Episode 10:


Naina runs back to the room and Karan goes running behind her.
Sharda: Cheeku, tu aise bhaag ke kyun aayi? Sab teek hai na?
Karan reaches the room by then (panting).
Meghna: Mumma, samjho na!
Sharda bows her head down unable to control her laughter and she moves into the bedroom as she felt embarrassed.
Karan hits the back of his head and looks at Kunal. Kunal nods at him as if saying “Tumhara kuch nahi ho saktha”.
Karan: Bhabi, can I take Naina out somewhere. I have some work.
Meghna (pulling his leg): Haan toh tum jao na.
Karan: Nahi Bhabi, Naina ki bhi zaroorat hai. (Actually they want to proceed with their investigation but Meghna understands it to be a date)
Meghna and Kunal glare at him.
Kunal: Aise kya karnewaale ho dono?
Meghna hits his elbow.
Karan: Nahi Nahi Bhai. It’s not what you are understanding it to be. Sach mein kaam hai.
Naina: Yes di, we have seriously have some work to do.
Meghna: Aisa kya kaam hai tum dono ko?
Naina: Woh di….. Actually….
Karan (cuts her): Bhabi, remember about the surprise I told you in the hospital, that one.
Kunal: Toh phir jao jao…..
Karan: Naina chalo…. Bye Bhabi, Bye Bhai, Bye ma….
They leave.

Naina: Pata nahi kab tak chupana padega!
Karan: Don’t worry we will find the culprit soon.
Naina: You have the car number right?
Karan: Yes I do!
Naina: So what’s the plan?
Karan: We will have to check whose car it is, (shows her the picture of the car plate) Using this registration number we can find out the owner’s details.
Naina: You mean we will have to inquire in the transport department.
Karan: Yes.
Naina: But that will take a long time. First we will have to give them a letter and then take permission, what if that person gets to know that we are close to finding him/her. Woh alert ho jaayega.
Karan: What’s the use of having an influential Dadaji?
Naina: Are we doing the right thing Karan?
Karan: No, we are not but we don’t have an option.
Naina: Bas ek baar woh humare haat lag jaye.
Karan: Don’t worry, hum usse pakad lenge.
Naina: Hmm …. Let’s go.
They leave in the car.

Karan and Naina introduce themselves to the person in charge. They tell him their situation.
IN charge: Sir, but we cannot do all this because you are from an influential family.
Karan: Sir please try to understand, we are doing this just to find the culprit who has acquitted an crime- HIT AND RUN. Sir please, help us!!
IN Charge: How can I believe you?
Naina (takes Karan’s mobile from his pocket): Sir, yeh dhekiye. This is the footage that we got from a nearby CCTV camera.
IN Charge: Then take it to the police station.
Naina: Sir please understand we do not want to involve the police in this. PLEASE HELP US…..
IN Charge: No No I can’t help you both, I am sorry, without taking permission and all….. NEVER.
Karan: Sir….! Okay we will leave now but if your mind changes anytime call me in this number.
HE gives him his number and they leave from there.
Karan: Kya yaar, ab kya karenge?
Naina: I don’t know but I will feel he will help us.
Karan: Let’s see.
Naina gets a phone call.
UNKNOWN PERSON: Jitna bhi khoshish kar lo you cannot find me. Transport Department mein hai kya dono? You will not get any help.
Naina: Hello who is this?
UNKNOWN PERSON: The one you are trying to find.
Naina puts it on speaker. Karan signals her to record the call and she does so.
UNKNOWN PERSON: Maa Kasam, tum dono toh shatir nikle. I never expected you both to even investigate.
Karan: Tell us who you are. Why did you do this?
UNKNOWN PERSON: Chal hat. Maa Kasam, agar mein wahan hota toh tujhe abhi ke abhi maar deta. Saala hero banke phirta hai. Waise ladki chikni hai.
Karan: Eh, mind your words.
UNKNOWN PERSON: Abey chup, zyada zubaan mat lada, leave this investigation and concentrate on something useful varna agli baar jaan nahi bachegi uski. Rakta hoon hero Saab aur CHIKNI aise hi jalwe dikhata rehna.
The call ends.

