Episode 1 :

Hello Everyone… This is my first fan fiction ….To be honest the many fan fictions that I have read on this very site have inspired me to come up with one ….
And meri yeh shuruat swabhiman ke saath ho rahi hai isse badi kushi ki baat to nahi ho sakti…..
Thank You….
Hope you guys will enjoy…
Bundi (at 1.30 am in the morning)
(Sharda enters a room)
Sharda: Chiku , Gudiya….. It’s getting late and it’s high time you go to bed now… Are you both listening?
Naina: Yeah mumma just gimme a few minutes I have the last part to complete…
Meghna is so engrossed in her work (on the laptop) that she neither hears Naina nor her mom.
Sharda: Chiku I just wanted to know- but how big is your last part, it looks like you have been on the last part for quite some time now. Come on now, go to sleep… I know you both are highly concerned about your academics but please do not forget that this is your vacation time where rest should be given the first preference …
Naina: Ok Ok mumma … chill… I am heading straight to bed par meghu di ka toh aisa lagta nahi….
Meghna has finally come out of her own world on hearing her name…
Meghna: Haan … what Chiku.. no no even I am closing my laptop … Conversation over…I mean work over..
Naina is a bit confused but leaves the matter …. And Sharda leaves the room..
Meghna smiles looking at the laptop screen that shows a minimized chat box that reads KSC …closes it and heads to her bed … with Naina smiling at her suspiciously….

Meanwhile in the beautiful city of Jaipur (around the same time):
There is someone sitting on the desk on one end of the room doing some work on the laptop so very intensely and so very oblivious to the surroundings while another one having a very disturbed sleep..
Karan: Arey Bhai!!! You have developed such a bad habit of staying up all night and doing some work or the other… This is your vacation time na .. Enjoy ,have some fun and most importantly switch off the lights and go to sleep…
Kunal: Stop your bak bak yaar karan … You were sleeping na , Go back to your sleep and stop disturbing , I am in the middle of some really important work….
Karan: When was I sleeping , I was just trying to sleep, with you around in this room and with the lights on how on earth do you expect me to sleep…
Kunal: Okay Okay my work is done even I am going to give my eyes some rest… So chill..
Karan: Thank god… I am just waiting for that day when you will leave again…Then whatever happens in this room shall happen only according to the rules that I set..
Kunal: Chal Hat… Lets see!! (He smirks jokingly and goes to bed )
Kunal(Then to himself): Even I am waiting for the day when I will go back…
There is a huge smile on his face .

The chat is between Meghna and Kunal….
Meghna: Yaar Kunal …. I don’t know why but I am feeling so bored and disinterested in whatever I do.
Kunal: Mohatarma issey pyaar kehte hain…
Meghna: Shut up…
Kunal: Then what do they call it ??
Meghna: Shut up Kunal…Stop it now…(with that shy smiley face)
Kunal: Who said long distant relationship’s don’t work out ?
Meghna: Long distance? I am not in another country and we haven’t been separate separate like for years together it’s just a matter of one month which will come to an end within two more week.
Kunal: For me even this is very long topper…
Meghna: Hey Kunal mumma bhula rahi hai actually daant rahi hai so I got to go… bye will ttyl..
Kunal: Topper…..I miss you… and I Love you….
Meghna: ME too..
Kunal: Kya me too… Say it na!!
Meghna: Okay okay I love you too….but bye now…
FB ends….
Kunal finally goes to sleep..

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