajay, 3yr old Meghna and baby Naina were heading towards a temple a bullet is fired on the car’s window. The shocked family get down the car immediately whereas Ajay is pinned down on the ground as soon as he tries to escape. Someone with a mask and a black hood comes and stabs him with a knife but it’s a very light cut.
Ajay: Sharda, bhago yahan se. Leave from here! Quickly….
Sharda: But, how can I leave you Ajay!!
Ajay: I said just go….
The hooded person tries to run behind Sharda to stop her but Ajay holds that person’s leg and bites it so hard that the hooded person falls down in pain. Somehow Ajay protects his family.
Sharda runs back home packs the most important things, calls her entire family and all of them together run away from there.
Meghna: And then, we never went back to Jodhpur. From then Mami started feeling that all that had happened was because of Naina’s birth. She felt that it was because of her that we lost all the money, we lost my dad, we lost happiness and thus we had lost everything but the rest of the family. You know that is why mami never allowed Naina to stay at my house in Bundi; she decided to send her to a boarding school and somehow also convinced mumma to do so.
Karan: What! Naina was in a boarding school?
Meghna: Yes, but being her elder sister I could not let that happen so I accompanied her.
Karan: She has gone through so much.
Meghna: Yes she has. She is clean and pure at heart. She cannot think badly for anyone. That is why she has taken this decision of leaving you Karan.
Karan: Bhabi, but her decision is wrong. I will make her realise this.
Meghna: probably it’s too late, we are leaving for Bundi.
Karan: What, when?
Meghna: Evening! And then we will be back to college for the last semester. Then we will back only 6 months later.
Karan: don’t worry Bhabi, har baar Naina ki nahi chalegi. I will not lose her. I will not let her get away from me. She is my future and I am hers, I will make her realise this before your wedding.
Meghna: Well, all the best! I am with you in all this!
Karan: But Bhabi, who was that person who killed your father?
Meghna: We don’t know. We never made an effort to find out. Hum bhaagne mein busy the isliye peeche mudke nahi dekh paaye.
Karan: Don’t worry Bhabi, everything will be alright. Can you just give the ring back to me?
Meghna: Why Karan?
Karan: Arey, don’t you want me to make Naina wear it once again?
Meghna: Sure, I will give it to you. Tum khud pehnao Naina ko. Karan …
Karan: Bhabi?
Meghna: I am glad you are this understanding! Naina is really lucky.
Karan: no Bhabi I am lucky to get such a supportive Bhabi and a pure soul like Naina as my future wifey.
Meghna smiles.
Karan: Bhabi, I think I should leave now, it’s better to leave Naina alone now! Me and Kunal Bhai will come in the evening when you guys are about to leave.
Meghna: Yeah you are right. Bye Karan.
Karan (in mind): Don’t worry Naina; I will make your life so beautiful that you will get confused if you are in heaven or earth. After all I love you too. If you can take the drastic step of leaving me for your sister and my happiness then I can also drag you towards me with my love. And definitely this time I will win.
He leaves confidently.


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  1. Superb and awesome episode…
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    Maaya!!! This was a very very evry good episode! I really liked it! The decision Naina took just cause she thought she was a problem in her sister’s life! It was very sweet but it also hurt us as it also means to leave Karan! I have faith in Karan! Im sure he will set it right! I liked the FB too! Asha should soon learn Naina’s importance! I’m very excited!!!!! I wanna know what the surprises are!!! Please post as soon as possible! Loads of love to a you!

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  8. A short break from the hectic schedule of today was very well awarded. A wonderful composition as this was the best thing for today. The emotional turmoils, broken hearts and numerous revelations were superb. The recollection of the past and Naina’s drastic step was in a way unimaginable. But it’s always the unthinkable which gives life it’s true meaning. Therefore, I really do hope for the love of Karan to help naina disown her inhibitions and accept herself..

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