Naina: The voice sounded so familiar and “Maa Kasam” I have heard it somewhere.
Karan: What? Where?
Naina: I don’t remember.
Karan: Try thinking, try to recollect.
Naina: I don’t know Karan, I might be wrong also.
Karan: Do din pehle accident aur ab threat call. He is following us definitely.
Naina: What next?
Just then the IN Charge comes out and gives them a note and leaves.
The note reads “MEET ME AT 10.30pm AT CAFÉ RIGHT”.
Naina: Maine kaha na that he will help us.
Karan smiles at her.
Karan: By the way we have to give Bhai and bhabhi their surprise. Aur der nahi laga sakte. Aaj hi dono ko date pe bijwate hain.
Naina: Hmm…. All ready?
Karan: Yeah.
Naina: Let’s go back to the hotel and tell them.
They leave.

Meanwhile Meghna and Kunal are out on a walk.
Meghna: Kunal, Cheeku aur Karan ek doosre se bahut pyaar karte hai haina?
Kunal: Haan Meghna, actually this is the first time I am seeing Karan this desperate to live his entire life with a girl.
Meghna: Has he never been in love before?
Kunal: He has but that turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life.
Meghna: What? Aisa kya hua?
Kunal (regrets telling Meghna about that): Meghna kya farak padta hai. Woh sab chodo na.
Meghna: Kunal what are you hiding from me?
Kunal: Kuch nahi Meghna…. It’s not such a big matter…. Leave it.
Meghna (thinks): What is the matter?
Kunal: I think we have to go back now. Sharda ma will be waiting for us.
Meghna: Okay chalo.
Kunal (to himself): Sorry Karan, I shouldn’t have opened this topic.
They go back and see Karan and Naina already back.
Kunal: Surprise ready?
Naina: Yes Jeeju, I bet you will love it!
Meghna: Jeeju ki chamchi….. Mujhe bhool gayi.
Naina: Di!!! Hamesha jeeju aur Saali ki team amazing hota hai.
Karan: Don’t worry Bhabi Devar aur Bhabi ki team bhi ek dum mast hai.
Naina: Will you go against me? (With a puppy face)
Karan: Not against, I am still with you.
Naina: Acha! How?
Karan: I know how much you love your di.
Meghna sees Naina and hugs her.
Naina (thinks to herself): That is why I will definitely find out who tried to harm you.
Meghna (thinks to herself): That is why I will definitely try to find out what past Kunal was talking about. I don’t want it harm you.




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  1. OMG!!! Keep writing. Exciting for ur next part. Indeed it was awesome…Loads of love-Ayonija

    1. Maayaofficial

      Yes sure will keep you updated

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    I loved it.I am pretty sure the person is Rohan.But plss open the mystery soon.And karan’s mystery is also there it’s like woo.Loads of love.Loved nairan nok jhok.Post ASAP.

    1. Maayaofficial

      Lol keep guessing….. Thank you will update soon

  3. Resh

    Oh god please I don’t want to know Karan’s past!! There is already enough!?? just kidding!! I want to know!!i wanna know!! I wanna know!! Post it as soon as possible pleeeaaassseeee!!!! Even I feel that person is Rohan, cause he is mad! ? But I’m not sure! The person is pretty brilliant!! I wanna know!!!! Who that is !!!!! I literally waiting!!!! I just loved this episode! It was simply awesome! Oh god yaar! I just love your ff! It’s amazing!!! I hope this ff is gonna continue for very long! Just a hope!!?☺️️Thank you so much!!!! For such a lovely ff!

    1. Maayaofficial

      I should thank you for your honest replies , thank you will update soon

  4. Raagini

    Amazing episode…!!! Update next episode soon ❤️❤️❤️

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      Thank you raagini will keep you updated

  5. super epi eagely waiting to know about past …next post asap…

    1. Maayaofficial

      thank you yes will update soon

  6. Awesome in truth. The huge revelations and amazing unfolding of truths was fantastic. Karan and naina’s fabulous teamwork and the mystery of the unknown person was highly stupendous. The words of the culprit here truly make this story an intriguing and exhiliriating one. Hope for karan’s past to not throw up any hindrances in the present times of his. Looking forward to the best..

  7. Seyal

    Yaar so so fantastic episode… But l don’t feel that the person os rohan becoz of him calling naina like that… But surely guess that it would be someone send by masimaa or may it be nk… I don’t know why but l feel so… Another secret of karan….post asap… Coz l can’t wait… Haha…..

  8. Maayaofficial

    Lol keep guessing thank you . i will update soon

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